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10 Best Pest Control Websites

Explore our selection of the best pest control websites while discovering key insights into web design and marketing best practices. Get inspired today.

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In the vast world of pest control, where homeowners and property managers seek trusted professionals, a company's online presence speaks volumes. A well-crafted website can not only attract potential clients but also establish a firm's reputation as an industry leader. It's more than just about listing services; it's about engaging content, user-friendly navigation, and a showcase of expertise.

In this piece, we'll delve into ten standout pest control websites, shedding light on what makes them tick and why they're worth your attention. 

What Should Pest Control Businesses Include on Their Website

If you've never built or designed a website before, you're likely going to struggle when it comes to what to put in it. Websites are more than having a digital storefront that looks good. They need to help you...

  1. Provide a one-stop shop for all your business info; and,
  2. Give your pest control customers a way to interact with you online.

Here's a quick rundown of everything your exterminator website needs in order to work for you as you leave a great impression customers who find you online.

Nice Style & Look That Works on Any Size Screen

Imagine a potential customer searching for your services on their smartphone during a lunch break, another comparing options on a laptop at home, and yet another seeking urgent help via a tablet. Each of them deserves a seamless experience.

take a mobile friendly testGoogle lets you take a free mobile-friendly test here!

If you're weighing the options of using a basic web builder versus hiring a professional, remember the importance of a site that's not only visually appealing but also functional on any device. Investing a bit more in a versatile website can significantly boost your clientele and set you apart from the competition.

Accurate, Up-to-date Information

Like most service industries and businesses, things change. You might move offices, add crews giving you more operational hours, and more. Your website must keep all information relevant to your customers updated.

Consider a homeowner, anxious about a recent infestation, turning to your website for guidance. A old phone number or outdated services list prevents them from getting the assistance they need, and they'll go to a competitor. For pest control owner-operators, presenting accurate and up-to-date information on your site is key to building trust and credibility.

Whether it's about the latest treatment methods, emerging pests in an area, or even images of your crew and work, ensure your content remains fresh and factual. In doing so, you not only meet client expectations but also establish your business as a trusted industry leader.

Ways for Customers to Take Action

Every customer's journey on your website should end with a clear next step. Think of a concerned property owner looking to address a pest problem before posting a rental online. The last thing you'd want is for them to feel lost or unsure about how to proceed.

It's paramount to provide straightforward ways for visitors to take action. This could be through prominent 'Book Now' buttons, easily accessible contact forms, or a simple callback request option. Even including a FAQ section or a chatbot can guide them to the right decision. By making it easy and intuitive for customers to reach out, you not only facilitate their immediate needs but also solidify your position as a reliable, customer-first business.

List of Different Types of Pest Control Services

There are over 600 insect species and 27 rodent families in the United States alone. Nearly all of them can potentially terrorize a home or building in varying degrees of "being a pest." As such, each property owner might face unique challenges and not always know what they need when they arrive on your website.

That's why you should include a list of services on your website. This should clearly detail offerings such as rodent extermination, termite treatments, bed bug solutions, and even preventive measures like home sealing. Also, consider spotlighting seasonal services, like mosquito control during warmer months.

Displaying this array of services ensures visitors can quickly identify what they need. It not only addresses their immediate concerns but also showcases the breadth of your expertise, positioning your business as a one-stop-shop in the pest control realm.

Should Exterminators Include Prices on their Website?

For many homeowners, the cost is a crucial factor when choosing a pest control solution. By showcasing prices on your website, you offer transparency, which can instill trust and make the decision process smoother for potential customers.

However, the variability in each pest control job - from the size of the infestation to property dimensions - can make standard pricing challenging. If you choose to list prices, consider offering a range or starting costs for specific services.

Alternatively, emphasize the custom nature of each job and encourage visitors to reach out for a personalized quote. By striking a balance between transparency and customization, exterminators can cater to cost-conscious consumers while underscoring the tailored approach of their services.

