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Perks of Using Live Chat for Customer Service

How does your business communicate with customers? Use live chat for customer service to improve their experience and grow your bottom line.

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As we dive deeper into the digital era, it has become apparent that customers prefer website live chat over other support channels. And that’s because unlike email and phone support which can be unpredictable, live chat customer service is quick, efficient, and convenient every single time. 

You can use live chat to reduce time wasted on the back and forth phone calls, improve response time for easier sales opportunities, simple inquiries, or customer support issues, which will allow you to build strong relationships and bring customers back.

Live Chat for Customer Service Offers More Convenience 

Sometimes, it’s the little things that matter most, like convenience. Not having to wait to speak to a customer service representative or wait (sometimes days) to get an email reply can make all the difference -- and not just for your customers, but for you and your employees too. Live chat provides more convenience all around.

Live chat for customer service instantly connects customers with an agent to answer their questions or address their needs. It eliminates the need to call a phone number, press a bunch of buttons, or get stuck on hold before you even get to talk to a customer service representative.

Multi-tasking is how we make the world go round -- it’s the only way we can get through the plethora of tasks we have to do in a single day. And it’s not a bad thing either.

Live chat enables customers to multi-task. More than 51% of customers favor live chat precisely for this reason. So on the off chance, a customer has to wait, they don’t have to waste time and instead can carry on with whatever else they were doing.

It’s also important to note that if there is a wait time, it’s very short (usually seconds). We have finally gotten to the point where customer queries can quickly be addressed and resolved. 

Website live chat also allows you to gather valuable customer information that can be stored in your database for future interactions. In other words, the conversation can be saved and used to guide users through issues when they arise. 

Live chat has the ability to resolve issues in one session in real-time. Now that's the kind of customer service that will get you business. customer service chatbot

Save Money and Time with Live Chat for Customer Service

We all want to save money and time, and live chat for customer service is a foolproof way to do that. For starters, it reduces expenses. Businesses are always striving to find cost-effective customer service solutions. Live chat is your answer.

That’s not to say that phone and email customer support is becoming obsolete. Rather, live chat is a great addition to your customer support plan that will serve to complement what you already have in place and make it more efficient. There are scenarios where a phone call is a better customer service option, however often times a live chat response will suffice.

Your goal should be to provide a superior communication channel and with live chat, that becomes possible. You can address a variety of customer queries simultaneously, which boost productivity and save time and money for your business. In other words, you and your employees can get a lot more done in a short period of time.

Increase Sales with 24/7 Customer Support Using Live Chat

As high as 83% of consumers require some kind of customer support when they are making an online purchase. Website live chat makes the sales process easier by providing that support. Customers can get their questions answered instantly and make informed buying decisions.

Website live chat provides you with the necessary tools to create leads and convert them into long-term customers.

If they have issues or questions about your business, you are there to provide immediate solutions, information, reassurance, and prevent a delay in their transaction. In other words, having live chat support available 24/7 means you don’t lose out on sales.

A successful live chat for customer service gives your business a competitive advantage and leg up on your competitors. Because live chat is a relatively new concept, few businesses have mastered it, which poses a lucrative opportunity.

website live chat

Provide a better Customer Experience with Live Chat

Your business should always strive to deliver the best experience possible and that starts with customer service. By improving customer experience with live chat, you will attract loyal, long-term customers. 

Over 63% of consumers reported that they are more likely to return to a website that offers live chat. And we can see why. 

Amongst other things, live chat allows you to learn about customer pain points, provide quick solutions to their problems, and remember their information to eliminate repetition for your customers. About 72% of customers expect an agent to know their details without asking for them and live chat makes that possible.

This 24/7 support via live chat will boost customer retention and help you grow your business. Customers no longer have to wait until your business hours to get an answer -- you are able to provide a new level of convenience that other brands have not yet discovered.

As you probably already know, customer experience has become a critical part of running a successful business. Recent studies show that 89% of consumers have stopped using a business after a poor customer support experience.

What it all comes down to is providing the best customer experience and live chat can help you get there. Offer supercharged customer support with live chat right out of the bat, and you increase your likelihood of acquiring a loyal lifelong customer. 

Improve your operational efficiency with GoSite's Messenger tool. Our complete messaging hub doesn't only offer a website live chat feature, it also allows you to engage with customers across a variety of platforms including Google My Business, Facebook, SMS text message, and more. Are you ready to bring your business to the next level with live chat? 

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