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GoSite is an Intuitive Small Business CRM

Built With Owner-operators in Mind

Enterprise CRMs are too expensive and complicated for the average small business. But you still need a simple CRM tool that can help you keep track of all your customer information, and that's what makes GoSite perfect for owner-operators.

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GoSite helps owner-operators like you…

prospects and customers from QuickBooks, Thumbtack, & other third-party databases

View history on each prospect & customer

Ask contacts for and track bookings, reviews, messages, payments, & more

Note customer trends for better marketing decisions

Make it easy to provide a white-glove customer experience

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Customer Relationship Management for Small Businesses

Turn prospects into lifelong clients using Contact Hub by tracking every client interaction, from payments history to text messages, all in one place and in real time.

Do you know why many business owners don’t close more deals?

A lot of owner-operators are great at what they do, but they don’t always know how to attract leads and nurture them toward a sale. After adopting GoSite, Thumbtack, and other web presence tools, you’re likely adding prospects who are interested in your services and rates.

With GoSite’s Contact Hub, you can stay on top of every new lead, identify which customers are ready to buy, and convert them into customers for life.

In short, GoSite is a simple CRM software that is affordable, smart, and already integrated with the app tools you use, including reviews, bookings, messages, and payments.

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One Powerful Data Hub to Improve Customer Relationships

Personalizing your messages and services to your best customers is key to growth. Doing these tasks on paper and spreadsheets is next to impossible, but using simple CRM tools for small business makes personalization a breeze and can set your business apart from everyone else.

  • On average, entrepreneurs see $30 ROI for every $1 invested in CRM tools.
  • CRM software can boost small business sales by as much as 300%.
  • 50% of sales reps who use a CRM see a noticeable increase in productivity.
  • Due to its ability to boost sales and productivity, CRM technology is one of the fastest growing industries in history. 

Sources: Fit Small Business, Forester, Grand View Research

Most importantly, GoSite’s Contact Hub is mobile-friendly, allowing you to manage your customers and close deals on-the-go.

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With GoSite's Contact Hub, you can work smarter, not harder.

  • 150% boost in sales
  • 30-50% more booked business
  • 1000% more love for what you do

And best of all, GoSite’s easy-to-use CRM is ready ‘out of the box’ without having to spend weeks figuring out how it works. Your sales process will become much simpler, and you will be able to close more business in a shorter time frame.”

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Thousands of local business owners depend on the GoSite app to help them manage their small business.

With the GoSite Contact Hub, You Enjoy…

01 View All Customer Interactions

One Dashboard for All Customer Interactions

It’s no longer necessary to update multiple spreadsheets or manage stacks of paper work orders.

Save new contacts and easily access past and present booking information. Add new contacts with a single click and automate future interactions. Lastly, you can sync your contacts from QuickBooks, Outlook, or Google calendar to stay on track and personalize customer relationships.

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02 Organize Your Contacts

Create Groups for Efficient Communication

With simple tools that organize your contacts into buckets or categories, you can build quick automations to streamline messages, bookings, review requests, payments, and so much more.

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Create-Contact- Groups

03 Perform Multiple Actions in Seconds

One-click Messaging & Invoicing

Send messages, reschedule appointments, generate instant invoices, and provide promotional offers with just a click. 

Appointment and payment statuses stay updated in real-time to help you improve cash flow and retain your best customers.

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One-click Messaging and Invoicing

04 All in One Place

Integrate With All GoSite Tools

With GoSite, you can connect Contact Hub with your Reviews, Invoices, Payments, and Messenger. 

The GoSite app is the CRM tool for small businesses that can help you save time, lower costs, and increase sales.

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How Small Businesses Can Thrive in the Digital Age

Owner-operator + the Right Technology

  • 84% of small businesses that use technology see an increase in sales.

  • 88% of owner-operators were happier in their work after they adopted the right technology.

  • In the face of COVID-19 and recession, 87% of small businesses weathered the storm thanks to the right technology.

Source: U.S. Chamber of Commerce

GoSite is the best CRM for small business for today’s growing owner-operators.

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See How GoSite’s Simple Technology Can Help Your Small Business Thrive

GoSite is a trusted app for customer relationship management for small businesses.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Will Contact Hub track my customer communications?
100%. You can see appointments, subscriptions, web chat, review requests and other actions the customer has had through the GoSite platform. 

Can I upload and import my own contact lists to GoSite?
Yes. You can import existing contact lists from Outlook, QuickBooks, Gmail, or via CSV file. You can also manually add contacts. 

How is GoSite’s Contact Hub different from other CRM tools?
Contact Hub was built with small business owners in mind - specifically, home and professional services owner-operators. It is a user-friendly contact database that simplifies your business functions. Contact Hub allows you to create customer communications like text messages, emails, appointment reminders, and more. You can also make note of customers’ birthdays and other unique information to better personalize their experience with your business. You can also utilize these functions from your desktop or mobile device.

Most enterprise CRMs are overly-complicated for the average local small business owner. Tools like Salesforce, for example, work best with the help of developers and intricate sales cycles. 

GoSite is simple technology that is affordable and easy to use for techie and non-techie entrepreneurs alike.

Have more questions?
Check out GoSite’s Knowledge Base for more information on how the Booking tool works.