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How to Optimize Customer Touchpoints to Grow Your Small Business

How many touchpoints do you have with your customers? Depending on your marketing efforts, you may have many...or just a few. 
Jan 11th, 2020 Online Presence, Digital Presence, Web Presence, Marketing Tips

6 Moments When You Need Customer Interaction Management

Customers interact with your business every single day. Some write Facebook comments or tag your business on Twitter. Others call, email or engage ...
Jan 10th, 2020 Online Presence, CRM, CRM Systems, Digital Presence, Web Presence

How Locals Are Using CRM for Small Business

Every business relies on customers -- but for local owners, you have to be more diligent about your interactions with them. A national or global ...
Jan 09th, 2020

5 Essential Customer Experience Management Tips

When you hear the phrase "customer experience management," what do you think of? Some people might picture a camp counselor rallying team spirit. ...
Jan 08th, 2020 Reviews, Online Reviews, Online Presence, Customer Reviews, Marketing Tips

4 Methods for Online Reputation Management for Dentists in 2020

Choosing a dentist is a lot like selecting a surgeon -- picking the wrong one could leave you scarred for life. No one wants to end up with a botched ...
Jan 07th, 2020 Online Reviews, Marketing Tips

Why Your Company Needs a Mobile CRM Solution

As technology sprints forward, the workforce is changing, too. Decades ago, work meant conference rooms, snail mail and endless paper. Today, ...
Jan 06th, 2020 CRM Systems
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