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5 Ways an All-in-One Payments Platform Makes Your Life So Much Easier

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Rachel Novosad
Rachel Novosad
3 min read

Change isn’t easy. In both personal life and business, it can be difficult to find the motivation to change habits and systems—especially long-standing ones you’re comfortable with, know well, and have worked for years.

But if this year has taught us anything, it’s that many changes are outside of our control and we have to be adaptable if we want to continue to succeed. All industries have been affected by the digital revolution in recent years, but COVID-19 accelerated many things including the need to adopt digital solutions such as online, contactless payments.

There are all sorts of payment platforms and systems available to small businesses—ones offering credit card processing, mobile pay, invoicing, etc.—but we value simplicity here at GoSite so we wrapped them all into one. Rather than using separate systems for each payments-related business need, you can save time and money with an all-in-one platform

Here are some of the many benefits to offering your customers online payment options—and how an all-in-one payments platform will make your life so much easier.


1. Instill Customer Trust

trust fall doggoHaving the trust of your customers has always been important, but 2020 has brought on new dimensions and challenges to what earns—and loses—that trust. 

According to the 2020 Visa Back to Business study, 48% of consumers said they would not shop at a store that only offers payment methods that require contact with a cashier or a shared device. That’s a lot of customers you could lose by not offering safer, contactless payment solutions.

“Consumers are putting COVID-19 safety measures at the top of their shopping lists and rewarding businesses that do the same,” said Suzan Kereere, global head of merchant sales and acquiring at Visa.

On the flipside, that same study found that 63% of consumers would switch to a new business that installed contactless payment options. That’s even more customers you could gain by adopting an online payments platform.

2. Save Valuable Time

dog turtleIf you’re a small business owner, chances are you’re quite busy! Your time is valuable, and a good online payments platform both understands and caters to that.

Using a robust all-in-one payment system saves you time with features like:

  • Text-to-pay payment requests.
  • Automatic payment reminders for your customers.
  • Payment confirmation.
  • Instant invoices.

Manually sending invoices, charging your customers, reminding them to submit payment, and issuing receipts may feel like easy-enough tasks, but they are huge time sucks. Using Payments is an easy fix to that, and makes these tasks a breeze. 

What would you do with all that extra free time you’d save?

3. Save Money

dog moneyYou know what else is valuable besides your time? Money. The pandemic has affected small businesses across the world, and many business owners are finding their finances stretched thin.

We know that having different systems for all your business needs can really add up in cost, especially when systems charge subscription fees. Adopting an all-in-one solution will not boost efficiency, it will also directly save you money.

Go-Tip: Don’t pay unnecessary fees! There are payment solutions with no additional platform fees out there—like GoSite Payments. We don’t charge any monthly subscription or platform usage fees for Payments. Just pay the standard transaction fees passed through from the credit card companies (which we’ve made sure are some of the lowest fees out there).

4. Stay Organized

dog typingAnother advantage of digitizing business processes like payments is that you automatically have records of everything. No more literal paper trails, just digital ones.

Whether you want to improve your operational efficiencies, optimize your customer outreach based on purchase history, or just find everything you need come tax time, an all-in-one payment system will be the ultimate solution for you. With online records and automated invoices to customers, you’ll be way less likely to have anything fall through the cracks.

5. Enjoy Payments

pug money

We’re sure you and your customers will love using GoSite Payments.

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