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Easily connect with your customers through business messaging

Every message, one platform. Reclaim your valuable time and increase customer satisfaction.

Business Messaging Business Messaging

Go where your customers are

Your customers have questions. Connect business messaging to
all the popular channels your customers are already using—and answer from one platform.


Instant messaging

Enable a chat pop-up on your website. Send messages directly through your website. 



Respond on the most visible channel—90% of people read text messages within the first 30 minutes of receipt. 

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Google messaging

Integrate with Google My Business, and add a "message us" button to your profile

Instant Messaging Hub

Integrated instant messaging hub

Desktop or mobile—it's up to you. Your complete messaging hub is available on both. 

instant messaging instant messaging
text customers text customers
Text Messaging

Text your customers

Need to get in touch with a customer? Send text messages to your customers by connecting Contact Hub®. 

website chat

Chat via your website

Connect with your customers in real-time. Answer questions, add auto-responders, and watch your customer satisfaction (and sales) increase.

website live chat website chat
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Respond to Thumbtack messages 

Turn Thumbtack leads into loyal customers from your GoSite dashboard. Fully automate client communications from hello to payment reminders.  


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Frequently Asked Questions

What platforms connect to GoSite Messenger?

GoSite Messenger is a direct messaging platform that brings your messages into one dashboard. It will forward messages that customers send directly through your website or through your business Facebook page,. 

What’s the benefit of using Messenger over just calling or emailing my customers?

Nowadays, many customers want automatic responses. With Messenger, you’ll never miss a message because each alert comes in as a push notification through the GoSite app, regardless of what platform your customer initiated contact on. Don't worry - you can turn off the notifications too. 

What phone number do my messages send from?

GoSite will issue you a local business number that your clients will see when you contact them through the Messenger tool. If a client calls this local business number, GoSite will forward it to whichever phone line you use for your business.