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An Insight Into GoSite's Engineering Team

Whether you’re considering applying to join our incredible engineering team or just exploring the field, here are a few insights from GoSite’s engineers.

Janey Velasco
Janey Velasco
3 min read

Here at GoSite, we pride ourselves on being the #1 go-to resource for small businesses across the country. Whether it’s helping them simplify their booking process, create instant invoices from the palm of their hand, or improve communications with their clients, our platform provides a solution.

Needless to say, this wouldn’t be possible without a stellar engineering team. The engineering team here at GoSite works day in and day out to perfect the digital tools needed to grow and efficiently manage a small business. It takes passion, hard work, and both analytical and creative thinking to develop a user-friendly, highly customizable platform.

So whether you’re considering applying to join this incredible team, or about to pursue a career in software engineering, we collected some insights from three of our engineers to show you around.

Meet the Team

As with all of GoSite’s departments, the engineering team is made up of a friendly group of people with unique backgrounds. GoSite values unique ideas and varying levels of experience since they help create well-rounded solutions for our customers—so if you interview for GoSite, don’t be afraid to share your story!

Here are a few of our team members:

Abhiram Ganapavarapu

Abhiram is a mobile engineer who focuses on native Android application development. He joined the team with five years of experience in Android development and a Master’s in Microelectronic Engineering from the Rochester Institute of Technology.

In his spare time, Abhiram enjoys traveling, watching science fiction series, playing video games, and keeping up with any new tech.

Pace Hartmann

Pace is a software engineer for GoSite’s Platform. While he’s originally from Michigan, Pace moved to San Diego to study data science at the University of California, San Diego. He started his career at Gosite over two years ago as a Sales Development Representative and gradually transitioned to data science intern, growth engineer, and now, software engineer.

Fun fact about Pace, he’s lived in seven different states and outside of the country—he uses the experiences he’s gained to approach his work with a fresh perspective.

Yi Angelov

Yi is a full-stack engineer on the GoSite’s Payments team. She grew up in northeast China and later moved to the south to work. Six years ago, Yi came to the U.S. as a Chinese teacher but decided her passions were elsewhere, and pivoted her career to software development three years ago.

When she’s not creating innovative solutions for small business owners, Yi enjoys swimming, hiking, yoga, as well as traveling and exploring local foods.

The Insights

Below are the questions we asked Abhiram, Pace, and Yi to give you a peek into what it’s like to join GoSite’s team of talented engineers.

Describe the Engineering Team in One Sentence

Abhiram: The engineering team at Gosite is passionate and committed to deliver viable and scalable solutions to help small businesses grow faster.

Pace: A cohesive, intentional, and supportive group of professionals.

Yi: A very cool, positive, responsible, and collaborative team.

What’s One Thing That Surprised You About Working Here?

Pace: The advocacy to learn and pursue personal passions.

Yi: Everyone is super nice and friendly—easy to communicate and collaborate with.

What Sets This Engineering Team Apart From Teams You’ve Worked With in the Past?

Yi: Everyone takes ownership at work. Being self-motivated, responsible, and taking initiative really holds the team accountable.

What’s Your Favorite Part About Working at GoSite?

Abhiram: Being able to work on products that provide immediate value to customers.

Yi: Knowing that what the team and I are doing every day makes a difference.

What Makes an App or Platform Stand Out From the Competition?

Abhiram: When it provides value-added services with intuitive UI/UX.

Pace: Having infrastructure in place to fix and build new features efficiently.

Any Advice You’d Give To Someone Applying for an Engineering Position?

Pace: Try to be personable. You’re not just a programmer, the team is a tight-knit group of individuals who appreciate teamwork.

Yi: Know that it’s not just a job. It’s an adventure.

Finally, Give Us Your Best (Or Worst) Computer Science Joke

Pace: What do you call 8 hobbits? A hobbyte!

There you have it—an inside look into our engineering team. If you’re looking to apply, be sure to check out our careers page for more information on benefits, perks, and openings.

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Janey Velasco
Janey Velasco
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