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Does Google Offer Phone Support for My Google Business Profile (GMB)?

Meta Description: Explore the availability of phone support for Google Business Profile verification and find out effective strategies for resolving issues efficiently.

GoSite Team
5 min read

Google's recent video verification process has been a challenge for many local business owners. Since 2023, Google has required nearly 90% of businesses to verify their business profile using video verification.

While this new verification method has done a great job of weeding out fake business listings, it has also created delays and exposed bugs in the new verification process. And many business owners are trying to figure out what they can do to fix their profiles "not visible to the public."

In this blog, we're going to talk about reasons why you might be needing to get in touch with Google Support and whether or not Google offers phone support for your Google Business listing.


Google's Video Verification Method for GMB (Now known as "Google Business Profile")

For those business owners familiar with TikTok and Instagram Reels, Google's video verification isn't too complicated. You'll be expected to grab video footage demonstrating that you own and/or manage the business you're trying to get listed on Google.

Once you're video is complete, you upload it to Google and wait for them to review it and verify your profile.

While Google says that it needs a couple of days to complete the verification process, many business owners report waiting for weeks and months with no update from Google. If this is the problem you're having, it's important to get in touch with Google Support right away.

Google Business Profile Verification: Is there phone support?

While Google technically has a phone number you can call, you will dial and wait on hold for hours. It's clear that no one is monitoring incoming calls at Google when it comes to servicing your Google Business Profile account.

However, there are some cases when Google may call you AFTER you've submitted a help ticket through their support ticket dashboard online.

So the real answer is, No - Google does not offer meaningful phone support when it comes to your Google Business Profile verification.

How Do You Get in Touch With Google Support for Help with Your Business Profile Verification?

First, you want to go to Google Support's help dashboard for business profile questions. Follow the directions and make form selections indicating that you need help verifying your profile. 

If the page tries to get you to read an article, press the button indicating that you still need help from support. Google will take your information, and when you click Submit, you'll get a bot email letting you know that Google has received your help ticket request.

Because we work with local service businesses every day, we at GoSite understand how frustrating and slow this process can feel. But unfortunately, it's the only real way to get help and complete the verification process in a timely manner.

After you receive Google Support's confirmation email, you can reply to that email with more detailed questions. In fact, replying to that email right away can sometimes expedite your request.

When you finally get in touch with a human, be sure to answer their questions or provide any proof of ownership that they ask for. This ensures you get verified as quickly as possible.

Million-dollar Tip: Don't Wait - Submit a Ticket & Email Them Daily!

One tip we give our customers is to contact Google Support as soon as you upload your video. Don't wait for Google to review your verification video. Just submit a ticket immediately.

We also encourage customers to reply to Google's confirmation email (the bot email you receive after submitting a ticket) on a daily basis. You can hit reply and say...

"I have submitted all you have requested to verify my Google Business Profile. Please verify my profile or tell me what you still need in order to prove I own the business."

If you keep this up day after day, Google Support will likely review your video quickly and let you know what they're missing in order to verify your profile and push it live.

Beware of Spam Callers Acting Like They Work for Google

While we're on the subject of phone support for Google Business Profile verification, it's common for agencies to call local business owners acting like they work for Google.

They start the call with, "Hey, I noticed your Google Business Profile isn't verified" or "I don't see your business listed on Google." And as you speak with them, they will act like they work for Google and ask you to pay for services that help you get verified.

It's important that you know that these calls are spam calls. Google will never require you to pay money to get your Business Profile verified. Your GMB profile is 100% free.

That said, Google Ads and local SEO services are a good thing offered by legitimate marketing agencies. But any salesperson who leads you to believe that they work for Google shouldn't be trusted. Google will never call you unless you've already submitted a help ticket. And even then, they will never offer you services that you have to pay for.


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