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Unlock the Power of Near Me Searches: How to Skyrocket Your Local Business

Discover the significance of "near me" searches and learn how to leverage them to boost your local home, commercial, or auto service business.

GoSite Team

Welcome to the world of "near me" searches, where convenience meets local businesses.

Whether you're craving a piping hot pizza, desperately in need of a plumber, or searching for the nearest yoga studio, "near me" searches have become an integral part of our daily lives. So, if you're a local business owner looking to tap into this powerful trend, you've come to the right place.

In this article, we'll unlock the secrets to skyrocketing your local business with the magic of "near me" searches. From optimizing your website for local SEO to leveraging online directories and review platforms, we'll show you exactly how to get your business in front of the right customers at the perfect moment.


What is a Near Me Search?

Picture this: You've just completed an intense baking marathon, and your kitchen resembles a disaster zone caused by a flour tornado. In desperate need of assistance, you instinctively reach for your phone and type "cleaning services near me" into the search engine.

This is known as a "near me" search, and it's like issuing a virtual call for help to Google.

Screenshot 2023-12-29 at 4.40.15 PMImage above: Sierra Vista Maintenance is an example of a gutter cleaning service in Sacramento, California with a web presence optimized for "near me" searches in their area.

Instead of sifting through countless search results, you receive a curated list of cleaning services in your vicinity, ready to rescue you from the chaos. Essentially, by appending "near me" to your search, you unlock the power to locate precisely what you need, precisely where you need it.

As a local service business, you find yourself on the other end of that "near me" search. And the effort you invest toward showing up in "near me" searches is critical in this day and age.

Why Do Near Me Search Trends Matter for Your Business?

Near me search trends matter for your business because they indicate the local intent of your potential customers. In other words, those in your community that want to book your services are nearly always going to complete a local search.

By understanding the location-based search behavior, you can improve your online presence strategically to target customers in your area. Aligning your marketing strategies and content with the needs of people searching for products or services nearby can help increase visibility, improve conversion rates, and ultimately generate more revenue for your business.

Local-Search-StatisticsImage Source: Business DIT

10 Stats Demonstrating the Importance of Near Me Searches for Local Service Providers

In just 2 years (2017-2019), "near me" searches have grown by over 900% around the world, with the largest growth taking place in local communities around the United States (Source: Google Trends and Chatmeter).

The years leading up the COVID-19 pandemic are hailed as the greatest shift in how customers find and hire local service providers.

During this period, it is important for local businesses to grasp the importance of "near me" searches and adjust their online presence accordingly. By using effective local SEO techniques, businesses can improve their visibility and attract more customers in their target areas.

In 2022, local "near me" searches increased by another 130% (Source: Safari Digital).

According to recent data, the majority of "near me" searches are conducted on mobile devices, highlighting the importance of mobile optimization for local businesses.

More than 2/3 of Google searches are local (Source: On the Map).

Even for all the excitement of Amazon and other popular e-commerce stores, studies prove that local searches are far more common.

Customers are 50% more likely to visit or call on a local business after finding them in a local "near me" (Source: BusinessDIT).

This phenomenon is know as "search intent," meaning that more customers are using local searches in the very moment they wish to pay for a product or service.

Using voice search to make the right purchase has increased by almost 150% (Source: SEMRush).

Siri, Alexa, and other voice search apps are growing in popularity. Notably, these apps are directing more "X near me" searches.

Almost 30% of all online searches in 2023 were local and resulted in a purchase (Source: Safari Digital).

Not only are so many making local searches, they are using them to know where to spend their money. This is another example of how search intent works for local businesses.

Businesses that respond to their online reviews see a 50% increase in sales on average (Source: Wordstream).

Online reviews and ongoing engagement (likes and review responses) are more recent ranking factor for Google. Not only does it improve your business's reputation, but it also means that Google is more likely to put you higher in "near me" searches.

After performing a "near me" search, 60% of customers will use Google Business Profile's Click to Call option to contact the business (Source: BusinessDIT).

