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Online Business Listing Management

Get Found & Attract New Customers 

Getting found online is key to growth, no matter how long you've been in business. With GoSite, you can manage your online listings and boost your online ranking.

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GoSite partners with Uberall to help your business…


Get discovered across Google My Business, Facebook, Bing, and all the major local SEO directories

Easily set up and manage your NAP (name, address and phone number) everywhere online in one central dashboard

Optimize your online business directory listings

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Rank Higher in Local Searches

Before customers do anything else, they will perform an online search. That means that it’s critical for your business to have a reliable, professional web presence on major search engines.

With GoSite and Uberall, you can increase your web presence on major online business directories.

Also, you’ll be able to monitor all your online listings and update your business information with just a few clicks.

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GoSite + Uberall Offers Enhanced Visibility Online

Over 90% of customers will choose businesses listed at the top of local search results.
Source: Fit Small Business, Hubspot

GoSite connects to your Google My Business account and Facebook business profile.

From there, you enjoy premium Google local business listing optimization. With Uberall for GoSite, you can extend your listing management across every major online directory.

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GoSite Placement

Google Business (GMB)

Facebook Business


Advanced Placement (GoSite + Uberall)

Apple Maps







Next Door


Petal Search


EZ Local

Super Pages









Google Assistant



And more!



With GoSite Placement, you can work smarter, not harder.

  • 150% boost in sales

  • 30-50% more scheduled service appointments

  • 400% more positive reviews

  • 1000% more love for what you do

And best of all, you can use GoSite Advanced Placement instantly without having to spend weeks figuring out how it works. Your online presence will be stronger than it’s ever been. Now, you can focus on managing new inbound leads and maintaining a clean, consistent brand online.

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GoSite is helping thousands of owner-operators rank higher in search results and optimize their online business listings.

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Google is the World’s Most Popular Search Engine

Today, there is no website in the world that receives as much traffic as Google. In fact, less than 10% of searches occur elsewhere.

Building and managing your Google local business listing is perhaps the most important part of your marketing strategy. Your business profile on Google is most often your first impression with every new customer.

  • 86% of customers use Google Maps to locate a nearby business.

  • 91% of people consult Google to find information about local businesses.

  • 88% of people will call or visit a business they found on Google within 24 hours of their search.

  • Customers who use Uberall for GoSite enjoy a 140% increase in non-branded views and clicks.

Sources: Fit Small Business, HubSpot, Google, SEO Expert, Uberall

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With GoSite Placement, You Can…

01 Connect Your Google My Business Account

Connect Google Business

GoSite is already integrated with GMB so that you can connect your account instantly.

You can also set up and manage multiple locations in one central dashboard.

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Connect Your Google My Business Account

02 Update Name, Address & Phone Number Instantly

Update Your Information on All Major Online Listing Sites

Making quick updates to your NAP (name, address, and phone) and business hours only require a few clicks.

GoSite is a single hub to control all of your digital profile content, business info, categories, and the services your business provides.

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Update Your Information on All Major Online Listing Sites

03 Local Search Automation & Optimization

Local Search Automation

You can make updates across all your online directories in seconds.

GoSite + Uberall automatically optimizes your online presence for unmatched visibility in your area.

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Local Search Automation

04 The Ultimate Business Management App

Integrate With All GoSite Tools

A key piece to growing your online presence is maintaining accurate information online, gathering more reviews, and responding to your reviews promptly and professionally. GoSite's suite of tools lets you do all of these things quickly and easily.

With GoSite, you can connect Placement with your Reviews, Payments, Messenger, and small business CRM. 

The GoSite app is the online business listing tool you need to scale your small business the right way.

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How Owner-operators Thrive in the Digital Age

Nearly 90% of U.S. owner-operators…

  • Raised their bottom lines

  • Felt greater joy & satisfaction in their work

  • Endured COVID-19 and recessions

Source: U.S. Chamber of Commerce

GoSite is a leading Google local business listing optimization and management tool for small business owners.

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See How GoSite’s Simple Technology Can Help Your Small Business Thrive

GoSite & Uberall are trusted leaders for Google Business (GMB), Facebook Business, and online directory listing management.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Can I set up listings for multiple areas and locations?
Yes! With GoSite Placement, you can do this easily by connecting your GMB and Facebook business accounts. With Advanced Placement, you can do this across all local SEO directories. 

Do I automatically get Advanced Placement with my subscription?
With every subscription, you get Placement services which allow you to connect and manage your GMB (Google Business) and Facebook business accounts.  Advanced Placements comes includes with our Business Pro Plus and Business Complete plans and lets you manage your profiles across all major local SEO directories.

How many of my services can I list online and rank for?
You can be listed for as many services as you’d like, though you can only be listed for one primary category corresponding to the main product or service that you provide.

How long does it take for my business to start ranking on Google?
How quickly you start ranking depends on a number of factors, such as the accuracy of your business information, the number of competitors nearby, and how many reviews you have.

For example, if you get positive reviews and update your website regularly, you should start seeing improved rankings in one to two months. However, if you don’t prioritize these activities on Google, or are inconsistent with them, then it will take much longer to achieve higher rankings.

Have more questions?
Check out GoSite’s Knowledge Base for more information on how the Reviews tool works.