GoSite’s Small Business Websites

Establish Your Digital Presence

You don't have the budget to hire a web agency, and you don't have time to figure out WordPress, Squarespace, Wix, or Weebly. But GoSite’s website service will help you create a great-looking website in days.

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GoSite helps owner-operators…

Get found

Set up professional-looking one-page sites

Enjoy a variety of website widgets, including scrolling 5-star reviews, Instagram posts, and more

Connect GoSite Booking, Reviews, Payments, web chat, Contact Hub, Thumbtack, and Placement

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GoSite is the ultimate simple web design for local businesses that will help you make a great impression online.

If customer’s can’t find you online (i.e., “Google-stalk” your business) they'll be far less likely to do business with you. That said, being active online shouldn’t cost you thousands of dollars. All you need is a simple site that answers customer questions and makes it easy to get in touch with you.

GoSite creates great-looking small business websites that both tech-savvy and non-tech-savvy owner-operators can use to maintain a solid online presence.

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More Than a Website Service

GoSite sites accompany a suite of online business management tools designed with home and professional services in mind. 

Sites works with your Reviews, Placement, Booking, and Payments to attract more customers, convert them, and then retain them for life. But the first step is that you are easy to find online, and that is where GoSite’s small business website comes in.

  • 80% of customers research a business online before contacting that business.

  • 91% of people perform a Google search to find information about local businesses.

  • 88% of people will call or visit a business they found online within 24 hours of looking at that business’s website and online directory listing.

  • ¾ of buyers look at a business’s online presence before calling or visiting that establishment.

Sources: Fit Small Business, HubSpot, Google, SEO Expert, Visual Objects

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With a GoSite Small Business Website, You Enjoy…

01 Great-looking Website

Modern Themes to Match Your Brand

Select one of our modern themes to be the face of your complete website platform. Switch your theme at any time - it's that easy.

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Modern Themes to Match Your Brand

02 Mobile-friendly Website

Mobile-friendly Website for Customers & Prospects

Since most people today use their smartphones to shop and research brands, your GoSite website is 100% mobile-friendly.

And of course, it'll look great for desktop, too.

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Mobile-friendly Website for Customers and Prospects

03 Easy Business-building Tech

Fun, Easy-to-use Widgets

GoSite lets you add unique functionality to your site so that it’s convenient for your customers to get in touch with you.

These widgets include web chat, adding your top reviews, online booking, payments, embedding your latest social media posts, and more.

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Fun, Easy to use widgets

04 The Ultimate Business Management App

Integrate With All GoSite Tools

With GoSite, your Payments, Bookings, Messenger, Reviews, and small business CRM are all connected to your website. 

GoSite offers the best simple websites for small businesses and can help you deliver the digital experience your customers need.

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How Small Business Owners Excel in the Digital Age

Owner-operator + the Right Technology

  • 84% of small business owners who adopt the right technology see an increase in sales.

  • 88% of owner-operators said they felt more joy in their work after adopting the right technology.

  • Technology helped 87% of small businesses to overcome extreme economic conditions.
    Source: U.S. Chamber of Commerce

GoSite is a leading website maker for small businesses equipped with user-friendly technology that is convenient for customers to find you online, book your services, and pay you faster.

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GoSite is a trusted leader among the best small business management apps today.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Do I have to get a domain through GoSite, or can I use my existing domain name?
If you don’t already have a domain name, then GoSite will help you purchase one. If you do own a domain name that you’d like to use, then we'll help you link it to us, so that you can use it for your new site.

Can I make my GoSite website look like my old website?
Web builders are great because they are easy to use. However, web builders come with limited functionality. 

While it may be possible to replicate your current website, we cannot guarantee it will look exactly the same with GoSite. However, our talented design team will work with you to build the very best site, leveraging assets from your previous site, and our original designs. Best of all, you can make updates when you want after the site is built.

Does GoSite build my website for me, or can I build it myself?
GoSite Sites comes built for you ready to go. This feature is an add-on to our primary business-building digital services. Visit our pricing page for more information.

Will my website drop in Google rankings if I move to GoSite Sites?
Not necessarily. GoSite can be linked to your current domain name so that you maintain your page ranking. However, if you choose to change your domain name when setting up a GoSite website, then your ranking will be affected. Also, adding or subtracting content on your web pages could also impact your future rankings.

Either way, we will help you optimize your ranking on the new site. The best way to improve your rankings is to use your website as a storefront, update your Google My Business, and use all available tools in your Placement dashboard.

Have more questions?
Check out GoSite’s Knowledge Base for more information on how the Booking tool works.