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Get Faster Payments and Accurate Bookkeeping with

GoSite’s QuickBooks Integration

Professional Text-friendly Payments, Invoices, and More!

GoSite users enjoy instant QuickBooks sync features for greater productivity, faster deposits, and real-time updated customer records.

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Why QuickBooks Integration for GoSite?

Let’s face it. When it comes to bookkeeping software, QuickBooks is the best. Business owners who use QuickBooks consistently perform better than their competitors.

GoSite’s Payments and Invoice tools will pass and receive information from your QuickBooks Online account to offer you...

  • Direct customer payment deposits into your checking account
  • Better mobile invoicing
  • Secure bank transfer customer payments with Stripe and QuickBooks
  • More customer data (QuickBooks customer data updates instantly in Contact Hub)
  • Flexible mobile payments for more contactless options
  • Automated payment reminders through Payments and Messenger
  • Automated review requests that prompt customers to leave a review after completing their payment

GoSite is a trusted leader among the best payment options for small businesses today.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Which GoSite tools will update with QuickBooks sync?
When connecting your QuickBooks online account for the first time, you have the option to sync your contacts, transactions, and invoices. For best results, you’ll need to select all three.

Once you connect your QuickBooks account, your customer records will automatically update in Contact Hub, and any outstanding customer invoices will update in Payments. Once your customer pays their bill, GoSite will update your QuickBooks records.

How easy is it to connect my QuickBooks account to GoSite?
Connecting your QuickBooks account is as easy as clicking a button and signing in to your QuickBooks online account.
Note: GoSite’s Quickbooks integration only works for QuickBooks online.

Who is Stripe and why should I use Stripe and QuickBooks in GoSite?
Stripe is a global payment processing company that works with business software. They are a leading bank transfer provider for small, medium, and enterprise businesses.

Stripe lets you get paid via GoSite using credit card and bank transfers, while all your transactional data seamlessly syncs to QuickBooks and voila! Your accounting is done. GoSite customers who use both integrations experience fewer late payments, cleaner books, and stronger cash flow.

Is it safe to use PayPal or Venmo with QuickBooks and GoSite?
PayPay and Venmo are known as peer-to-peer (P2P) payment apps and have their place. But when it comes to professional small business invoices and transactions, there are significant risks for you and your customers.

Among the dangers of using P2P apps for your business are:

  • Poor privacy for you and your customers
  • Little to no protection against fraud, scams, or customer errors (accidentally paying the wrong person)
  • Subpar solutions for managing payment disputes
  • Long holds on customer payments
  • No FDIC-insurance on transactions

For more information on why PayPal and Venmo are not ideal for small businesses, check out our in-depth P2P article here.

Have more questions?
Check out GoSite’s Knowledge Base for more information on how the QuickBooks integration works.