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5 Things You Can Expect Your First Week at GoSite

The first week at a new job is always a nerve-wracking experience. Add virtual onboarding to the mix and it only heightens all these already raw emotions.

Natalie Lavery
2 min read

At GoSite, we go out of our way to make the onboarding process as smooth as we can. From consistent check-ins to laughter and coffee dates—you’ll leave your first week feeling knowledgeable, welcomed, and excited to embark on this new journey backed by a team of #GoGetters!

1. Training, Training, & More Training

It’s time to pull out your pen and notepad, there’s a lot to go over.

Your first week at GoSite, you’ll be introduced to a lot. Get excited to learn all about our tool suite, company dynamics, and everything in between. (Pretty soon the words Lattice, Notion, HubSpot, and Zenefits will not sound so foreign.)

During training, you’ll learn the basics of GoSite as well as the specifics of your position and its requirements. Just follow your comprehensive training schedule and you’ll be well on your way to becoming a GoSite expert.

The best part? Your fellow GoSiters are always there to help you out and answer any questions that may pop up.  

2. Coffee Dates #SmallTalk

Grab your beverage of choice, this is the fun part!

GoSite’s coffee dates are a seamless combination of networking and socializing. Depending on your department, coffee dates may be a regularity for you and your team.

Just prepare a few questions—both professional and personal—and start getting to know and love your colleagues.

3. A 360-Degree View: Company-Wide Meetings

Wednesday afternoons are the hosts of our all-hands meetings where we go over company updates, employee highlights, and other important news.

Even during your first week, you’ll get a fresh look into a value-driven company that truly cares—about its mission, its customers, and especially its people.

This dynamic is wildly apparent in the effervescent Zoom chat that stays lively throughout the entirety of the 30-minute call. The GoSite team loves to give shoutouts, praise, and input wherever we can.

Not only are these meetings informative and important, but they’re also fun, so don’t miss out!

4. Did Someone Say Startup?

blue and gray icon of a man and woman by a rocketship in the workplace

At GoSite, you’ll 100% experience the small-business feel. We may be growing a mile a minute, but the small company atmosphere has never been more present.

No doubt, you’ll feel noticed, appreciated, and acknowledged from your very first day onward. From the weekly team stand ups to the daily go-getter announcements, your individual work gets noticed and appreciated from directors, managers, and coworkers alike.

Things are fast moving and always changing. Take a seat, but don’t get too comfortable because—as we like to say—GoSite is a rocket ship. We know where we’re going and we love landing everywhere we can along the way.

5. Buckle Up

The fun has only just begun. During your first week with the team, you’ll quickly be immersed into the encouraging, hard-working, and inspiring culture that makes GoSite one of San Diego’s top places to work.

Get ready to join in on the one-of-a-kind culture that is cultivated by 200+ dedicated employees who are actively making a name for both themselves and GoSite.

The first week is only a teaser for all the amazing opportunities GoSite will surely launch your way. We hope you’re excited to join the rocketship.

Above all else, just stick to our beloved mottos: #JustGo and #BeAGoodPerson. Everything else will fall into place.

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Natalie Lavery
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