Google's Local Pack (where most "near me" search activity takes place) is making it easier for customers to take action. In particular, customers are loving the Click to Call option, resulting in more jobs for local service businesses.

Almost 40% of local "near me" searches are powered by map apps on mobile devices (Source: SEMRush).

Google Maps, Apple Maps, and Waze are among the top mobile apps where customers search for "X near me."

Nearly 100% of local customers will check your online presence and reviews before calling your business (Source: BusinessDIT).

The actual number is 97%, but it hardly matters. Your online presence is critical for new customers who want to know who they're dealing with BEFORE they request a quote or hire you.

What are Common Mistakes Local Businesses Make When It Comes to Near Me Searches and Local SEO?

Not Claiming and Verifying Your Google Business Profile

Your GMB listing is your free local ad on Google. Claim it, optimize it with accurate information (name, address, phone number, photos, etc.), and keep it current.

unclaimed-listingImage Source: Ranking Academy

Ignoring Other Online Directories

Listing on platforms like Yelp, Bing Places, and Angie's List expands your reach and increases your chances of appearing in "near me" searches.

Neglecting Website Optimization

Optimize your website content with relevant location keywords and ensure it's mobile-friendly. Google loves mobile-friendly websites, and so do your local customers!

Neglecting Content Creation

Create blog posts, landing pages, and social media content that speaks directly to your local audience. Highlight local events, offer neighborhood-specific promotions, and showcase local testimonials.
Don't just target high-volume keywords. Research and use localized keywords like "best plumber near me" or "carpet cleaning services [your neighborhood]."

Not Asking for Reviews from Happy Customers

Unhappy customers usually leave reviews without being asked. It's your happy customers that don't usually remember to do so unless you ask and remind them. It's very much worth the effort to amass those positive reviews. Otherwise, you risk have no reviews or only bad ones.

Failing to Manage Duplicate Listings

Duplicate listings with inaccurate information can confuse search engines and harm your rankings. Regularly check for and remove duplicates across different directories.

Duplicate-Example-1024x1024Image Source: Whitespark

Tips for Showing Up in Local Near Me Searches

Claim and Verify Your GMB Listing

This is your free local billboard on Google. Make sure to claim and verify your GMB listing.

Fill Out All Information Accurately

Provide accurate information for all fields, including name, address, phone number, service categories, operating hours, photos, and videos.

Keep Your Online Presence Fresh

Regularly update your listing with new photos, special offers, and holiday hours to keep it engaging.

Encourage Reviews

Promptly and professionally respond to both positive and negative feedback to encourage more reviews.

Claim Your Business on Relevant Directories

Register on directories such as Yelp, Bing Places, Angie's List, Thumbtack, etc. Ensure consistency across all platforms by providing consistent NAP (Name, Address, Phone Number) information.

Build Citations

Get mentioned on local websites, community forums, and news articles to build your online presence.

Target Location-Specific Keywords

Include city, neighborhood, and service keywords in your website content, meta descriptions, and page titles to improve local search visibility.

Publish Blog Content Relevant to Your Audience and Community

Share tips, guides, and insights that are relevant to your local audience's needs to establish yourself as a local authority.

Be Active on Social Media

Post regularly, respond to comments, and actively participate in local conversations on social media platforms.

Partner with Other Local Businesses

Collaborate with other local businesses on cross-promotions or community events to expand your reach and build relationships.

Ensure Your Website is Mobile-Friendly

Make sure your website loads quickly and has user-friendly navigation for mobile users.

Optimize GMB for Mobile (Use Google Business's Free Conversion Tools)

Add mobile-specific features like appointment booking and directions to your GMB listing to cater to mobile users.

In Conclusion

"Near me" searches have become a crucial aspect of daily life, connecting consumers with local businesses conveniently. This article offers valuable insights on how local business owners can harness the power of these searches to skyrocket their business.

By optimizing their websites for local SEO, leveraging online directories, and utilizing review platforms, businesses can effectively reach their target customers at the ideal time.

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