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New Hire Spotlight: Justin Liles

Now's your chance to get to know a little more about our new senior director of strategic operations. Keep reading for more insight.

Bailey Keppel
Bailey Keppel
2 min read

Drumroll please… for a big hello to Justin Liles, our senior director of strategic operations. Originally from South Jersey, he joined our California team on May 3 and has already had a great impact on the company’s day-to-day.

He was eager to board our rocket ship “because of the value GoSite gives to its customers, their mission, and their employee culture.” No doubt, he’s learned a lot about GoSite this past month. Let’s see what GoSite can learn about him:

Professional Questions:

Interview question 1: favorite part about strategic ops

What’s your favorite part about strategic ops at GoSite?

My Favorite part is helping GoSite build operational excellence which in turn will help millions of businesses manage their services to their customers.

What was the hiring / onboarding process like for you?

The hiring process was a blast. Onboarding was very warm and welcoming, and I actually got to meet so many talented people that I’ll be working closely with.

Fun Facts

interview question 2: music taste

What do you do in your free time?

Play video games, bike ride, and hang out with my wife.

Do you have any secret talents?

I can do 100 hundred sidekicks on one leg consecutively without putting my leg down.

Tell us about your pet(s)

I have three pets: Shackie, Artie, and Tony. Shackie is a male cat that randomly showed up at my wife’s art studio. He clung to her and we brought him home.

Artie is a male cat that we rescued because Shackie needed a friend. And Tony is a male dog. We don’t know the breed, just that we got him from my wife’s sister.

Are you currently reading a book? Which one?

“Conquer the chaos.” I’ve read it a couple of times. I’m reading it because of the insights that it has to help manage tasks at scale without stressing too much.

What’s your preferred music taste?

House music. My favorite artist is Black Coffee.

What’s your wackiest unpopular opinion?

That the chicken came before the egg…

Who’s your favorite person and why?

My wife and mother are equally my favorite. Duhhh :-)

Who (or what) inspires you most?

People that have intellectual curiosity inspire me the most.

Get to know Justin and the rest of our team when you apply for an open position at GoSite through the link below!

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Bailey Keppel
Bailey Keppel
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