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Best Linktree Examples to Help Convert Your Social Media Followers

Upgrade your Instagram game with a beautiful and functional Linktree. We show small businesses how with tips, tricks, and examples you’ll love.

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Who Should Have a Linktree Account? | How to Make a Great Linktree Profile That Converts (Plus Live Examples) | More Great Linktree Examples for Small Businesses | Key Takeaways 

Today’s young social media professionals may not know that there was once a dark age in Instagram—one where the only way to send followers to a link required updating their profile bio each and every time. While Instagram and TikTok seem to be sticking to non-clickable links throughout the platform, workarounds like Linktree have since become available.

Having a central hub on your Instagram and TikTok that links to your website, service and product offerings, blog posts, videos, and more will help nurture brand awareness and guide your followers down the funnel.

Linktree is a favorite among freelancers and small businesses as it makes it easy to direct followers to an all-in-one center where they can browse your latest posts. Since Linktree has graduated from a functional solution to a comprehensive branding opportunity, we’ve compiled some must-haves your business should utilize to help boost traffic to your site and conversions. We also include some of our favorite examples to inspire you.

Best Linktree Examples to Help Convert Your Social Media Followers

Source: Magic Painting Company on Linktree

Who Should Have a Linktree Account?


Any creator or small business that actively uses Instagram or TikTok and manages multiple links should use Linktree.


Who Should Have a Linktree Account

Source: Mizu Islam on Upwork

The reason for this is because both Instagram and TikTok limit your ability to add hyperlinks to your profile and posts. From your bio, you can add one link (Linktree), include all your important links on your Linktree page, and rest assured that your audience has multiple great options to convert and engage.

Do You Still Need a Website If You Have a Linktree for Your Business?

Depending on what your goals are for your online presence, you may or may not need a website along with your Linktree page.

That said, most of the examples we share below do include a button to the brand’s website. If you’re a small business owner, then having a professional, SEO-friendly website is pretty important. 

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Combining a good website with your Linktree helps you funnel prospective customers toward the pages that matter most, since you can include buttons to your home page, pricing page, and more.

Why is a Linktree Valuable If You Already Have a Website?

For Instagram and TikTok, it’s important that you only include one link in your bio, since these platforms limit your ability to add hyperlinks and URLs on your posts. 

So if you want to showcase multiple links - website, other social channels, etc. - having a Linktree is the best way to go. The benefits include:

1. Centralize all your important links for social media. Linktree is a platform that enables entrepreneurs to merge their different online profiles, including their website, social media accounts, and review sites, into a unified link. This feature simplifies the process of searching and accessing all the crucial information about their business, making it more convenient for customers.

2. Simpler social media marketing. Linktree empowers business owners to streamline their marketing strategy by promoting a single link that directs potential customers to a variety of online resources, instead of having to advertise multiple links separately.

3. Customers love Linktree links. Top creators and brands use Linktree (or similar services) because they get notable traction with their audience. Customers and followers enjoy being able to access all your important links in one place.

4. One more easy way to engage your business. Using Linktree, entrepreneurs can emphasize their vital content and steer traffic to particular areas of interest, such as contact information, booking pages, or special promotions.

5. Easy to use and track performance. Linktree is an easy-to-use platform that enables business owners to create and manage their link hub without requiring any technical skills. Additionally, it can assist business owners in determining which links are attracting the most attention and involvement, allowing them to optimize their marketing strategies accordingly.

How Much Does Linktree Cost?

For a basic Linktree page, it’s 100% to sign up for and use. But if you’re a business owner that might want to add your own branding and designs, costs start at $4/month (for an annual plan).

Linktree’s pricing page below is monthly pricing as of May 2023.

How Much Does Linktree Cost
Source: Linktree pricing 


How to Make a Great Linktree Profile That Converts (Plus Live Examples)

Highlight Special Deals, New Products/Services, Events, or Great Content

Since Linktree lets you feature multiple links, consider showcasing pages that encourage visitors to take action. 

Highlight Special Deals New ProductsServices Events or Great Content
Source: Startup San Diego on Linktree

For example, create a button “$$ OFF [service]” for a limited-time promotion or encourage people to RSVP to an upcoming event.

Highlight Special Deals New ProductsServices Events or Great Content_2
Source: Ruppert Nurseries on Linktree

If you have a blog, podcast, or special piece of content you’d like people to see you can include a link to encourage people to read, view, listen, or subscribe (like in Ruppert Nurseries’ podcast example above). In some of the examples below, you’ll notice that you can embed YouTube and TikTok videos, too.

Take Time for Design

Like many modern social media channels, Linktree caters to our desire for visually appealing UX (user experience) and aesthetic. Choosing a gorgeous template and an on-brand color palette will give your business an instant facelift without much legwork.

Use Linktree as an opportunity to extend your branding by taking the time to strategically craft the right look and feel of your link hub. Today’s website users are especially wary of redirects—making it of critical importance to ensure your followers don’t cut their sessions short because of mismatched branding.

