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How to Choose Customer Database Software for Your Small Business

You heard a customer database software can help your small business. But how can it help your company? Find out what a CRM is and why you should adopt one.

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There's only one thing more important than generating revenue.

And that's maintaining the organization of your company. If you're not keeping track of your customers and leads, then you're leaving money on the table.

That's because you're not taking advantage of converting them into long-time customers. But how do you go about managing hundreds or even thousands of customers?

To start, you can use customer database software. Not sure what this is or how it can help your local business? Then continue reading!

What is Customer Database Software?

Customer database software is a tool designed to enable businesses to manage their customers and contacts better. You can think of it as a CRM (customer relationship management system) or contact hub.

All of your customers and leads have their data stored in the platform for quick and easy referencing. It also captures details, such as their interactions with your business. If you have a sales and marketing team, they can use this to determine where a lead is in the sales funnel.

If not, you can use the database to determine when to reach out to a lead to potentially convert them into a buyer. You'll be able to see all of your conversations via text and chat -- along with any appointments they've set.

How to choose customer database software for your small business

Why Do You Need Customer Database Software?

Most small businesses may think twice about purchasing customer database software. And that's because they're viewed as a tool for the larger companies.

That's an unfair assumption because it holds your small business back from doing great things. Here's a look at why you should adopt one for your company:

  • You struggle with keeping up with the flow of incoming leads
  • Finding customer data is difficult
  • You don't know which customers or leads have been contacted
  • Your customer service needs more personalization
  • You want to turn first-time customers into long-term customers

If any of these sounds like your business, then it's time to do something about your customer data management.

What to Look for in Customer Database Software

Since you're a small business, you likely don't have the budget to pay for enterprise software. Thankfully, there are tools available explicitly designed for small companies like yours.

Now, just because it's cheaper doesn't mean it shouldn't come with all the bells and whistles. Here's a look at what you should search for in customer database software:

  • Cloud-based system so all of your data is easily accessible
  • A complete dashboard that shows customer info, notes, history, and includes engagement tools for communication
  • Ability to sync with the other systems you may use (Quickbooks, Gmail, Outlook)
  • A mobile app so you can access your customers' data from anywhere
  • Segmentation based on the level of the customer (gold, silver, bronze)

If it comes with all of this at a reasonable monthly rate, then it's a winner!

Bonus Features to Consider Adding to the Deal

Most software come with package deals with other features and services. So why not select customer data software that offers the same?

There are customer hubs on the market that come with bonus features worth mentioning. Here are are a few.

Payment Processing

This is a win-win feature for you and your customers because it makes your transaction seamless. Imagine being able to see your customer data, along with their history of purchases.

These contactless payment capabilities must include online credit card processing capabilities. Most of today's consumers are using eWallets and expect to be able to use them to pay.

Review Management

If you have listings in local business directories, then you're bound to get a few reviews. As they start rolling in, you want to keep an eye on them. What if your customer data software allowed you to see these reviews and engage with the reviewer?

And what if it allowed you to request reviews from customers to help raise your rating?

Being able to do all of this from one dashboard streamlines your get reviews.

Online Appointment Booking

If you're in a business that relies on booking appointments, then this is something you'll need. Scheduling software for business enables prospects and customers to schedule appointments with your business on their own.

You can also charge for appointments to ensure the bookings aren't a waste of time.

Placement in Business Directories

Having your business listed in online directories can help more prospects find you. But there are dozens upon dozens (over 70) to choose from.

With a customer database tool that offers directory placement features, you won't have to. You'll be able to get placement in all of these directories at the push of a button.

Just fill out all of your business details, and you're listed everywhere. Then it's easy to update your listings all at once. It saves you time and enhances your visibility near instantly.

Start Using Customer Database Software to Grow Your Local Business

Being a small business is no excuse to refuse customer database software. There are tools available within your price range, such as GoSite's contact hub.

With this, you get all of the above capabilities and bonus features. All you need from here is our free guide on growing your business with a CRM -- so download it today!

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