Pros Cons
Transparency for Customers: Shows openness and can build initial trust. Over-simplification: Prices may not reflect the variability and complexity of each job.
Quick Decision Making: Some clients prefer knowing the cost upfront and may decide faster. Potential for Sticker Shock: Without context, some prices might deter potential clients.
Reduced Need for Initial Price Inquiries: Fewer customers calling or emailing just for price quotes. Competitor Analysis: Competitors can easily see and potentially undercut your prices.
Attracts Cost-conscious Consumers: Those looking for clear budgets can be drawn in. Lack of Flexibility: Harder to adjust prices quickly based on changing costs or market conditions.

Customer Testimonials

Word-of-mouth has long been a powerful tool, but in our digital age, customer testimonials have taken its place on the online stage. When homeowners search for pest control services, they often look for experiences of others to gauge reliability and quality.

For exterminators, including customer testimonials on your website serves as a badge of trust and credibility. Think of it as letting your satisfied clients speak for you. These first-hand accounts can detail specific challenges addressed, the professionalism of your crew, or the effectiveness of treatments.

Product Mock Mobile - Reviews - Reviews on GoSiteSource: GoSite pulls your top Google reviews & publishes them right to your website. Try GoSite for Free!

By showcasing a mix of reviews — from quick service praises to detailed success stories — you offer potential clients a panoramic view of your expertise. It's more than just showcasing positive feedback; it's about underlining your commitment to excellence and building a connection even before that first phone call.

Pest Control or Exterminator Credentials, Licenses, etc. Clearly Shown

When homeowners are in need of pest control services, they're not just looking for someone who can get the job done; they're looking for a professional who can do it safely, effectively, and legally. In a field where the work can impact the health and safety of households, credentials are more than just accolades; they're assurances.

pestapplicensceidcard_0Image Source: Minnesota Department of Agriculture

For pest control providers, prominently displaying licenses, credentials, and affiliations on your website is paramount. This provides proof of your training, adherence to industry standards, and commitment to continuous learning. It's about telling your potential clients, "We're qualified, we're updated, and we're the best choice for your home." Whether it's state certifications, training programs, or memberships in pest control associations, highlighting these credentials conveys professionalism and trustworthiness, assuring clients they're in expert hands.

(Bonus) Informative Content for Homeowners & Property Managers

Owning a home or managing a property comes with a slew of responsibilities, and among the top concerns is maintaining a pest-free environment. However, not every homeowner or property manager is well-versed in the nuances of pest control. This is where your website can bridge the knowledge gap.

Offering informative content tailored for homeowners and property managers is invaluable. This can include articles on common pests, prevention tips, or the science behind different treatments. Such content not only educates but also positions your business as a resourceful industry expert.

Think about it: when clients understand the 'why' and 'how' behind your services, they're more likely to trust the 'who' delivering them. By providing informative content, you're not just selling a service, but also empowering your clients with knowledge, fostering a deeper, more informed relationship.

Additionally creating additional pages and blogs on your website that affectively discuss these topics improves your website's relationship with Google, increasing the number of potential customers visiting your website.

10 Examples of a Great Pest Control Website

1. Evo Pest Solutions - EvoPestSolutions.com

Great Pest Control Website evo pest solutionsEvo Pest is a GoSite Website Customer - Learn More!

One thing you're going read over and again this blog is the importance of having a simple website. Too much fancy stuff gets in the way of what you want your website to do (the least of which is to load quickly and be easy to explore).

Evo Pest Solutions does just that. Everything about their website is simple, which is a major breath of fresh air for their web visitors. Their colors and design are also visually appealing.

Additionally, the calls-to-action are front and center so that customers can't miss them. The website describes their services clearly and even sprinkles limited-time offers around their home page. A+.

2. Terminix - Terminix.com

Great Pest Control Website terminix

Terminix is a national name, and with that influence comes great responsibility. For a larger enterprise, complex functions on the website are important. For example, web visitors need to be able to find a Terminix expert in their neighborhood.

If you're also a larger operation, you will want to plan to invest a bit more time and money into a website that still feels good to web visitors but also offers greater functionality. Terminix does it all quite well, which is why we're listing them among our favorite pest control sites.

