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Alex Cuevas

Chief Executive Officer

A Landscaper's Son

Alex has a long history of helping software companies cater to the real-life needs of local small business owners.

Born into a blue collar family, Alex watched his father battle the challenges of physical labor, job unpredictability, and business ownership.

Alex is an accomplished executive leader with a proven track record in driving revenue growth and delivering exceptional customer satisfaction. With extensive experience in sales, customer success, and strategic planning, Alex has held key executive positions over the last ten years in leading companies such as GoSite, Planet DDS, Legwork, Kaseya and Yodle.

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"Hi, my name is Alex Cuevas, CEO of GoSite."

My father's name is Arnoldo Cuevas, and he was a Bay Area landscaper.

He dug ditches, installed sprinkler systems, dug lakes, and built ponds for homes and businesses. Money was tough for us as a family because work was not always guaranteed. I remember being in school, and my parents were worried about bills because 'no había trabajo esta semana,' which in English means, 'there's no work this week.'

Despite these difficulties, my father always found a way put to food on the table and provide for his family. I wanted to help him, and he would say, 'You are a smart boy, make sure you study hard and take the opportunity I'm giving you.' Today, I get to help thousands of business owners just like him get more jobs, grow their business, and improve their quality of life.

Watching my father grind every day and working with him in high school didn't just help me understand the grit it takes to run a manual business, it gave me deep insights into what everyday owner-operators need to make life and business better. I count it a privilege to serve America's small business owners like my father.

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Brande Schweitzer

Vice President of Customer Experience

A Construction Contractor's Daughter

Brande is GoSite's "customer champion," having worked to provide effective technology solutions to small businesses for over 15 years. Her passion is to provide the best possible customer experience.

As the daughter of a contractor, she knows first-hand the challenges these business owners face.

Brande is dedicated to overseeing all of GoSite’s post-sale customer-facing offerings. Her focus is to ensure our valued customers receive outstanding onboarding, unwavering support, and enduring relationships to maximize the value GoSite's apps and features. 

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"Hello! I'm Brande Schweitzer, Vice President of Customer Experience at GoSite."

My father’s name was Jay Schweitzer, a contractor and my personal hero.

As a young man, my dad left school to master the construction trade and provide for his family. I grew up on job sites, swinging a hammer by his side before I even knew how to ride a bike. Nothing transports me back to childhood faster than the smell of fresh cut lumber, gypsum dust, or newly poured concrete.

In the 1980s, construction hit a downturn, making jobs scarce and increasing competition. When jobs were available, my dad usually worked 12-14 hour days, six or sometimes seven days a week. Despite the harsh labor and economic conditions, he loved his work. He loved to create something that would last, with the dedication and precision to get the job done right, on time, and on budget.

I'm immensely proud of my father's work and the lasting impact he made in the community. His legacy lives on through his projects, and I consider myself fortunate to be in a position where I can work alongside small business owners, just like my dad, every day. 

The unique challenges faced by our customers resonate deeply with me because the home service industry is in my DNA. Our customers fuel my passion for the work we do. It is my honor to help businesses cultivate their own lasting legacies, just as my father did.

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rex liu


Rex Liu

Head of Marketing

A Lawn Care Provider's Brother-in-Law

For more than a decade, Rex has improved marketing departments for software platforms built for the non-tech savvy. 

As the Head of Marketing of GoSite, Rex is in charge of all projects that attract and connect with America's blue collar entrepreneurs.

Prior to GoSite, Rex transformed marketing strategy for several software companies. These included: InEight, a project management platform for business owners and contractors; Mindbody/Booker, a wellness app connecting local fitness professionals; and Kiddom, a digital tool personalizing teaching materials for local school districts.

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"Hi! I'm Rex Liu, Head of Marketing at GoSite."

My brother-in-law's name is Cory, and he runs a lawn care and snow plowing company.

Cory does a lot of the work himself alongside a team of fewer than 10 employees. Together, they serve the greater Siouxland area which includes Iowa, South Dakota, and Nebraska.  He is one of the hardest and most dedicated individuals I’ve met in his trade.

But like most of the folks we help at GoSite, he doesn't have the time or the patience to adopt complicated technology. Software companies will call him frequently trying to sell him various tech solutions, and to him, it doesn’t feel like "the juice is worth the squeeze." Most software tools are cumbersome and trying to solve the wrong problems, instead of actually helping his business.

Like a lot of owner-operators, he worries what life will be like when he’s physically unable to do the work anymore - what will he do with himself and how will he provide for his family? People like Cory are learning that with the right, simple-to-use technology, they can do far more with less, even as they age or endure harsh economic conditions.

I'm committed to helping people like Cory. At GoSite, we want to solve for these challenges such as: am I charging enough for my services? Am I profitable? Where will my next customers come from and can they find me easily online? And so on.

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Sydnie Allen

Onboarding Specialist

An Electrician's Daughter & Carpenter's Granddaughter

Helping people adopt new technology requires many different hats. Thankfully, that's Sydnie's bread-and-butter.

For more than six years, she has helped thousands of non-tech users onboard and successfully use software designed for their business needs.

Sydnie comes from a long line of home services providers and knows what it's like for owner-operators with unique business challenges and limited tech skills. She is eager to ensure that customers experience the full benefits that GoSite has to offer and help them reach their goals.

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"Hi! I'm Sydnie Allen, Onboarding Specialist at GoSite."

My father's name is Gordon Allen Jr., and he is an Electrician. His father's name was Gordon Allen, a custom home builder. My other grandfather (who I call "Papa") is Harry Carrender, and he was a Carpenter. 

All of these men served in the military, my dad and Papa in the Marine Corp, and my dad’s father in the Army. After their discharges, they all took to business ownership in various skilled trades. Papa told me he was never good in school but loved to work with his hands. While I never had the chance to meet my dad’s father, he instilled a strong work ethic into my father, which has driven him to be a successful electrician. My dad told me that for him and his father, mastering both their crafts and the business side was a real challenge.

Growing up, I remember my father walking into the house in his steel toe boots, safety helmet, big CarharttTM t-shirts, and his lunch pail from working over 10 hour days. The hard labor he did helped provide for me and my sisters. He also gave us the opportunity to explore any career path that we wanted, whether that be another skilled trade or college. I am thankful for all that these men did to pave a path for me to be a first-generation college graduate.

Empowering our customers to get more jobs and shave hours off their office work is a deep privilege for me. Manual labor and small business ownership is a difficult, thankless job. And my work at GoSite is able to deliver real happiness to people like my dad, grandfather, and Papa and their families.

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