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business owner accepting a credit card from customer.

Your Guide to Friendly Payment Reminders: Templates + Timeline

Doing what you love for a living can be incredibly fulfilling—especially when you’ve nurtured loyal and trusting relationships with your clients. ...
Oct 30, 2020 Payments, Payment Processing
Business Facebook Pages Featured

Business Facebook Pages: Top 6 Questions and Answers

Business Facebook Pages: Top 6 Questions and Answers
Oct 29, 2020 Digital Presence, Web Presence, Online Business
Sending an Invoice

Sending an Invoice: The Foolproof Way to Getting Paid Faster

The bane of any business owner’s existence: Getting paid on time and keeping track of every transaction. No one wants to chase customers down for ...
Oct 23, 2020 Save Time, Payments, Payment Processing, Credit Cards, Business Management
Operating a general contracting business

How to Operate a General Contracting Business in the Age of Social Distancing

The lingering effects of COVID-19 have required that many businesses turn digital. Strategies, such as virtual meetings, phone conferences, and ...
Oct 22, 2020 Web Presence, Business Management, COVID-19

27 Stream-Worthy Podcasts for Starting a Business During COVID-19

Starting a business in a time when many are struggling to stay afloat or even closing down may be discouraging you from pursuing your dreams. ...
Oct 20, 2020 COVID-19
Scale Your General Contracting Business

Top 8 Tips for Scaling Your Contracting Business

Getting your business off the ground is one of the hardest parts of the entrepreneurial journey. Once you’ve accomplished that, all that’s left to do ...
Oct 15, 2020 Online Presence, Reputation Management, Business Management, Customer Relationships
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