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"GoSite has been a huge resource for our team. Nationally, we've been able to track all reviews in one place for multiple brands and have one dashboard to bulk-update store hours, logos and more. I've worked with two reps over the past year and both have been great. Highly recommend!"

Ashley on Google


get online reviews google review link


Why Reviews Matter

 Local Search Boost

Reviews are a key factor in local search rankings. A steady stream of positive reviews signals to search engines that your business is relevant and reputable.

 Trust Through Transparency

Potential customers trust reviews as much as personal recommendations. Authentic customer feedback builds trust even before the first interaction, turning searches into leads.

 Social Proof at Work

Social proof is currency. Positive reviews not only enhance your online reputation but also encourage others to share their experiences. It's a virtuous cycle of visibility and credibility.

Grow Your Online Reviews


"GoSite has been a great resource for us. We're big fans of having all of our locations consolidated into one dashboard to easily monitor social media, reviews, and business page updates. Highly recommend!"

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get online reviews google review link


GoSite Reviews - Your Path to Local Dominance

Designed for Local Business Owners

With GoSite, amplifying your online presence and climbing the ranks in local search is not just possible—it's simple.

 Send out review requests with a simple click.
 Ask for reviews in bulk or one at a time.
 Automate requests (when synced with GoSite Payments).
 Track, manage, & respond to reviews inside the GoSite dashboard.
Ready to take control of your online reputation? We are here to turn your customers into advocates.
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"I am a glorified handyman. There isn't too many things that I can't build, fix, or maintain. Except the Internet. GoSite has filled that void. There is no way a small business like mine can grow and expand if you aren't on the internet. Business cards? Mailers, in 1995 maybe. Today's world is online, and GoSite got me there."

Scott on Google


get online reviews google review link


Real Results, Real Growth

The GoSite Advantage

Experience the transformation firsthand. Our clients, just like you, are seeing significant, measurable changes in how their businesses perform online.

 More Reviews Published Online
 Boost in Local Search Rankings
Strengthened Customer Trust
 Rapidly Growing Online Word-of-Mouth
The outcome is clear - sustained growth. Our users report higher engagement rates, more inquiries, and ultimately, a significant uptick in sales and service requests.
Grow Your Local Business Today

Frequently Asked Questions About How GoSite Helps You Get Online Reviews

Does GoSite generate a Google review link?

Not exactly. GoSite allows you to connect your Google Business Profile which syncs your Google review request link to your GoSite account.

When you send a review request in GoSite, our tool takes care of sending your Google review link to customers, making it as easy as possible for your customers to leave you that positive review.

Can I send review requests for other platforms?

Yes, you can! In your GoSite dashboard, you can add other business profiles where you want customers to leave you a review.

Can GoSite feature my online reviews on my website?

Yes, and this is one of our most popular widgets. We can showcase your customer reviews on your GoSite website or provide you a code for websites built by others, primarily pulling reviews from platforms like Google and Facebook.

Unfortunately, we're currently unable to integrate reviews from certain sites such as BBB or Yelp due to limitations to their TOS.

Can you help me set up and verify my Google Business Profile?

Google is very stringent about working directly with the business owner to guarantee your business is real and safe for customers to work with. As such, we are not allowed to set up and verify your Google Business profile.

However, we are able to provide resources to help you navigate things like setup, video verification, suspended accounts, contacting support, and more.

Am I required to have a verified Google Business Profile in order to work with GoSite?

While we don't require our customers to have a verified Google Business Profile, we strongly recommend it.

We understand that Google doesn't always make this easy, but without it, you will miss out on customers looking for your services. Also, GoSite's local search tools work best when synced with a verified Google Business Profile.

Does GoSite's reviews tool come with a GoSite website subscription?

Our reviews and payments tool is a separate add-on from our online presence package. You can use our reviews tool with or without a GoSite website. 

If you don't already have a website and online business listings, we can help! Contact us today to get an affordable quote for both subscriptions.

Why does GoSite bundle its reviews and payments tools into one subscription?

You don't have to use both tools at once. Many of our customers ONLY use reviews or payments. Our free trial gives you access to both tools together, with the opportunity to upgrade to $10/month.

Our user research and customer experiences tell us that the best time to ask for a review is right after they pay you. So we bundled them into a single plan!

GoSite partners with Stripe to deliver you an affordable, secure digital payments tool without you having to pay for any equipment.

Once you set up payments in GoSite, every customer who pays you automatically gets a review request. That way, you never forget to ask for that review!

Have more questions?

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