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GoSite is the #1 Locksmith App for Small Business Owners

Owner-operators can reduce costs, boost sales and improve their quality of life with GoSite’s simple locksmith business management technology.

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On GoSite, you can:

  • Let customers book appointment online and set up automatic reminders

  • Grow your positive reviews on Google and Facebook

  • Bring all your Facebook messages, Google messages, texts, and web chats into one mobile-friendly dashboard

  • Reduce late payments and boost cash flow with mobile invoices, contactless payments, and more

  • Enjoy better data with an intuitive small business CRM

Grow your locksmith business today with GoSite.

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Use The Right Technology to Manage Your Locksmiths Business

For local locksmiths, there is always a struggle between using too much technology and having too little. You don’t have time to make paperwork your full-time job, but you also don’t have time to figure out cumbersome tech tools.

Due to ongoing locksmith shortages around the United States, local business owners have to juggle more service requests - everything from customer keys locked in their car to building-wide security upgrades.

Source: Great Valley Lockshop, IBIS World, Locksmith Ledger International

GoSite’s business management app is perfect for…

  • Lock, Safe, and Vault Technicians

  • Certified Master Locksmiths (CMLs)

  • Certified Master Safecrackers (CMSs)

  • Registered Safe Technicians (RSTs)

  • Road Service Locksmiths

…to expand their small business, gather more positive reviews, get paid faster, and so much more.

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What are the most pressing needs of your business today?

01 Review Generation

More 5-star Reviews

Search Engine Journal reports that more than 80% of home services customers consult online reviews before calling a business. 

Many customers are happy to leave you a positive review online, but they rarely do it unless you remember to ask. Remembering to ask customers for reviews and making it easy for them to do so can be tough without the right digital tools.

GoSite has thought of everything for you. With GoSite, you can send a review request to customers after completing a roadside call, replacement or repair. In just one click, you can also automate the review request process so that customers meeting certain criteria immediately receive your request with a link to post their review on Google, Facebook, and more.

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Online Reputation Managementx

02 Scheduling Made Easy

Simple 24/7 Online Scheduling

Experts predict that more than 4,000 locksmiths will retire by 2026 with only 900 up-and-coming locksmiths to take their place.
Source: Career Explorer

It can be hard for you and your team to handle the pressure of such a dramatic labor shortage. But with the right tools, you can reduce the time it takes to schedule more jobs and complete them in a reasonable time frame.

GoSite lets customers reserve a slot in your schedule both during and after business hours, accommodating a locksmith working alone or a crew of many.

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Automated Schedulingx

03 Mobile-friendly Invoicing & Payments

Smart Invoicing and Payments

Making payments easy for customers helps small businesses get paid faster, especially for skilled trades professionals.

When people expect to be able to manage their expenses, security, and services from the palm of their hand, it's a great opportunity for locksmiths like yourself to offer contactless options to boost on-time payments.

GoSite syncs instantly with QuickBooks, making it easy to generate invoices and accept multiple types of customer payments, including:

  • Single credit or debit card payments
  • Mobile pay
  • One-time or recurring bank transfer payments
  • In-person or onsite payments

With GoSite payments and invoicing, you can collect partial payments the moment a customer books a service, automatically send a review request after the customer pays in full, and so much more. It’s a full-service locksmith app to help you grow your business.

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04 Message Customers Anytime, Anywhere

Message Customers Anytime, Anywhere

Customers frequently do business with the first business to respond to their request for assistance with getting locked out of a home, repairing damaged locks, accessing faulty vaults, or upgrading building security.

It's important to be there for your customers, but it can be hard to keep track of everyone's questions and concerns. Your ability to engage customers quickly is key to growing your business.

GoSite brings your text, web chat, and video services together in one place. You can read and respond to customers anytime, anywhere. GoSite is a leader among locksmith apps for iPhone and Android.

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Faster Response Timesx
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One Hub For All Your Customer Information

When you have to toggle among several digital tools, it's easy to forget important details or miss something about the customer in the middle of a critical job.

GoSite receives and stores information from every GoSite tool and integration you use, so you can keep track of customer information—and all the messages, reviews, and payments they send.

GoSite is a CRM that helps locksmiths maintain outstanding attention to detail, impeccable customer loyalty and more.

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Wide Selection of Business-building Add-ons

GoSite has all the tools a small business needs to succeed. We offer convenient add-ons and integrations, such as:

  • Sleek-looking, one-page websites

  • Online live chat and chatbot

  • Online directory listing management

  • QuickBooks integration

  • Thumbtack integration

  • Stripe integration

  • Google-My-Business Management

  • And more!

GoSite is the locksmith app that saves you hours of time while giving your customers the convenient digital experience they want.

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Smart Tools is the Top Reason Why Small Businesses Succeed

Almost 90% of U.S. owner-operators…

  • Improved their sales and cash flow

  • Felt greater love and satisfaction in their craft

  • Thrived through economic recessions and COVID-19

…because they adapted the right technology for their business.

Source: U.S. Chamber of Commerce

GoSite is a leader among locksmith apps for Android and iPhone. It’s perfect for small business growth and helps owner-operators meet unique needs such as reviews, fast payments, online scheduling, and more.

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GoSite is a Preferred Small Business Management
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