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You need to service customers. Let GoSite simplify your busy work.

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"GoSite is the best investment we have made for our business in 34 years!  No one could have oversold this software suite.  We have searched for this type of suite for years and GoSite checked all of the boxes we needed and went beyond our expectations. We see the sky as the limit for the growth of this company.  Without hesitation, I most highly recommend GoSite."

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More Jobs. LESS Office.

Do More with So Much Less!

Are you tired of using one app for this and another app for that? Bring it all into GoSite. 

 One-stop shop for being found online
 Create estimates, invoices, & payment requests from your smartphone
 Process digital payments quickly & securely without expensive POS equipment
 Sync GoSite with your QuickBooks
 Manage all your business contacts in one place
GoSite is more than a web design company. We help local service businesses eliminate hours of busy work with easy-to-use small business apps.
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"GoSite has been an awesome company to work with! The tools available to small business owners are incredible. The staff was a pleasure to work with, they took the time to explain all the features and answered my questions thoroughly. Highly recommend!"

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Get Office Work Done On the Go

Do More in Just a Few Swipes & Clicks

GoSite's mobile app lets you do everything your business needs to thrive.

 Communicate with customers
 Organize contacts
 Send invoices
Collect payments
 And so much more!
There's no reason to be paying hundreds of dollars a month to multiple small business platforms. GoSite does it all in one simple app.
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"GoSite is definitely a tool to use for all small businesses in the world looking to up their marketing game and customer management game."

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Small Business Apps

For Local Service Pros Like You

Doing business in the 21st Century doesn't have to be painful.

 Enjoy simple technology that both you & your customers will love
 Boost your cash flow
 Save yourself hours of time
GoSite is a US-based company dedicated to serving the needs of local business owners just like you.
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Frequently Asked Questions About GoSite Small Business Apps for Service Businesses

What kind of digital payments can I take with GoSite?

GoSite partners with Stripe so that you can safely and affordably process debit card, credit card, and bank transfer payments.

GoSite also partners with Wisetack so that you can offer financing to customers for jobs over $500. You get in full paid up front, and your customer can make monthly payments.

You also have the option to take customer payments over the phone or in person. For ongoing services, you also have the option to set up recurring payments.

How long does it take to set up my GoSite account?

Depending on all the tools you want to use, this could take anywhere from 2 minutes to a half hour. There's a lot you can do in GoSite. 

For setup, we recommend:

  • Syncing your Google Business Profile
  • Syncing your Facebook Business Page
  • Syncing your QuickBooks account
  • Activating Stripe for payments
  • Verifying your phone number for SMS

You can also upload a full list of business contacts, as well as sync all your customer information from QuickBooks.

Getting all of these tasks completed is remarkably simple in GoSite. And once you're set up, you'll be able to do most critical business management tasks right from the palm of your hand.

How do GoSite estimates work?

In seconds, you can whip up a job estimate through the GoSite app and send it to your customer for approval.

The customer can approve with their signature or request changes. Once approved, your estimate converts to an invoice, along with a quick payment link.

Can I send my customer a receipt?

By simply signing in with their phone number, your customers will be able to see every payment they make to your business. We'll guide you on how to show this feature to your customers once you're signed up with GoSite.

Can I text customers within GoSite?

To use SMS inside GoSite, you'll need to complete a verification process. Once this is complete, you will be able to send and receive texts from customers within your GoSite app.

This allows you to answer questions, as well as share your booking link, payment link, or send a review request right inside GoSite Messenger.

Can I bundle all of my business technology tools with GoSite?

GoSite is one app with tons of possibilities. Here is a full list of functions that you can do inside GoSite. And we love it when customers are able to ditch their many platforms and bring it all into GoSite:

  • Professional website
  • Online directory listings management
  • Google Business Profile management
  • Online booking
  • Review requests & management
  • Messenger dashboard that brings all your Google messages, Facebook messages, text messages, and Thumbtack messages into one inbox
  • Estimates
  • Invoices
  • Payments
  • CRM (contact management)
  • Thumbtack integration
  • QuickBooks integration

As a new customer, we will give you the resources you need to get the hang of all the tools you need. They are all easy to use and can reduce your office work by hours while also giving you what you need to book more jobs.

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