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Top 6 Benefits of Listing Your Business on Google

From increased visibility in search engines to customer review opportunities, here are 6 important reasons for listing your business on Google.

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Google processes over 105,000 searches every second. A large portion of these are local searches that highlight business listings at the top of Google's search results page. Business owners who don’t yet have a Google Business profile are missing out on opportunities to connect with the local audience.

Why is Google My Business important? Regardless of your industry, Google's business registration tool is a crucial resource for attracting a wider audience. It's easy to create and manage your Google My Business listing — and it's completely free. As a result, small businesses have access to the same features that deep-pocketed corporations and powerhouse organizations have.

Top 6 Benefits of Listing Your Business on Google.jpgSources: GMB and PPC Expo

It's straightforward to learn how to set up your Google Business account and understand why listing your business on Google is beneficial. With a little guidance, you'll be well on your way to optimizing your profile, ranking on Google My Business, and strengthening your overall marketing strategy.

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How To Go About Listing Your Business on Google

There are a few different ways in which you can list your business on Google. You can either create a Google Business profile or claim a business profile that has already been started. If you’ve already created a Google Business account, you can log in to begin the listing process. Otherwise, open a new Google Business account to begin.


From the My Business home page, select “Manage Now," and enter your business name in the search bar. If you see your business listed, you simply need to claim your business profile. If, however, your business doesn't appear in the search results, select “Create a business with this name."

What Customers Look for in Your Local Listing

You will need to enter the following information before verifying your business:

  • Your business name
  • Your business category
  • Whether you want your business displayed on Google Maps or not
  • Your business address or, if you don't want your exact location visible to users, the area(s) your business services
  • Your business phone number
  • Your business website

Verifying Your Google Listing

Verifying Your Google ListingSource: GMB and SE Ranking

The verification process is fairly straightforward. If you choose to withhold your business address, however, it may take a few more steps. The following verification options are available, depending on the type of business you own:

  • By mail. Google will send you a postcard that contains a code you must enter to verify your business.
  • By phone. Google will call you with a code to enter.
  • By email. Google will email you the code.
  • Bulk verification. You will have to file an additional form to verify businesses with more than 10 locations.
  • Instantly. To use this option, you must have a Google Search Console account that has already verified your website.

Once you verify your business, you are then prompted to enter more facts about your operations, such as a description of your business services, your business hours, images, and more. You may also have the option of claiming a $100 credit to apply toward advertising on Google.

From here, you will be taken to your Google My Business profile page, where you can upload a logo and adjust your settings to your liking.

Be sure to fill out as much as possible on your Google Business profile, as complete listings are seven times more likely to get clicks than those missing information.

The Benefits of Google My Business

Now that you know how to create a listing, it's time to explore how this tool fits into your overall marketing strategy. There are six leading benefits of using Google My Business that make listing your business on Google absolutely worth it.

1. Establishes an Online Presence

In today's day and age, 63% of buyer journeys begin with an internet search. 

This is true both for customers who choose to purchase online and for those who visit a brick-and-mortar location. If you want to increase the chance of your business being found, you need to establish a virtual presence.

Having an online presence comes with multiple benefits. It can: 

  • Enable new and existing customers to find your business
  • Make your business appear more credible
  • Help you get more conversions
  • Give customers 24/7 access to useful business information
  • Provide you with data to learn about your customers

Your Google Business profile is one of the most important listings that you can use to boost your online presence. The first step is to set up or claim your profile. Fill it out as much as you can using SEO keywords in your business description.

Establishes an Online PresenceSource: Site Pro News

There are also steps that you can take after your account is set up to keep your online presence updated. Make sure your business information stays up-to-date, and respond to all reviews and Q&As.

Businesses also can post on Google, similar to using social media. You don’t have to do this as often as on typical social media sites — once a week is more than sufficient. Finally, ensure that all of your posts, responses, and profile information are free from grammatical errors.

2. Appearances in Google Maps and Local Business Listings

Ninety-nine percent of consumers have used internet searches to look up local business information in the past year, and 78% do so on a weekly basis. 

If you have a physical location, your business is likely to show up on local searches. To remain competitive, therefore, you must have an online presence.

A Google Business profile will show up on both Google Search and Google Maps. Google Maps is especially useful when customers try to find a business close to them, as it can quite literally direct the user to your business.

The listings also make it easy for a user to contact your business by phone. Customers can also access your website to learn more about your store, and, if you have an e-commerce store, they can view your products and make purchases directly from your website.

