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local search tools for service businesses local search tools for service businesses local search tools for service businesses


"GoSite has been so AMAZING! Since we signed up we’ve popped up to the top of our localized map and gained so many new reviews with their software. This is the first company that has actually followed through with their promises and gotten us results. Great job GoSite."

Liz on Google


local search tools for service businesses


Our Services at a Glance

Simplifying Local Search for Your Small Business

We help you attract the right customers in your community.

 Get your business plastered across the web.
 Enjoy professional profiles on all major online directories.
 Additional enhancements available - map app listings, voice search listings, reviews, & more!
 Business info updated everywhere with one click!
We don't JUST build websites. GoSite makes sure that you're easy to find on the platforms that matter.
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"GoSite helped improved our business. We have done so much marketing before, spent so much money, and did not get any results. When we signed up with GoSite, it brought us new clients every day! Highly recommended for your business!"

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local search tools for service businesses


Get Noticed. Get Ahead.

Online Impact That Boosts Your Bottom Line.

Bring your Google Business Profile, your new GoSite website, and more to one place.

 Add & manage your verified Google Business Profile right inside GoSite.
 See your business listed across all major online directories.
 Track your online performance, including views, calls, & more!
Winning at local search means making your local service business visible online. And that's where we excel.
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"Ok party people (aka you reading this review right now), the team at GoSite has been there from day 1 for me.  I get real people that contact me.  I get real folks that care about me.  I get real results that help me grow my business.  I know there are a dime a dozen companies like them.  But the experience I have with GoSite has been great.  I highly recommend them if you want to take your business game to the next level."

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local search tools for service businesses


Expand Your Community Footprint Online

Your Success is Our Goal!

At GoSite, we succeed when you succeed. Let us put your business in all the places that customers look for what you do.

 Website + professional business profiles online
 NAP (name, address, phone number) management made simple
Take your online presence from 0 to 100 today
Based in the US, GoSite is dedicated to helping local service businesses like you successfully navigate local search.
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Frequently Asked Questions About GoSite Local Search Tools for Service Businesses

What are online directory listings?

Online directory listings are like the modern version of phonebook listings but on the Internet. Just like how a phonebook lists businesses by name and service, online directories list your business so people can find you online.

They include details like your business name, address, phone number, and sometimes extra information like what services you offer or your business hours.

What are NAP citations?

NAP stands for "name, address, and phone number." Before Google lists you in local search results, it will look across the web everywhere your business is listed. When all your NAP citations (places where you business information is listed) is accurate and identical, Google is far more likely to rank you in search results.

GoSite lets you update your NAP (and more) in one place, and we make sure that all your citations get updated. Once you update your information in GoSite, most of your listings should be fully updated online within a few days. Some online directories could take longer, depending on their verification process.

How many listings will you create for my business?

This depends on your business and whether you want your address made public for all to see. For most customers, we put you on 30+ online directories, and we focus on placing you on platforms that get the most traffic for the services you provide.

Can you help me set up and verify my Google Business Profile?

Google is very stringent about working directly with the business owner to guarantee your business is real and safe for customers to work with. As such, we are not allowed to set up and verify your Google Business profile.

However, we are able to provide resources to help you navigate things like setup, video verification, suspended accounts, contacting support, and more.

Am I required to have a verified Google Business Profile in order to work with GoSite?

While we don't require our customers to have a verified Google Business Profile, we strongly recommend it so you do not miss out on customers looking for your services

We understand that Google doesn't always make this easy, but without it, you will miss out on customers looking for your services. Also, GoSite's local search tools work best when synced with a verified Google Business Profile.

Do I have to pay extra for both a GoSite website and online listings?

They are bundled together for all our online presence customers.

One without the other leaves you with an incomplete online presence that won't attract new customers on Google. So we include them together in one affordable price.

Have more questions?

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