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What the Easiest Website Builders Have in Common

Before there was Facebook, we had Myspace. The proto-social network hit peak popularity between 2005 and 2008. Unlike current social media, though, ...
Mar 13, 2020 Web Presence

Franchise Management: Tips for Competing w/ Local & Online Businesses

Owning a franchise gives you prowess, recognition, and automatic loyalty. Or at least that's the way it was a couple of decades ago.
Mar 12, 2020

Salon Marketing Hacks You Can't Ignore in 2020

It's a great time to be a salon business owner. If you're offering a range of services for hair, nails, skin, and body treatments, then you'll find ...
Mar 11, 2020

Why You Should Invest in a Chat Application for Business

Smooth jazz, subtle electronica, country-twanged acoustics, grand classical suites. What do all these musical genres have in common? It probably ...
Mar 10, 2020

Welcome to the Age of Customer Experience

Are you familiar with the term “customer centricity?” If not, it’s time to do some research. The age of customer experience has officially dawned. ...
Mar 09, 2020

10 Unusual Perks Your Employees Will Thank You For

Would you be happy with the benefits you offer your employees? If not, it’s time to reconsider your benefit plan and start prioritizing your ...
Mar 08, 2020
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