Interested customers can also see your business photos directly from your Google Maps listing. If you use high-quality images, this is a great way to educate your customers about your products, services, and company culture.

3. Greater Visibility for Your Business Via Search Results

Google has an astounding 87.72% of the search engine market share in the United States, meaning the vast majority of customers who are searching for local businesses use Google. And, as part of that, they are more likely to see Google My Business listings.

When users search for local businesses, the search engine displays the Google Local Pack at the top of the page. This is a pack of three listings that best match the user’s search intent, and it takes up a large portion of the search engine results page (SERP).

If your business is listed in the Local Pack, you are more likely to have visitors see your information, click on your listing, and visit your business. However, there are things you need to do to increase your chances of appearing here.

Your listing should be completed and have as much information about your business as possible. In addition, having regular updates on your profile shows Google and your customers that you actively engage with your audience. Keep your listing full and updated, and respond to your customers in a timely fashion to increase your chances of being seen on SERPs.

4. Allows for Real Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is a way to create content that makes it more likely to rank higher on search engines. In 2022, SEO was recognized as one of the three most effective marketing channels for finding new customers.

When you include your Google Business profile in your SEO strategy, you can:

  • Increase search ranking and visibility
  • Make it easier to stay in contact with customers
  • Increase sales
  • Improve traffic volume
  • Attract more ideal customers
  • Establish authority in your industry

It’s important to understand SEO ranking factors if you’re wondering why your business isn’t showing up on Google. Three factors that are used to rank businesses include relevance, distance, and prominence. Google will assess these factors based on keywords in your content, your online activity, the location of your business and the customer, and your online reputation.

Your Google My Business profile is an excellent place to include keywords and information that help Google determine where your business should rank. Keywords should be placed in your business description. You can also use posts to keep your profile updated with important information.

Another important step is to ensure that your business information matches across all of your listings and profiles. For example, your Google Business profile should match your website, social media, and other business listings.

5. Attracts Potential Customers With Online Reviews and Business Description

Sixty-eight percent of customers will engage with a business because of positive reviews. If there are negative reviews, 40% of customers who read them will choose not to engage with the business. 

Reviews provide social proof of how a business operates. It’s similar to receiving recommendations from friends and family.

If you’re able to provide a good customer experience, you're more likely to receive positive business reviews. Potential customers, in turn, are more likely to engage with your business after seeing these, and you'll feed a positive cycle because you increase the likelihood of getting more Google business reviews.

Reviews can also improve your rankings. This is especially true if reviews mention your location or other keywords that describe your business. 

Attracts Potential Customers With Online Reviews and Business Description - Image 1Attracts Potential Customers With Online Reviews and Business Description - Image 2













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Similarly, your description can also attract potential customers. It’s an excellent place to provide your audience with a unique selling proposition, that is, to tell your customers how you stand out from your competitors. You can also include offers in your description or your posts. 

Other things that you can include in your business description include your business category, keywords relating to your main products or services, and your main service areas or location. This can improve your ranking and inform your audience about your business.

6. Appeals to a Wider Audience Than Physical Marketing

Physical marketing can be effective if done correctly. However, people will have to be in a specific location to see your physical marketing and learn about your business.

In contrast, digital marketing can find your audience — or help them find you — wherever they are. The internet and its associated platforms, including social media, are used so widely today that digital marketing makes the most sense.

Appeals to a Wider Audience Than Physical MarketingSource: Invoca

Depending on what type of business you own, digital marketing allows you to target audiences worldwide. Local businesses can use a Google Business profile to attract residents and visitors alike. It also allows you to engage with a wider audience. In fact, digital advertising results in 50% more customer interactions than physical advertising. For example, a potential customer can ask questions directly on your Google profile, and you can answer them for everyone to see. 

Your audience does not need to go to your business or the location of a billboard to learn about your products and services. As long as you put the information online, your audience will be able to view it from anywhere.

Moreover, you can use features such as bookings to lead your potential customers through the buyer journey. You can use your settings to make it easy for your customer to create a booking, view your website, call your business, and more.

Upgrade Your Small Business Profile and Marketing With GoSite

Listing your business on Google is an essential part of any basic digital marketing strategy. It’s also quick and easy, meaning the benefits strongly outweigh the time and effort that goes into setting up your profile.

Claiming your business on Google is just the first step. You need to ensure that your Google Business Profile is up-to-date to grow your online traffic. By taking control of your Google Business Profile, you can leverage the power of local search results, get ahead of the competition, and drive more customers to your business.

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