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Why I'm a Weber

Take a walk through different GoSite departments with one of our most versatile employees, Nicholas Weber. In this article, he explains how he transitioned from sales to customer experience, and what he's learned along the way.

Nicholas Weber
4 min read

To paraphrase what our founder and CEO, Alex Goode, so eloquently said in a company-wide meeting nearly two years ago, “we want to give our clients the ‘warm fuzzies’ whenever they interact with us.

From their initial cold-call with an SDR through their onboarding experience and every time after that.” Pairing this with an incredibly strong digital platform for our small businesses is the magical recipe that has gotten us to the point we are.

I’ve personally had the opportunity to supply these “warm fuzzies” to our clients across multiple teams and departments.

My name is Nick Weber and I’m a member of the Sites Team here at GoSite. My team acts as a liaison between our client’s Customer Success Manager and Implementation Specialists to help assist with website-specific tasks. These include completing site edits, teaching our clients how to use our website builder, and pushing sites live. I couldn’t be happier to be a member of such a friendly, hard-working, and adaptable team.

Beginning at GoSite 

I was originally hired at GoSite as a Sales Development Representative. In this position, I got to experience the highly intense, fast-paced sales environment of a young and vibrant software company. This was the perfect way for me to get my foot in the door of the ‘rocket ship’ that was forming in East Mission Valley.

Although I shared many good times on the sales side, I always felt compelled to learn about the customer experience side of things. As we continued to improve our product, I thought that my impact on GoSite could be greater felt by servicing our client-base rather than generating new business. Luckily, management agreed.

Joining the Web Team

website editing icon with gosite logo and #lifeatgosite

After transitioning, I spent around a month on the customer support team—taking inbound calls and attempting to provide on-the-spot solutions for clients. While there, I organically started helping with Web Team-related tasks.

Taking site design calls gave me the opportunity to map out recently onboarded client’s websites with them. I loved playing such an important role in the client’s journey. One that they took great pride in. Eventually, the Web Team fully adopted me, and so began my journey as a Sites Specialist.

My GoSite Experience

Something special about working at GoSite is that, as employees, we have a unique lens into the small businesses that make up the bedrock of our country. It’s an element that, as a collective, we take seriously and is profoundly fulfilling.

I’ve found the ability to have both a micro and macro perspective to be vital to my success in my various positions. Being able to focus on the unique needs of a customer I’m servicing—while never losing sight of GoSite’s broader goal—is what defines a positive customer experience.

In other words, never forgetting our “why” is key to our sustained success.

One might assume that I’m on the Web team because my last name happens to be Weber or that my last name led me to this position and it was my destiny. Despite this great coincidence, that’s not exactly the case, for my “why” is much deeper than that.

Small businesses have been some of the hardest hit by COVID-19. They’ve been faced with new and heightened challenges that no one could have foreseen. Because of this, helping small businesses has never been more important. The role that our software suite has played in empowering these businesses to continue to operate amidst the pandemic has made it more meaningful than ever to be on team GoSite.

Why I Web

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I think of my current position, not only as an opportunity to help manage client’s websites but as a vehicle to spread compassion and positivity to the clients I service during such an unpredictable time. While updating domain name records and approving new site builds are essential to my role, I feel that the real value I bring to GoSite is the way I’m able to connect with our clients and leave them with those “warm fuzzies.”.

That’s the true reason why I’m a Weber.

Special Recognition

I can’t end this article without shouting out a few people and teams that have been fundamental to my success at GoSite. First, Victoria Ashton, for bringing me onboard the rocket ship that is GoSite. Second, Riley Harbour, for being an incredible leader on the sales side and convincing me to stay on when I tried to put in my two-week notice prior to school starting. Third, all of the SDRs that have relentlessly dialed in order to engage with small businesses.

You all are the foundation of everything that GoSite is able to accomplish. Lastly, the entire Sites team, previously called Web Team, for welcoming me with open arms and embracing my skill set.

Three years ago, when Victoria came to my fraternity’s chapter meeting and I grabbed her business card, I never would’ve thought that post-grad I would be accepting a full-time offer at GoSite. But three years later, and here I am. I couldn’t be more grateful for the time I’ve spent here and am even more excited for what the future holds.

Join the Sites Team

To someone looking to join the Sites Team, know you’d be welcome with open arms. Simply show up with an open mind, solid work ethic, and willingness to fail a few times before you succeed.

View our open sites team positions below!

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Nicholas Weber
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