Take Time for Design
Source: Leeanne on Linktree

Eco-friendly hairstylist, Leeanne, from Verté Salon uses a background photo that both matches the theme of her salon and shows her work. 

For small business owners who may be design-challenged, use their free resources for formatting help.  

Keep Things Organized

Nothing will send followers running away faster than navigating to your Linktree and not finding the link they’re looking for. Keeping your links organized is key to ensuring followers stay engaged.

The top link should always be what your latest post is, when appropriate. That means that whenever you promote a new blog post, offer, shop items, news link, or any other timely news, your hub should feature that content front and center. Your evergreen links can be stationery and include your website, contact page, and other resources that your followers may want quick access to.

Fortunately, Linktree makes it easy to quickly add new links on the backend of the platform. And since Linktree is no longer just for Instagram, it’s a good idea to include your other primary social links within your tree. Your followers and users may be sharing content from other channels - adding your Facebook, Youtube, TikTok, and other links means your followers can access your profile among a variety of platforms.

Keep Things Organized
Source: Instagram and Linktree

When promoting your good news, be sure to remove any barriers to access. Check out this example, where Love Not Lost ensures their BBC press feature is the first on their Linktree after sharing the news with their followers.

Call on your friends and partners to explore your tree to ensure the link organization makes sense from an outsider’s perspective. If URLs change on the backend, ensure your link hub is updated too. Nothing worse than a dead link or 404 redirect in 2021.

Use Clear Link Names and Buttons

Just like Linktree’s design tools are a branding opportunity, so are the link names you choose. While the possibility for creativity is certainly available, clarity is always preferable to cutesy. Succinct link names help users filter their needs in a social world full of clutter. Prime examples include:

  • “Book an appointment” versus “Let’s meet!”
  • “Buy” versus “Where to find [brand name]”
  • “Biscuit recipe” versus “Dough boy chronicles”
Use Clear Link Names and Buttons

Source: Brax Jewelers on Linktree

Don’t forget to track clickthrough and view rates. If a link isn’t getting much love, try switching up the verbiage. A perfect example of to-the-point precision, Lulu cuts right to the chase with clear and concise link names, giving her followers the dish on perfecting their curly hair game.

Use Clear Link Names and Buttons_2
Source: Lulu on Linktree

A notable exception to this rule is when your branding becomes so unique, so well known, that you can afford to get creative. Brands that adopt recognizable turns of phrase, portmanteaus, and other unique identifiers can swap straight forward clarity for cheek.

Play With Seasonal and Unique Design Features (Spice It Up!)

Make use of Linktree’s holiday-themed template releases and new features to give your link hub that extra pizzazz throughout the year. Animated background images cater to today’s video and TikTok-loving audiences while vibrating links help your news jump out at followers.

Even small businesses with a minimalist aesthetic can benefit from utilizing the tool’s upgraded features to create a more captivating experience.

Play With Seasonal and Unique Design Features
Source: Tigran Gertz on Linktree

Though it’s difficult to tell in the static image above, landscaping creator Tigran Gertz wanted to call out his exclusive membership program, GoatGang. He added a Linktree feature which makes the “What’s GoatGang?” button shake, drawing attention to the subscription.

More Great Linktree Examples for Small Businesses

As you’ve noticed, Linktree is not complicated. If you have the time to add great colors and backgrounds, you can have a lot of fun with your page.

But if you’re a busy owner-operator that simply wants to create a converting Linktree page, here are some great, simple examples to follow.

More Great Linktree Examples for Small Businesses_Blueocean
Source: Blue Ocean Pool Services on Linktree

We love Blue Ocean Pool Services above because it uses clear call-to-actions on its buttons, along with a few other unique options for visitors. Customers can book Blue Ocean right from Linktree and job hunters can apply for work.

More Great Linktree Examples for Small Businesses_Dmitry
Source: Dmitry Lipinskiy on Linktree

Dmitry Lipinskiy is a roofing business owner, creator, and coach. Linktree is ideal for this group of owner-operators who also nurture social media communities. As you can see, he has many important links, and he keeps them clearly organized while putting his most important converting links near the top.

More Great Linktree Examples for Small Businesses_Lokal Hotel

Source: Lokal Hotel on Linktree

Lokal Hotel isn’t just boutique lodging, it also curates an active online following and culture. As such, it wants to attract potential customers, more community members, and sell branded merchandise. Lokal Hotel’s buttons and links are simple, making it easy for visitors to take action.

Key Takeaways

Linktree is a useful platform for creators and small business owners who use Instagram or TikTok and have multiple links to manage. Instagram and TikTok limit the number of hyperlinks you can add to your profile and posts, so having a Linktree page allows you to include all your relevant links in one place. 

A Linktree page can also simplify social media marketing, centralize important links, and help track performance. While having a professional website is important for small business owners, combining a website with a Linktree page can help funnel prospective customers to the pages that matter most. A basic Linktree page is free, but costs may apply for branding and design customization.

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