Most Powerful Invoicing
Tool for Chiropractors

Running a chiropractic business is no easy feat. With
so much on your plate, how can you stay on top of
improving revenue and cash flow? GoSite has all the
tools you need to automate and streamline the
billing process. 

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Track Payments Effortlessly

Send Invoice via text, email, or messenger, accept
upfront payments, and so much more.

Everything in One

Enjoy managing your invoices
in one central dashboard with
statuses updated in real-time.
Create and send invoices in
seconds, and provide the
option to auto-pay future

Automatic Payment

Get paid on time with
automatic payment reminders.
Receive real-time notifications
as soon as a client pays.

Secure Bank Transfers

Use bank transfers for one-time
payments or set up recurring
invoices with a bank transfer


Manage a Full Schedule
Like a Pro

Easily fit in as many patients as possible while ensuring
efficient time management for your chiropractic business.
Simplify the booking process for all your patients and
schedule appointments that are aligned with a variety of
treatment plans.

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Build Your Chiropractic Business with GoSite

Become the best practice in town by giving your patients a fun, convenient customer experience

Fast Payment with Automated Invoicing
Maximize an all-in-one platform that lets you access and track appointment data, payment information, and more. Get paid faster with less effort.
Stay Connected with Patients
Build strong, lasting relationships with patients by giving them the convenience of quick messaging across all popular platforms. All your messaging channels sync onto one GoSite, mobile-friendly screen.
Simple, Pain-free Online Booking
Let patients manage their own online bookings in just a few clicks. Plus, reduce no-shows by sending automated reminders.
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Simplified Communication
with Patients and Prospects

Make your patients feel that they are more than just a
numbers. Answer their questions anytime, anywhere via SMS,
Messenger, email, and more! Boost retention by offering the
convenience of real-time messaging.


Offer Flexible Payment

Let your patients enjoy all the benefits of a hassle-free
payment process. Let patients pay with debit card,
credit card, or bank transfer. Accept upfront payments,
copays, or recurring payments in person or from the
convenience of any mobile device.

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Send Invoices Instantly

Streamline your invoices and billing processes — all from one
place. List out single or multiple products and services on
one invoice and send it in just a few clicks. You can also enjoy
an efficient set of features to track all paid and unpaid
invoices. Set up friendly, automated reminders for fewer
outstanding invoices.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I process payment onsite?

Yes, you can take your client’s credit card information in person and process the payment from the GoSite app.

Yes. You can require the customer to pay full or partially before services begin.

Yes. You can create recurring invoices for specific clients. Set up start dates, frequency, and end date.

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