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Respond Faster & Convert Leads to Jobs

Using GoSite’s Small Business Messenger Tool

Switching between countless messenger tools is just too much when trying to juggle customer inquiries. You need a simple messenger tool that helps you respond fast and convert inquiries into business.

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GoSite helps business owners like you…


Consolidate all small business instant messaging into one mobile-friendly dashboard

Stay on top of Facebook messages, Google messages, texts, web chats, and more

Respond to customer questions quickly

Get more jobs

Provide immediate customer support

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Turn Website Visitors into Customers

Receive and respond to all messages on one single dashboard.

Integrated across our suite of business solutions, GoSite’s messenger tool makes it easy to connect with customers the way they prefer, whether that be Facebook Messenger, Google messages, web chat, or text.

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Do you know why most small business owners have difficulty getting and keeping great customers?

Too often, service business owners are too busy to keep up with every customer question and request. Social media and search engines make it easy for people to interact with your business, but if you’re not monitoring those requests, you’ll lose business.

With GoSite, you can easily respond within minutes and hours of messages from prospective or returning customers.

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With GoSite Messenger, you can work work smarter, not harder.

  • 150% boost in sales
  • 30-50% more booked business
  • 400% more positive reviews
  • 1000% more love for what you do

And best of all, you can give our customers quick replies directly from the GoSite Messenger dashboard. Gathering customer feedback and providing white glove customer service support has never been easier. You can save hours of time while being more engaged with your customers.

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GoSite is the leader among the best small business messaging apps and has helped thousands of owner-operators.



Give Your Customers the Communication They Deserve

Today, customers want to feel that they can trust their service providers to meet their needs and answer their questions in a timely manner. In many cases, customers base their purchasing decision on how quickly a business will respond to their inquiry for a quote or scheduled appointment.

  • In a recent survey, 85% of respondents prefer messaging over a call or email.

  • 90% of customers open a text within 3 minutes.

  • ¾ of people now prefer live-chat over any other marketing communication channel.

  • 70% of people doing mobile searches take action in less than 60 minutes.

  • Over 90% of customers expect to be able to shop, engage, and buy from their mobile devices.

Sources: Forbes, JD Power, Tech Jury, Gartner, Convince & Convert, Businesswire, Incisiv

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With GoSite Messenger, You Can…

01 Google Messages, Facebook Messages, Texts, & More

Sync Instant Messengers Into One Place

Keeping track of all your customer interactions can now happen in one mobile-friendly dashboard.

Enjoy the convenience of having one place to receive and respond to all messages across Google, Facebook, SMS, your website, and even Thumbtack.

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02 Close More Business

Faster Response Times

Depending on the job and urgency, most homeowners go with the first service provider that responds professionally to their requests.

With GoSite, it's easier than ever to receive and respond to new customer requests, putting you hours and days ahead of your competition.

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Faster Response Timesx

03 Delegate Customer Inquiries

Assign Team Members

GoSite lets you assign chat threads to specific team members for more efficient client interaction, or you may wish to have one team inbox monitored by multiple people to ensure quick responses.

Either way, GoSite maintains an archive of all the messages across your organization.

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Assign Team Members

04 The Ultimate Business Management App

Integrate With All GoSite Tools

With GoSite, you can connect Messenger with your mobile-friendly invoices, Payments, Reviews, GoSite chatbot, and small business CRM.

You can share review request, estimate, invoice, and payment links instantly from Messenger, sending them to customers on their preferred mobile channel.

The GoSite app is the small business messenger tool you need to scale your small business the right way.

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How Small Business Owners Thrive in the Digital Age

Over 85% of U.S. owner-operators…

  • Increased their sales

  • Found more joy in their craft

  • Successfully overcame extreme economic conditions

…after adopting the right technology to support their business.

Source: U.S. Chamber of Commerce

GoSite is the customer messenger platform of choice for today’s top owner-operators.

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See How GoSite’s Simple Technology Can Help Your Small Business Thrive

GoSite is a trusted leader among the best business messenger software companies today.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Does GoSite Messenger work with multiple texting platforms?
The Messenger tool consolidates your business' text, Google Business Messenger, Facebook, Messenger widget, and Thumbtack conversations into one place, allowing you to stay in touch from your desktop or mobile device anytime, anywhere.

Can I assign client interactions to different employees so they can manage communications personally?
100%. You can add team members in your business settings then assign specific clients to those team members. 

Can I add the GoSite chatbot to my website?
Absolutely. You will be able to generate simple code with one click that you can copy and paste into your website.

Can I set up automated replies?
Yes. You can customize color templates and messaging for automatic responses. The Messenger widget announcement message is the automatic message that pops up from the chat icon on your website to entice your website visitors to get in touch.

Can I create pre-formatted texts or instant messages for standard requests or common questions?
Totally. GoSite messaging allows you to create premade response templates which you can send with just a click. They are very popular for users wanting to send reviews and payment requests.

Have more questions?
Check out GoSite’s Knowledge Base for more information on how the Messenger tool works.