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Why Your Google Profile Got Suspended (and How to Fix It)

Got a suspended Google Business Profile? You are neither the first or the last. We'll explain what likely happened & how you can to back online asap.

GoSite Team

Welcome to the essential guide for local service businesses facing the daunting challenge of a suspended Google Business Profile.

Your online presence is pivotal to your success, and a suspension can feel like being cast adrift in a sea of uncertainty. Whether it's due to a minor oversight or a complex compliance issue, understanding why your profile was suspended is the first step towards resolution.

In this blog, we'll explore the eight most common reasons for suspension, demystify the differences between a suspension and a ban, and provide actionable strategies to not only reinstate your profile but also to prevent future disruptions.

"Your Profile is Suspended" - What Does That Mean?

When you receive a notification stating "Your Profile is Suspended" on Google, it means that your business listing is temporarily removed from Google Search and Maps due to policy violations or discrepancies in the information provided. 

This suspension hinders your business's visibility online and affects potential customer interactions. Common reasons for suspension include inconsistencies in business information, violation of Google's guidelines, or suspicious activities.

To resolve this, you need to carefully review and rectify the issues that led to the suspension. This process involves ensuring all information on your profile is accurate, removing any content that violates Google's terms, and then submitting a reinstatement request to Google. It's important to thoroughly address all potential issues to increase the chances of a successful reinstatement.

Don't worry -- we're going to cover all of these items in this blog. The important thing is not to panic. Google suspensions are fairly common and can occur simply by you changing something on your profile.

As long as you act quickly, your profile will be back up in no time.

8 Reasons Why Your Google Business Profile Can Be Suspended

Reason #1 - Something about your profile is deceptive or misleading.

A Google Business Profile suspension often occurs when using a business name that doesn't match your actual business or providing incorrect contact details. Google aims to maintain trust and authenticity in its listings, so ensure that your profile accurately reflects your business. Regularly review your profile for any discrepancies or exaggerated claims that might be construed as misleading.

Reason #2 - You have more than one profile for the same exact business.

Google strictly allows only one profile per business location to avoid confusion among users. If you've inadvertently created multiple profiles for the same location, this could lead to suspension. To resolve this, identify and remove any duplicate profiles, consolidating all your business information into one accurate and comprehensive listing.

If you're trying to create profiles for multiple locations, see our other blog here.

Reason #3 - Something about your profile content violates Google's user guidelines.

Google's user guidelines are in place to ensure a positive and safe experience for users. Violations like inappropriate content, promoting illegal activities, or using offensive language can lead to suspension. Regularly review your profile content to ensure it aligns with these guidelines. If your profile has been suspended, revisit your content to identify and rectify any potential violations.

Reason #4 - A profile manager or account owner has been flagged by Google for suspicious behavior.

If a profile manager or owner is flagged for suspicious activities (like spamming or phishing), it can affect the integrity of your Google Business Profile. It's crucial to ensure that those with access to your profile maintain Google's standards of behavior. Regular audits of account activity and maintaining secure account practices can help prevent such issues.

Reason #5 - You used a ton of search keywords in an inauthentic way.

This problem is more commonly known as "keyword stuffing."

Google values natural and relevant content. Instead of cramming keywords, focus on creating genuine, informative content that naturally includes relevant keywords and accurately represents your business.

One common way local service businesses violate this guideline is by including the city name or service name in the business name. Your business name should look identical to the name on your business license or DBA (doing business as) name registered at your local county/city office.

Reason #6 - Your business address is not a valid address.

Google requires a valid physical address for your business. Using P.O. boxes, virtual offices, or residential addresses (unless you operate a home-based business) can lead to suspension. Ensure your listed address is a legitimate location where your business operates, and it's consistent across all your other online listings.

Reason #7 - Your business information is inaccurate or out-of-date.

Outdated or incorrect business information can mislead users and violate Google's guidelines. Regularly update your profile to reflect current business hours, contact information, and services offered. This not only avoids suspension but also improves customer trust and engagement.

