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How to Improve Employee Ratings on Company Review Sites

Are your employees content with your business? Positive ratings on company review sites are key in attracting new talent and ensuring happy employees.

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Imagine having one former employee write a nasty comment on a company review site causing damage your online reputation and scare away your future prospective employees — it seems unfair, right? Sometimes it is and that’s why you have to make a plan, be proactive and get ahead of the bad employee reviews.

Now let me ask you, are your employees satisfied with your business? Oftentimes we only focus on customer reviews, but your employees' reviews matter too. In fact, they matter a lot. After all, the success of a business depends on its employees.

That being said, a great way to determine whether or not your employees are happy at work is by looking over your ratings and feedback on company review sites. Whether the comments are from past employees or current ones, chances are you can use that insight to improve your business — from the inside out.

Unfortunately, people tend to write negative reviews at a much higher volume than positive ones. Angry employees get reprisal by turning to company review sites and venting their frustrations online. While the opposite is true for happy employees — they are usually satisfied with the way things are and have no reason to review online unless prompted to do so.

Some top company review sites include:

The review sites cover everything from reviews to open positions, from benefits to salaries, providing valuable information to a prospective employee. Each site offers their own additional unique insights as well.

It’s good practice to get in the habit of routinely checking these sites, as well as others, to stay up-to-date on how your employees feel. Sometimes your workers don’t feel comfortable going straight to the boss with a complaint or even a praise, so they turn to the internet to express these thoughts.

Future employees turn to these sites to determine whether or not your business is a place they would like to work, which means you have to appear as a credible employer with content employees who’ve had a positive experience and view of the company.

Here are some tips on how to improve ratings on company review sites:

Company Review Site Tip #1: Claim and Optimize Your Employer Account and Page

The most important tip is to create your free employer account and claim your page. If you don’t claim it, you have virtually no control over your online reputation. Reputation management is a necessary part of running a business.

Depending on which site you are using, the process of claiming your account may differ slightly.

Note that there are also paid versions of these pages on many review sites. You have the option to pay if you’d like, but oftentimes it’s not necessary.

employee reviews

Company Review Site Tip #2: Ask Your Current Employees to Leave You a Review

Usually writing a review only takes a few minutes at most. If you explain to your employees why it’s important to receive accurate, recent reviews many would happily leave a review. But be sure not to incentivize! The reviews have to be genuine and authentic.

You should explain the process and provide guidance on what kinds of things to write and how to do it. You should never pressure your employees into writing a review — make sure they are aware that it is optional. And ask at the right time and place. Don’t solicit reviews from employees when there is a deadline for a big project on the horizon.

Company Review Site Tip #3: Ask for Anonymous Reviews

Ensure anonymity so that employees do not feel as though writing a review can negatively impact or threaten their position within your company. It will deter them from writing one or solicit false positive information that will only hurt your business in the end.

Company Review Site Tip #4: Frequently Check Sites and Respond to Reviews

If you start noticing a concerning trend in the reviews you receive, you have the opportunity to be proactive and resolve the issue before it gets blown out of proportion and causes irreparable harm to your business's reputation. The key here is to be proactive and try to get ahead of issues before they get out of hand.

If you let the problem continue on unresolved, it could deter top talent from inquiring about your company and applying for positions, which could be trouble for your business down the road.

When you receive a review — positive or negative — you should respond. Your employees are providing you with valuable feedback. If they have an issue, provide a solution the best you can and if they are complimenting your business, show gratitude and thank them.

Company Review Site Tip #5: Use Reviews to Improve Your Practice

Take advantage of this opportunity to improve your company. You are receiving free, consistent and honest feedback from your employees on what’s working for your business and what’s not. Listen to your employees and address their concerns. Figure out what your business is doing right and what you can improve on. Adapt your practices based on the feedback you receive.

Company Review Site Tip #6: Have Patience

Remember, rating improvements on all company review sites take time. It is a process that will not happen overnight and requires some time and effort on your end. But be patient, the results that you’re looking for will come and real genuine reviews are worth the wait.

business review sites

Get the Reviews You Deserve

Although it takes effort, you can get the reviews that your business is entitled to — with a little time, guidance and patience. As you know, great reviews start with even better employers. Make sure you are being the employer your employees deserve. Your business has to warrant the good ratings.

Company review sites are an essential governor of employee sentiment in our highly competitive and ambitious job market. They sway prospective employees' impressions of your business and influence their decision to apply or ignore your business. Employee reviews hold weight and should be treated seriously.

You can follow these helpful tips to improve your ratings on company review sites, but they won’t be very beneficial to you unless you provide a culture and workplace that foster happiness and growth.

GoSite's Reviews tool helps businesses take control of their online presence and manage their reputation for customers and employees.

These tips can help you improve your reputation on these company review sites, but they can’t change your operations or make your business out to be something it’s not — that’s up to you to run your business — we are here to help you get the recognition you deserve.

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