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Website Examples That Wow: A Showcase of Stunning Designs

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When it comes to creating a stunning website, the most important elements are design, user experience, and effective branding. These factors are what make some websites really stand out. Whether you are a small business owner or just looking to improve your online presence, understanding these essentials can help you create a website that wows your visitors.

Here’s a quick answer for anyone looking for example website inspiration:

  • Visual Design: Keep it simple with clean lines and high-quality images.
  • User Experience: Ensure easy navigation and fast loading times.
  • Branding: Be consistent with your fonts, colors, and overall message.

Crafting visually engaging websites isn't just for big businesses. Small businesses can also leverage excellent design principles to drive engagement and build trust. Let's explore some standout examples that showcase these principles in action.

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20 Best Simple Website Examples


When you land on Ollivere's website, the company's motto, "Great design. No nonsense," immediately grabs your attention. The homepage is clean, with minimal text, making you want to learn more. As you scroll, parallax scrolling enhances the storytelling with visually appealing sketches and examples.

What we like: Ollivere's commitment to straightforward yet eye-catching design shines through.


Ink's homepage is text-centric but avoids overwhelming visitors. Instead of lengthy paragraphs, it uses sparse copy to maintain interest. The menu is cleverly placed as a small dot in the top right corner, and parallax scrolling adds a dynamic touch.

What we like: The minimalist approach and intuitive design keep visitors engaged.

The Shine App

The Shine App greets visitors with an image, brief text, and an award acknowledgment. The site is easy to navigate, reflecting the app's purpose. Scrolling down, you can see a demo of the app on a mobile device.

What we like: The relaxing navigation and app demo provide a seamless user experience.

Nate Smith

Nate Smith's website features a unique mobile phone animation that transforms into a computer as you click through. Parallax scrolling and sparse but effective copy make this site stand out.

What we like: The creative animation and minimalistic text are both engaging and informative.


Cocokind offers everything you'd expect from an ecommerce site: clear branding, easy navigation, and beautiful product photography. The use of neutrals with pops of color highlights the products effectively.

What we like: The clear branding and intuitive design make it easy for visitors to shop.


Motto uses powerful fonts and a modern design to create a visually attractive site. The homepage starts with the brand mission, followed by a video and case studies, making information easy to digest.

What we like: The use of fonts and case studies effectively communicates the brand's value.


In the creative field, Doubble uses dark colors to tell its brand story. The site is simple yet visually engaging, making it easy for visitors to understand the brand's essence.

What we like: The dark colors and clear storytelling make the website memorable.

Grounded Plants

Grounded Plants' site features stunning product photography and an intuitive design. Visitors can easily book consultations, making the site both functional and visually appealing.

What we like: The seamless booking process and beautiful photography enhance the user experience.

Los Feliz Engineering

Los Feliz Engineering uses unique text animations to present company information. The site is simple but effective, making it easy for visitors to understand what the company offers.

What we like: The creative text animation adds a unique touch to a straightforward design.

Adrián Gubrica

Adrián Gubrica's portfolio website is a perfect blend of personality and simplicity. The site showcases his work effectively without overwhelming visitors with too much information.

What we like: The simple design allows Adrián's personality and work to shine.


Kobu uses a magazine cover style with cohesive photography and mixed fonts. This approach makes the site visually engaging and easy to navigate.

What we like: The cohesive photography and mixed fonts create a compelling visual story.


Luxitalia's image-centric site features a customized cursor and easy navigation. The design is simple yet effective, making it easy for visitors to explore the content.

What we like: The customized cursor adds a unique touch to the simple design.

Plastic Design

Plastic Design showcases cohesive branding and a focus on digital transformation. The use of simple fonts keeps the design clean and easy to read.

What we like: The cohesive branding and simple fonts make the site visually appealing.


Postevand's site uses brand photography and a grid-style layout with parallax scrolling. This design makes the site feel alive and engaging.

What we like: The parallax scrolling and grid-style layout create a dynamic user experience.

Build in Amsterdam

Build in Amsterdam effectively splits the screen with moving images and minimalistic text. The beige background keeps the design simple, balancing the energy of the moving pictures.

What we like: The split screen and minimalistic text make the site both fun and functional.

Kyle Johnson

Kyle Johnson's photography portfolio makes excellent use of white space. Despite the many images, the site feels manageable and smooth.

What we like: The effective use of white space makes the image-heavy site easy to navigate.


Golde's ecommerce site tells the brand story with a signature font and plenty of green, reflecting its superfood focus. The site introduces products and recipes in an intuitive cadence.

What we like: The signature font and brand-focused design make the site visually appealing.

Ohm Studio

Ohm Studio's site is minimalistic and trendy, featuring compelling product photography. The minimal copy allows the products to shine.

What we like: The emphasis on photography and minimalistic design make the site trendy and effective.

Uncle Bobbie's

Uncle Bobbie's coffee and bookshop site uses black and white photography to capture attention. The functional design provides all necessary information, like address and hours, in an overlay menu.

What we like: The focus on functionality and aesthetic appeal makes the site stand out.

Pink Moon

Pink Moon's ecommerce site is simple yet effective, focusing on the company's products. The central menu and pops of color make navigation intuitive and visually appealing.

What we like: The pops of color and straightforward design make the site both engaging and easy to use.

