Stay connected to customers using our
cloud-based Contact Hub

Your customers are your most important asset. Instantly access customer data where and when you need it with our powerful CRM.

Hero (3) (1) CRM software

Turn your customers into lifelong clients with next-generation CRM

Imagine this: every interaction, from payment history to text messages, for every client in one place. No technical skills required.


Centralized contact hub 

Easily save new contacts and access past booking data all in one place.


Quick contact add

Add a contact with a single click and automate future interactions.


Seamless syncing

Integrate Quickbooks, Outlook, and Google for a seamless customer management solution.

Contact Hub® CRM

Centralized contact hub for happy customers

Welcome to the one-stop-shop for all your customer interactions. Turn your clients into happy customers with personalized communications.

CRM solution CRM solution
sync apps with CRM sync apps with CRM
Contact Hub® CRM

Connect your apps

Contact Hub® will sync with your existing apps, including Gmail, Outlook, Quickbooks, and other platforms using GoSite’s Connection API.

Contact hub FEATURE

1-click messaging

Send messages, reschedule appointments, and send
promotional offers with one-click. Attach Messenger®
and Booking® for a complete customer
engagement experience.

Messages Messages
Create Contact Groups Create Contact Groups
Contact hub FEATURE

It's about your customers

Stay organized. Group your contacts and communicate with them through their preferred contact means—whether its email or text. 


Integrate Thumbtack leads with Contact Hub

No more one-off jobs. Use Contact Hub to store and track any lead from Thumbtack and nurture them into repeat customers.


Thumbtack_Contact_Hub_Desktop_2-Update Thumbtack_Contact_Hub_Mobile_02

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a CRM tool?

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. It’s a multifunctional technology that allows you to organize and grow your business by keeping track of existing and future customers. CRM allows you to store contact information, message clients, track communications, and more. No more messy spreadsheets. 

Can I import my current contact list to GoSite's platform?

Sure can. With Contact Hub you can import existing contact lists from Outlook, Quickbooks, Gmail, or via CSV file. You can also manually add contacts.

What makes Contact Hub different than other CRM tools?

Contact Hub was built with small business owners in mind. It is a user-friendly CRM system that will simplify your business functions and customer communications. Contact Hub, specifically, allows you to hand craft special marketing information like text messages, emails, appointment reminders, and more. You can also make note of customers’ birthdays and other unique information about them to better personalize their experience with your business.