Get Paid Faster

Get paid before you leave
the job

GoSite makes it easy to request and accept
payments online and in person.

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3 ways to get paid onsite

The GoSite App makes it easy to get paid faster by requesting or receiving on-line
payments from your phone or computer.

Wireless Payment Smartphone
Send payment links
Generate and send payment links so your customers can pay you hassle-free, and speed up your cash flow.
Credit Card Online Payment
Onsite payments
The easier it is for customers to pay you, the faster they will. Process payments onsite and get paid immediately.
Send an invoice
Easily generate and send instant, detailed, and professional invoices from your phone or computer.
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A single dashboard to
control all your

View all your transactions, manage payments with confidence
and get an up-to-date picture of your business in one place.

Your revenue at a

Get a quick check of weekly
and monthly revenue from the
payments tool.

Easy navigation

Use filters to view payment
statuses; or search for a
specific transaction.

Manage payment

Take action on individual
transactions. Resend payment
links, issue refunds, send a
receipt, void transactions and

Sync transactions
with QuickBooks

GoSite payments will appear in
today’s most popular
accounting solution,


Offer customers a safer
way to pay

41% of consumers¹ said they plan to shift to using only
digital payments within the next two years, or are already
cashless. Create a simple, convenient and secure
experience for your customer. Online payments can help
you find new growth and create repeat business.

¹ Visa Back to Business Global Study, Visa 2022

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As soon as I finish a job, I can go to my truck and invoice my customers from my phone. It can go to email, it can go to text message, and they can pay right there through a safe and secure portal. More often than not, I'm usually paid on my drive home.


Frequently Asked Questions

Does GoSite provide payment hardware (i.e. a credit card swiper)?

One of the major benefits of GoSite is that you don't need to purchase or carry extra hardware. With GoSite, you can accept credit cards on the go. Use mobile pay to collect secure payments from your customers. You can also use text-to-pay to send SMS payment requests from anywhere—without needing to physically swipe a card.

Transactions are processed in just 24 to 48 hours.

GoSite’s credit card transaction rate is among the lowest in the industry at 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction. We don't charge a subscription or platform fee to use Payments. You're only charged for what you swipe.

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