3. Pest Shield Protection - PestShieldProtection.com

Great Pest Control Website pest shield protectionPest Shield Protection is a GoSite Website Customer - Learn More!

Simple. We love it.

Pest Shield Protection has great colors and nice site structure. It's easy to find what you need from the very top of the page. They've also included a gallery of their technicians in action, online testimonials, and multiple ways for web visitors to schedule a service or ask a question.

4. Orkin - OrkinGlobal.com

pest control websites orkin

Orkin is another big name in extermination. And like Terminix, they include all the fancy digital knobs and whistles without making their website look too busy or intimidating.

Something that stands out with Orkin is the content on the page. Their studio shots are appealing, and they undoubtedly invested a lot more in their visuals. Having fancy portraits and content isn't a must for your site, but if you plan to incorporate it, check out Orkin.

5. Pippin Pest Protection - PippinPest.com

best pest control websites pippin pest protectionPippin Pest Protection is a GoSite Website Customer - Learn More!

Pippin Pest Protection is another local business that keeps things simple and appealing. They make sure their Call Now and Chat options are clearly visible at the very top, and the widgets follow you as you explore the website.

Well done, Pippin!

6. Aptive - GoAptive.com

pest control websites aptive

Of the websites we've seen today, Aptive is clearly the most sophisticated looking.

They are also national names (like Orkin and Terminix). But it's clear by the photos, fonts, and colors that Aptive targets a more affluent crowd. If you also wish to target more wealthy homeowners, this website can give you some pointers. 

Oh, and of course all the fancy functions work great. No matter how great your site looks, buttons need to work, and Aptive took care of that.

7. Novelty Pest Management - NoveltyPest.com

best pest control websites novelty pest managementNovelty Pest Management is a GoSite Website Customer - Learn More!

It's hard to follow Aptive on this list. But Novelty Pest Management doesn't mind.

As a smaller, local operation, they followed cardinal rule #1 - keeping it simple.

Everything works on the website, and visitors instantly know all the proper information before calling their office. It's also visually appealing. Thumbs up!

8. Critter Control - CritterControl.com

pest control websites critter control

Okay, we've been looking forward to telling you about this website. As you scroll down past the top of the page, you'll encounter a very interesting picture of a house with interactive buttons (see below).

Screenshot 2023-10-04 at 2.49.28 PM

Visitors can click on any part of the house with a plus sign and get invaluable information on what pests to look out for. And of course, Critter Control is there to service any specific pest problem.

Screenshot 2023-10-04 at 2.49.37 PM

Offering informative, interactive parts to your site is great for the customer experience. If you can afford it, go for it.

9. Mighty Men Services - MightyMenServices.com

top pest control websites mighty men servicesMighty Men Services is a GoSite Website Customer - Learn More!

No fancy interactive photo for Mighty Men, but that's okay. They've got everything they need to attract and convert new customers online.

Their logo is fun, and their images are very interesting, which surely keeps visitors longer on their pages.

Most important, their info is correct and all the options to take next steps (including customer financing) work properly.

10. Scout - ScoutPestControl.com

pest control websites scout

Scout is a big name, but only in Alabama. As a medium-sized operation, they do an incredible job making sure their website is complex enough to service a larger customer base but not so complex as to cost too much or overwhelm visitors.

Colors and graphics are simple and appealing. And there are multiple ways to get in touch. Ending our list on Scout's website is a fitting close, as they bridge the gap between small and large business website needs.

Amplify Your Business Reach With Great Pest Control Website

Navigating the digital landscape of pest control can be as intricate as understanding the habits of pests themselves. Yet, amidst the multitude, certain websites rise above the rest, setting benchmarks in design, content, and user experience.

The ten pest control websites highlighted here encapsulate the best practices of the industry, merging functionality with informative content. For homeowners and property managers, they offer clarity and trust.

For fellow exterminators and businesses, they present a blueprint for digital excellence. In the evolving digital age, it's clear that a robust online presence isn't just an option; it's an imperative.

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