Contactless Payments for
Small Businesses

Let your customers pay you digitally and get paid
faster. Send payment requests, invoices, and
reminders at the tap of a button.

14-Day Free Trial, No Credit Card Required

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Hassle-free payments for you and your customers

Letting your customers pay you online gets you paid faster.
Easily send payment requests, invoices, and reminders at the
tap of a button.

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Get paid for your services
online - instantly

Built so you can get paid on the go - anytime, anywhere.

Get Paid Faster

Make it easy for your customers to
pay you from anywhere.

Instant Invoices

No more invoicing headaches. Create and send customer invoices in seconds.

Win More Jobs
Increase revenue by offering online payments. Making it easy for customers to pay you is a win-win.
Provide Convenience
Inspire trust and build future business. Easily generate and send instant, detailed, and professional invoices from your phone or desktop.
Streamline Billing
Take the stress out of bookkeeping. Create, send, and track all of your invoices online in one place.

Make it easy for your
customers to pay

Provide your customers with digital convenience using a simplified
payment experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I process payments on site?

Yes, you can take your clients credit card information in person and process the payment from the GoSite app.

When the funds are deposited into your account, they will be deposited with the fees already deducted from the total amount. You can set up credit card charges in your items list to charge this fee for clients using credit cards.

Yes, you can keep your account with Stripe. You would continue to use the logins that you made when you first applied for Payments with Stripe.

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