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Comprehensive Invoicing Software for Small Business

Organize Your Sales & Get Paid Faster with GoSite’s Invoice App for Small Business
Building complete, professional-looking invoices takes too long and often gets buried in a customer’s email inbox. Let GoSite create mobile-friendly invoices in seconds and to help you collect payments faster.

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GoSite helps owner-operators like you…

custom invoices fast

Send invoices via text, instant messenger, or email

Sync your QuickBooks invoices & contacts

Set up invoice reminders & track payment statuses in real time


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GoSite is the leading invoicing software for small businesses.

When itemizing services rendered, expense tracking and building invoices the manual way can take more time than you have. Additionally, accounting software is great for recording and labeling financial transactions but is not optimized for creating invoices that motivate customers to pay right away.

Within the GoSite app, you set up your services and pricing one time then build and send your invoices in seconds. Together with Payments and Messenger, GoSite gives customers multiple payment options and a portal to access their payment receipts, while letting you generate invoices from your mobile device to send to their mobile device. 

GoSite’s mobile invoice generator and payment links are the perfect tools you need to improve your cash flow and organize your accounts. We support and streamline your invoice management, saving you hours of manual work.

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Customers Prefer Mobile Invoices Over Email or Paper Invoices

More than ever before, customers expect businesses to offer them paperless, mobile billing experiences.
Source: US Bank

Customers are 8x more responsive to texts and instant messages than they are to email. 
Source: Retail Dive & Cellit

People today want convenience.

It’s time to meet customers where they are and offer them a streamlined payment experience.

When you choose GoSite invoicing software for small business, you give your customers what they long for, save yourself time, and increase your number of instant customer payments.

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With GoSite Invoices, you can work smarter, not harder.

  • Number of customer late payments cut in half

  • 150% boost in sales

  • 30-50% more scheduled service appointments

  • 1000% more love for what you do

And best of all, you can use GoSite Payments and Invoicing instantly without having to spend weeks figuring out how it works. You digital invoice process will be up and running in minutes. Now, you can focus on what you do best without having to chase late payments or keep track of paper invoices.

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It shouldn’t take a technology guru to upgrade your business with modern solutions.

GoSite is fast, mobile-friendly, and an exceptionally easy invoice creation software for both you and your customers.


Premium Online Invoicing for Small Businesses

Using the powerful features of GoSite’s invoicing software for small businesses, you can easily generate and send instant, detailed, and professional invoices from your phone or desktop. Customers can open your invoices and send payments directly from their smartphones.

An improved invoice process means better billing and a stronger cash flow for your business. Create, send, and track all of your invoices online in one place, while also offering secure payment links for faster payments.

  • Mobile-friendly invoices increase your chances of getting paid immediately by 300%.
  • 60% of small businesses struggle with cash flow and accounts for 80% of business closures.
  • 58% of buyers regularly use their mobile phones to pay bills.

Sources: SBA, Entrepreneur, QuickBooks, Businesswire

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With GoSite Invoicing, You Can…

01 Custom, Mobile-friendly Invoices

Create & Send Custom Invoices in Seconds

A poor digital experience can cost you sales. With GoSite Invoices and Payments, you’ll offer customers a secure, user-friendly interface to get you paid fast.

With just a few swipes and clicks, your invoices are ready to send, and customers can receive invoices and pay instantly from any device.

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Create and Send Custom Invoices in Seconds

02 Reduce Late Payments

Reduce Late Payments With Automatic Invoice Reminders

Late payments are more often than not the result of customers simply forgetting. GoSite’s digital invoice generator comes equipped with automated reminders that are easy to set up and customize.

Following up on unpaid invoices is a pain, but you can make the task painless with GoSite’s invoice reminders.

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03 No More Holding Accounts

Payments Go Direct to Your Checking Account

Cash apps and accounting software place your sales into a holding account. Getting that cash into your checking account takes extra steps.

By contrast, GoSite payments and invoicing put customer payments straight into your bank account.

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Payments Go Direct to Your Checking Account

04 Customers Access Their Own Receipts

Client Portal

GoSite gives your customers access to their own portal—they can view payments and receipts for their own records.

When you send an invoice or payment link, it's as simple as a customer entering their phone number. From there, they can see every payment request and access receipts for completed payments.

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Client Portal - Invoice

05 All in One Place

Integrate With All GoSite Tools

GoSite Invoicing is a feature included with Payments. All your invoices and payment links sync with your Bookings, Messenger, Reviews, and small business CRM. 

The GoSite app is the best small business invoicing software you need to save yourself time and improve cash flow.

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How Small Business Owners Thrive in the Digital Age

Owner-operator + the Right Technology

  • 84% of owner-operators who use the right technology see a major boost in sales.
  • 9 out of 10 small business owners find more satisfaction in their craft after embracing the right technology.
  • 87% of owner-operators survive and thrive despite pandemics and economic recession after adopting the right technology.

Source: U.S. Chamber of Commerce

GoSite is the best app for small business invoicing and integrates seamlessly with QuickBooks Online and Stripe.

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A Custom Invoicing Software That Integrates with QuickBooks & Stripe

GoSite invoicing software for small business provides you with the conveniences of a consumer cash app plus the professionalism of a small business invoice software. Mobile-friendly invoices let you create invoices from any device and send to customers via text and instant messaging. 

More importantly, your customers can pay you securely, quickly, and directly with a credit card, debit card, or bank transfer. Our secure payment solution allows users to make payments with all major credit cards, making sure you get paid faster. 

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GoSite & Stripe

Stripe is a payments processor that allows businesses of all sizes to accept a wide selection of payment types. It's affordable and secure, giving customers flexibility while streamlining your business's sales processes.


GoSite & QuickBooks

GoSite syncs with QuickBooks to help you track contacts and automatically sync every customer transaction. It's the leading accounting software platform for small businesses, and together with GoSite, it can jumpstart your cash flow with fast and easy customer payments.

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See How GoSite’s Simple Technology Can Help Your Small Business Thrive

GoSite is a leading, tried-and-true invoicing system for small businesses.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Can I set up recurring invoices for my repeat customers?
Yes! You can create recurring invoices for specific clients. Simply set start dates, frequency, and end date.

Do I have to send an invoice to collect payment?
No, you don’t have to send an invoice every time if you don’t want to. GoSite lets you send quick payment links if that is your preferred method of collecting payment. That said, well-crafted invoices protect you in the event of a dispute or chargeback.

Can I take payments in person?
100%. GoSite allows you to accept payments in person with the app or on the phone. You'll need only the customer's payment information. Our variety of payment processing options makes GoSite one of the best online invoice software solutions available today.

Can I send customers their receipts after they pay?
Absolutely. Once a customer completes a payment, you can use GoSite’s intuitive dashboard to send customers their receipt via text, email, or instant message. Customers can also log in to their GoSite Client Portal using their phone number on file and access all receipts and payment history.

Have more questions?
Check out GoSite’s Knowledge Base for more information on how the Booking tool works.