Reason #8 - You have fake reviews.

Google may suspend profiles with fake or incentivized reviews. These practices can mislead customers and damage trust. Encourage genuine reviews from your customers and respond professionally to both positive and negative feedback. If fake reviews appear, report them to Google for removal.

What's the Difference Between a Google Suspension and a Google Ban

Your Account has Been Suspended.

A suspension on Google is usually a temporary and reversible action taken against your account due to policy violations or suspicious activities. During a suspension, your business listing may not be visible or editable. The good news is that suspensions can often be resolved.

You'll need to review Google's policies, identify the reason for the suspension, and take appropriate corrective actions, such as updating your business information or removing prohibited content. Once you address these issues, you can request a review, and if Google finds your corrections satisfactory, your suspension can be lifted.

Your Account has Been Banned.

A ban, on the other hand, is a more severe action and is often permanent. When your account is banned, it's typically due to repeated or serious violations of Google's terms of service. A ban means your account is permanently removed, and you won't be able to access it or any associated services. Unlike suspensions, bans are not usually reversible.

To avoid a ban, it's crucial to adhere strictly to Google's guidelines and correct any issues immediately upon receiving warnings or facing suspensions. If you believe your account was banned erroneously, you may attempt to contact Google, but reinstatement is not guaranteed.

Fix Your Google Suspension in 4 Steps

1. Submit a Reinstatement Request.

The very first thing you should do is go to Google's help page and submit a reinstatement request.

When doing this (as well as when doing an appeal), you should be prepared to provide evidence. The best evidence to add to a reinstatement request is a digital copy of your business license or utility bill that has both your physical address and business name listed.

google business profile reinstatement requestClick here to submit a reinstatement request for your Google Business Profile.

Make sure to only complete one reinstatement request per Google account. Creating multiple requests can delay your getting your profile unsuspended.

2. Submit an Appeal.

Reinstatement requests and appeals are technically two different things. 

In most cases, you'll get an email telling you that your profile has been suspended. In the email, you should see a button with the title, "Appeal." 

you are suspended email

If given the opportunity, you should submit BOTH an appeal and a reinstatement request. Click the blue Appeal button to begin.

appeal step 1

The first thing Google will do is verify your email associated with your Google Business Profile. If you're logged in under a different email than you use to manage your GMB account, this will not work.

Next, you will select the profile from the list given. Then click Continue.

appeal step 2

Once you've submitted your appeal, you will need to upload evidence of ownership. Similar to a reinstatement request, evidence of ownership can include a digital copy of your business license or a utility bill matching the business name and physical address associated with your Google Business Profile.

3. Respond to the Google Support Email.

After submitting a reinstatement request, you will get an automated email from Google Support. Even though this is a bot email, you can reply to that email as often as you wish.

reply to google support email

Google Support is often backed up on verification requests and suspension support issues. As such, we encourage our customers to reply to this support email on a daily basis until someone responds and gives you further instructions.

4. Stay in Contact with Google Support Until Your Suspension is Lifted. Follow Every Instruction that Google Gives You.

As soon as someone from Google Support gives you an update or further instructions, do you absolute best to adhere to those instructions. After making an edit to your profile (per the latest instructions), reply to the Google Support email to let them know and to request they review it.

Do not let a day go by without contacting Google Support via email. Persistence is key. If you follow their instructions and reply daily, your suspension should be lifted within days of the initial suspension.

Final Thoughts

As we reach the harbor of our journey through the complexities of Google Business Profile suspensions, it's clear that the path to reinstatement, although sometimes challenging, is navigable. Armed with the knowledge of common pitfalls and a clear understanding of Google's guidelines, you're now better equipped to address any issues head-on and restore your business's online visibility.

Remember, transparency and adherence to best practices are your compass and anchor in this digital ocean. Stay vigilant, keep your business information accurate and up-to-date, and foster authentic customer interactions. By doing so, you'll not only avoid future suspensions but also enhance your online presence, setting your business on a course for success and growth in the digital marketplace.

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