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The Top 10 Best House Cleaning Websites

Discover our top picks for the best house cleaning websites. Learn from their visual design and conversion tools, and get inspired.

GoSite Team

As a home cleaner, you want to be easy to find online and make a solid first impression. But with so many housekeeping websites out there, it can be hard to know which ones are worth visiting. That’s why we’ve created this list of the top 10 best house cleaning websites. 

Whether you’re looking for helpful tips and tricks or just need some inspiration from other house cleaners at the top of their game, these websites for cleaning services have something for everyone.

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  1. Valley Sparkle Cleaning Solutions
  2. Homeaglow
  3. You’ve Got Maids
  4. MaidPro
  5. KR Cleaning Services
  6. Molly Maid
  7. Filth to Fab Cleaning
  8. The Maids
  9. My Best Cleaning Service
  10. Merry Maids

What Makes a House Cleaning Website Good, Bad, or Great?

Let’s get something straight. Your customers aren’t typically looking for something overly complicated or fancy. More often than not, they just want to know who you are, what you do, and how they can book your services fast.

Let’s talk about what makes your website good, bad, or great.

Good House Cleaning Websites

Good sites are SEO-friendly, meaning that Google can easily crawl your website and add it to a search results page.

These websites make it clear the type of business you run, where you operate, what your services are, along with accurate NAP (name, address, and phone number). You don’t have to do very much to have a “good” website. 

Having these basics in place ensures that customers can find you and understand how you help them. And that’s a great thing. 

Now let’s talk about what makes a website terrible.

Bad House Cleaning Websites

Believe it or not, a surprising amount of house cleaning websites are unsecure (noted by the absence of a lock in the address bar, see below) or nonexistent.

Bad House Cleaning Websites


Additionally, bad sites have little to no content on their web pages and are difficult for visitors to navigate. These websites lack clear service descriptions, or they have out-of-date contact information.

For these reasons, bad websites rarely show up in search results. And when visitors arrive on the website, they feel confused, uneasy, or both.

Great House Cleaning Websites

To have a top-notch website, you can take a good website and add digital tools that let your web visitors engage your business.

At GoSite, we refer to these digital tools as “power widgets.” 

A power widget is an embedded feature that lets your web visitors…

  • Chat with you online
  • Book services online
  • Complete a payment
  • Click to call
  • Request a quote

These tools are great because it helps your customers take action right away. In the home services industry, often it’s the first business to respond that gets the customer. So these power widgets put you ahead of the pack and help you close more deals.

Let’s take a look at some great house cleaning websites that you should model your website after to be successful.

1. Valley Sparkle Cleaning Solutions -

Valley Sparkle is a GoSite website customer

Valley Sparkle is a GoSite website customer

Valley Sparkle Cleaning Solutions of Tolleson, Arizona does a great job of making their website just as clean as the homes they care for. Their gray, green, and blue color theming carries through the entire site, keeping it eye-catching yet organized. 

The website also features easy ways to contact them through a website chat feature, a “Contact Us” tab, a “Book Now” action button, and even a map of their in-person location, which makes it easy for customers to reach out in the way that is most comfortable for them.

2. Homeaglow -


Homeaglow has locations all over the country in some of the biggest cities but still manages to keep things personal with their customer reviews and personnel spotlights. 

They are especially appealing to customers on a budget because they advertise cleanings at an hourly rate for all price points right at the top of their page, and they offer vouchers and memberships to encourage customers to return or invite their friends.

3. You’ve Got Maids -

You’ve Got Maids is a GoSite website customer

You’ve Got Maids is a GoSite website customer

Wisconsin is in good, clean hands with You’ve Got Maids, whose website centers on their unique offering of a deep cleaning called their 52-Point Spring Clean and an embedded form for potential customers to request a free quote. 

They also include a video testimonial on the site to allow their customers to see their work in action, as well as a list of services they offer and the cities they serve.

4. MaidPro -


MaidPro also focuses on budget planning on its website, which is especially helpful for those who may think cleaning services are only for the upper class. With links to promotions, gift certificates, a free estimate, and more highlighted on their homepage, customers in any price bracket can see how MaidPro can help them without breaking the bank.

5. KR Cleaning Services -

KR Cleaning Services is a GoSite website customer

KR Cleaning Services is a GoSite website customer

Kacey Rutledge Cleaning Services emphasizes natural cleaning processes through its logo and color scheme, which reflects the homemade soaps and camper cleaning services they offer, shown in their rotating gallery. Full of reviews, photos, and contact options, this website is thorough and pleasing to the eye.

6. Molly Maid -

Molly Maid

For larger cleaning companies, Molly Maid is the perfect blueprint. With the added options of zip code search, residential and commercial cleaning services, and a blog on cleaning tips that features cleaning supplies they use, they’re able to target as many people as possible from different angles to sustain the scale of their operation.

7. Filth to Fab Cleaning -

Filth to Fab Cleaning is a GoSite website customer

Filth to Fab Cleaning is a GoSite website customer

Oakland, California’s Filth to Fab Cleaning is one of the best house cleaning services websites for you to model your own after. The convenient list of business hours at the bottom of the page, multiple ways to get in touch, and the star ratings and gallery make it easy to navigate and visually appealing for any potential customer.

8. The Maids -

The Maids

The Maids is another large-scale maid services operation with offices across the nation, so they have a convenient 800 number, a professional ad, and a link to information about franchising opportunities. 

While these options are only helpful to and affordable for big chains, you can implement some of their successful tactics, like their cleaning tips blog that links to other pages on their website and optimizes their content to appear first on search engines.

9. My Best Cleaning Service -

Filth to Fab Cleaning is a GoSite websitecustomer

Filth to Fab Cleaning is a GoSite website customer

The perfectly pink My Best Cleaning Service website is sure to grab their customers’ attention, and the memorable theming carries through to their eye-catching pink icons and pictures with pink gloves. 

Their home page includes a list of what is included in each tier of their cleaning services, as well as multiple mission statements and a list of FAQs to give their customers a wealth of information to help them make their choice.

10. Merry Maids -

Merry Maids

Global franchise Merry Maids has beautiful, consistent branding on their site with greens and whites with cursive text that gives their services a sense of elegance. Like other cleaning chains we’ve seen, they offer convenient special offers and gift cards to make their services accessible to different price points, as well as ways to find them locally and easy ways to get in contact. 

While you may not be able to operate your business at the same level they do, it’s always helpful to take some notes on what might have gotten them to the success they have.

Attract Potential Customers With a Professional Website

No matter what kind of house cleaning services you’re offering, having a professional website is essential. GoSite can help you create the perfect website that showcases your business and attracts potential customers who need your services. 

With easy-to-use templates, beautiful design features, and SEO optimization tools, GoSite makes it easier than ever to start making an amazing cleaning business website

By utilizing these top 10 best house cleaning company websites as inspiration and leveraging the power of GoSite’s comprehensive platform, you can build a successful online presence for your business in no time.


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