Small Business Website Design Best Practices

Clear Branding

Clear branding is crucial for any small business website. Your brand identity should be consistent and recognizable across all your web pages. This means using the same colors, fonts, and logos throughout your site.

Example: Chanel’s website uses its signature Couture font across all textual elements, ensuring visitors have a consistent user experience.

User-Friendly Navigation

Your website should be easy to navigate. Simple and clear menus help visitors find what they need quickly.

  • Consistent Layout: Keep the same layout on all pages to avoid confusion.
  • Search Bar: Place a search bar at the top of your page for easy access.

Example: Upstate Laundromat keeps its one-page site clean and easy to navigate, showcasing unique services and amenities.

Mobile Optimization

Most people use their phones to browse the internet, so your site must look great on all devices. Responsive design ensures your website adapts to different screen sizes.

  • Fast Load Times: Optimize images and use a Content Delivery Network (CDN) to improve load times.

Example: The People vs. Coffee uses a mobile-friendly design to make sure customers on the go can easily access their information.

High-Quality Images

Visual appeal can make or break your website. Use professional photography to showcase your products or services. High-quality images are more enticing than big blocks of text.

Example: Tesla’s home page features captivating images of its cars, solar roofs, and accessories, ensuring viewers can imagine themselves using the product.

Strong Calls to Action

Effective calls to action (CTAs) guide visitors towards making a purchase or signing up for a service. Your CTAs should be clear, concise, and stand out visually.

  • Clear and Obvious: Make your CTAs the center of attention with bright colors and prominent placement.

Example: Playbook’s home page features a pink “Create Playbook free” button, prompting users to try the product.

One Page Website Design Best Practices

Hero Images

A hero image is the first thing visitors see on a one-page website. It should grab attention and set the tone for the rest of the site. A powerful hero image can make a lasting impression and encourage visitors to explore further.

  • Visual Impact: Use high-quality, striking images that are relevant to your brand. For example, Quack uses clear and concise headings alongside impactful visuals to communicate its value immediately.

  • Minimal Text: Keep the text minimal but meaningful. A short, compelling headline and a brief subheading can convey your message effectively without overwhelming the viewer.

hero image - example website

Minimalist Design

Minimalist design is key for one-page websites. It helps keep the layout clean and focuses the visitor's attention on the most important elements.

  • Clean Layout: Use plenty of white space to make the content stand out. Kyle Johnson's photography portfolio site is a great example, using white space to make images feel manageable and smooth.

  • Minimal Text: Limit the amount of text on the page. Ohm Studio's website, with less than 30 words, shows how little copy can still deliver a powerful message.

Parallax Scrolling

Parallax scrolling is an engaging feature that adds depth and movement to a website, making the user experience more interactive.

  • Visual Storytelling: Use parallax scrolling to guide visitors through your story. Build in Amsterdam effectively splits the screen with moving images on one side and stationary text on the other, creating a dynamic user experience.

  • Engaging Features: Incorporate interactive elements like horizontal scrolling or animated graphics. Neverland's use of a 360-degree view of a conceptual work of art is a captivating example.

parallax scrolling - example website

Fast Loading Times

Performance optimization is crucial for user experience. Fast loading times keep visitors on your site and reduce bounce rates.

  • Performance Optimization: Optimize images and use a Content Delivery Network (CDN) to improve load times. The People vs. Coffee ensures a mobile-friendly design to cater to users on the go.

  • User Experience: A fast, responsive site enhances user satisfaction and engagement. Serenity in Leadership maintains an updated blog to inform clients and improve search rankings, showing the importance of timely updates.

fast loading website - example website

Frequently Asked Questions about Example Websites

What makes a website design effective?

An effective website design combines user experience, visual appeal, and functionality.

  • User Experience (UX): A website should be easy to navigate and intuitive. This means clear menus, fast loading times, and a consistent layout across all pages.

  • Visual Appeal: Use high-quality images, contrasting colors, and readable fonts. For instance, Ollivere's website uses parallax scrolling and mindfully placed copy to keep visitors engaged.

  • Functionality: Ensure everything works seamlessly. Links should work, forms should submit correctly, and the site should be responsive on all devices.

How can I create a simple yet engaging website?

Creating a simple yet engaging website involves focusing on minimalist design, intuitive navigation, and high-quality images.

  • Minimalist Design: Keep your layout clean with minimal text. Ink's website is a great example, using sparse copy and parallax scrolling to maintain simplicity.

  • Intuitive Navigation: Make it easy for users to find what they need. A search bar and clear menus help users navigate without confusion.

  • High-Quality Images: Use professional photos and videos to enhance visual appeal. The Shine App offers a demo of their app, making the site both engaging and informative.

What are the key elements of a successful small business website?

A successful small business website should have clear branding, mobile optimization, and strong calls to action (CTAs).

  • Clear Branding: Your website should reflect your brand identity. Consistent colors, fonts, and logos help in building recognition. Cocokind's website excels in clear branding with its beautiful product photography and easy navigation.

  • Mobile Optimization: Ensure your site is responsive on all devices. This means it should look great and function well on smartphones and tablets. The People vs. Coffee uses a mobile-friendly design to cater to users on the go.

  • Strong CTAs: Guide your visitors on what to do next. Use clear and compelling CTAs like "Shop Now," "Call Us," or "Sign Up." Effective CTAs can significantly improve conversion rates.

By focusing on these elements, you can create a website that not only looks stunning but also performs exceptionally well.


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