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Google Video Verification: 10 Things You Should Know

Discover the top 10 things you need to know about Google Video Verification, including tips and tricks to expedite the process and optimize your profile for maximum visibility.

GoSite Team
6 min read

Having a strong online presence is no longer just an option, it's a necessity.

This can be frustrating for local service providers like you. Your work keeps you busy, and "computer stuff" sucks you of the time and mental energy you need to complete more jobs. Nevertheless, getting verified on Google is worth it.

So without a doubt, completing the Google Video Verification process for your Google Business Profile is crucial. This essential process is a gateway to enhancing your business's visibility and credibility on the world's most used search engine.

You might be wondering why this process is so important, or perhaps you're seeking guidance on how to navigate it successfully. Our blog, "Google Video Verification: 10 Things You Should Know," is tailored specifically for local service providers like you – from home services to commercial and auto services. We understand that the idea of video verification can seem overwhelming and perhaps a bit frustrating. However, we're here to break down this process into digestible, easy-to-understand steps, ensuring you not only understand the importance of this task but also how to tackle it effectively.


1. It Usually Sucks, But You Really, REALLY Should Do It.

Video verification for your Google Business Profile might seem like a hassle, but it's a crucial step in establishing your online presence.

This process helps in legitimizing your business in the digital domain. Although it can be time-consuming and sometimes frustrating, completing this verification increases your visibility and credibility on Google. It's a small investment of your time that yields significant returns in terms of customer trust and search engine visibility.

That said, if you've published Instagram Reels or TikToks, Google's video verification will likely not feel as difficult as it might for your peers. If you don't have experience with these amateur video social tools, it's not a bad a idea to solicit help from an employee, friend, or family member to help you verify your business.

2. Once Verified, Google Intends to Optimize Your Profile for a 10-mile Service Area Radius.

Once your business is verified, Google works to optimize your profile for searches within a 10-mile radius. This is particularly beneficial for local service providers, as it improves your business's visibility to nearby potential customers. This local focus is crucial in ensuring that your services appear in relevant local searches.

RadiusImage source: Vertical Rail

This is important to understand, because if you consider relocating or adding a second location, you should consider the new 10-mile radius that Google will focus on. More on this in a bit.

3. Be Prepared to Demonstrate Your Physical Location.

For the video verification, it's important to demonstrate your business's physical location clearly. This could involve showing signs or landmarks that identify your business location. Verifying your physical location is key to ensuring that your business is accurately represented in Google's local searches and maps.

For example, Google will want you to show your street sign and nearby businesses/buildings in the video. You're also going to need to show yourself unlocking your office building (or your home if you're based there).

4. Be Prepared to Demonstrate Your Business Legitimacy.

Be prepared to present evidence that verifies your business as legitimate, such as business licenses or registration documents. This step is crucial for Google's verification process, as it helps to establish trust with potential customers who find your business online.

5. Be Prepared to Demonstrate Ownership.

During the verification process, it's necessary to provide evidence of your ownership of the business. This might include showing ownership documents. Proving ownership is an important part of the verification process, reassuring Google and potential customers that the business is managed by the rightful owner.

Often, this is easily done by logging into a business account (not your bank account, mind you). For example, logging into your QuickBooks or website are both ways to show you own and manage your business.

6. Your Video Can Only Be One Video, Not Multiple Video Uploads.

The verification requires one continuous video rather than multiple clips. Planning your video to cover all the necessary elements in a single take is essential. This method is efficient for Google to validate your business and accelerates the verification process.

7. You Should Contact Google Support Right After Uploading Your Video to Expedite the Verification Process.

After uploading your verification video, you should contact Google Support promptly. This step can help speed up the verification process. A quick follow-up shows your commitment to completing the process and may lead to faster verification of your business profile.

Contacting Google Support starts with you submitting a ticket online. Unfortunately, Google will not provide phone or chat support. You'll describe your issue ("having difficult with Google business verification") and enter your email. Google will promptly send you a bot email confirming they received your support request.

From here, we recommend replying to that bot email daily until you receive feedback from Google that either...

  1. They need more information to verify your business; or,
  2. Your business is verified.

This "email them everyday" approach may feel extreme, but it is effective. And it prevents your business profile from falling through the cracks.

8. Patience and Persistence are Key.

The video verification process can be lengthy and may require multiple attempts. It's important to remain patient and diligent. If your initial attempt is unsuccessful, carefully review any feedback, make the necessary changes, and try again.

Your persistence is important for establishing a strong online presence for your business.

9. If You Change Your Business Location, You'll Probably Have to Video Verify Again.

In case of a change in your business location, be prepared to go through the video verification process once more. This reassessment by Google ensures that your business information remains accurate and trustworthy on their platform.

Because you'll venture through more video verifications with each new location or location change, consider how critical it is that change your address. If you're moving and operate from your home, you clearly have no choice. But if it's a matter possibly switching offices, think twice.

However, adding a new location is great for your business getting found online in more areas. As annoying as it may be, adding new locations and verifying is well worth the effort.

10. Verifying Your Google Business Profile is Just the Beginning.

Completing the verification of your Google Business Profile is just the initial step in your online business journey. 

Your Google Business Profile should be as complete as possible. The more parts of your profile you can complete and update, the better. Also, be diligent to grow your online reviews.

You also need a professional website. Google wants to refer customers to your website, but without one, your online presence is still very limited. (If you're concerned about how to get started or your budget, GoSite can help.)

Lastly, publishing your business on all the major online directories and searches engines is also critical. Google investigates your business on these other sites. And when you're listed proudly with accurate information across the web, it improves your ranking on Google.

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