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Free (and Inexpensive) Marketing Ideas for Small Business

What are you doing to help build visibility and foot traffic for your small business? Give these marketing ideas for small business a shot!

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Did you know that at any given moment, 84% of Americans are shopping for something? And do you know where the first place they look for research?


Somewhere between 70% and 80% of people research a small business online before visiting. And it doesn't take long either.

Numbers show 75% of local-intent mobile searches end with an offline store visit within one day.

So what does this mean for your small business? It means, you need to use marketing ideas for small business that will build your visibility and trust.

Here are several ideas you can use that are free or inexpensive.

Create Social Media Posts that Are Share-Worthy

Social media marketing isn't a fad. In fact, 74% of consumers say they rely on social media to guide their purchasing decisions. If you use it right, you can be one of the 41% of local businesses that generate revenue from these platforms.

But what marketing ideas for small business can you use to make your social posts stand out (in a good way)? Your best bet is to go visual.

Just look at how visual posts perform compared to text-only:

  • Posts with images receive 650% higher engagement
  • People are 85% more likely to buy a product after seeing a product video
  • Posts containing videos receive 3x the shares

This means you need to create highly visual content, such as videos, infographics, and photos. Be sure to engage in your posts to help start and carry on conversations.

Free (and Inexpensive) Marketing ideas for small business-1-1

Use 1-on-1 Marketing Ideas for Small Business

Most marketing ideas for small business rely on one-to-many advertising methods. And while this does work, it helps to add a personal touch every once in a while.

For instance, you can re-engage old customers with a handwritten thank-you letter, postcard, or free gift. Then to attract new customers, you can invite them to your business by offering a special deal just for them.

You can gather information on your leads using tools like GoSite's contact hub, which tracks interactions with prospects. See what interest they've shown in your products or services and then personalize their promotion.

Give Your Old Content a Makeover

You already know the importance of content -- that's why you have a blog filled with posts. But are you getting any results from them?

If not, then it may be because they're old and outdated. You can dust off the virtual dust by revitalizing your content with fresh ideas, new insights, and better headlines.

Be sure to also enhance the SEO (algorithms may have changed since you published them).

Marketing ideas for small business should always include search optimization to help improve your online visibility.

Invest in Quality Video Marketing

We touched on how visual content performs exceptionally well for driving engagement. But doesn't it cost thousands to produce a quality video for your small business?

Not really.

In fact, you may already have all the tools you need. Today's smartphones come with high-resolution cameras that are sufficient enough for recording HD videos.

If you're stuck on finding video marketing ideas for small business, then you can always go with a talking head video explaining a process. Or you can record the interior of your new restaurant decor.

Then if you're in the real estate business, you can capture high-definition videos of your properties. Some even go as far as to create 3D tours prospects can virtually walk through.

Video editing tools are also cheap (some even free). For example, DaVinci Resolve.

Free (and Inexpensive) Marketing ideas for small business-2-1

Add More Photos to Your Business Listings

Has your business listed in directories like Google My Business, Yelp, and Bing Places? Then don't let it go stale. Continue to update them with quality photos of your business, its customers, and anything else relevant to your company.

You want to showcase to your prospective customers why it's a good idea to buy from your business. Happy customer photos and glamour shots of the interior of your office, or sales floor of your boutique will likely help.

When people browse online for local businesses, they tend to click on listings found in directories. Once there, they'll read through your online reviews and view any photos you have published.

This just adds to the visual marketing ideas for small business you can test out.

Increase Your Ranking in Directories with Raving Reviews

Speaking of reviews -- you're definitely going to need them as part of your marketing ideas for small business. Not only do high praises help you land more customers. But it'll also help to boost your ranking in directories.

This is why you should ask your customers for ratings and reviews every chance you get. Print the request and link on your receipts, business cards, mailers, and emails.

Sometimes, asking is enough to give customers the nudge to do what they wouldn't have otherwise!

Give these Marketing Ideas for Small Business a Try!

Using these marketing ideas for small business can help grow your customer base faster. You may even find it helps to get current customers back in your store.

While all of these ideas may not work for your small business, it definitely wouldn't hurt to give them a try.

One you don't want to sleep on, though, are reviews. You can use get reviews to request reviews from customers and manage them all in one dashboard.

Sign up today to test it for free!


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