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Why Your Company Needs a Mobile CRM Solution


As technology sprints forward, the workforce is changing, too. Decades ago, work meant conference rooms, snail mail and endless paper. Today, companies are more digital, fast-paced and geographically distributed than ever before.

Though the methods we use to conduct business are changing, some challenges stay the same. Teams want to work in lockstep, not silos. Waste and inefficiency should be avoided, not ignored. And as always, companies that put their customers first gain a critical advantage.

As your company adapts to new ways of working, mobile CRM might just become your secret weapon. In this post, we'll take a closer look at exactly what makes mobile CRM so powerful.

What Are the Benefits of Mobile CRM?

By now, many businesses are familiar with CRM, or "customer relationship management," software. In essence, this tool streamlines customer interactions into one shared hub.

Companies that have access to centralized customer data reap significant benefits. For one thing, employees can pool their knowledge to develop in-depth customer insights. In practice, this allows your team to provide highly personalized service with the click of a button.

Real-time CRM data also helps you engage customers at the right moments. When you can see customers progress through the sales pipeline, you can nurture relationships when it counts. Combining personalized details with well-timed messages leads to happier customers—and stronger revenue.

Mobile CRM takes all these benefits and pushes them to the next level. It combines the power of your full CRM with the always-on convenience of your smartphone. This means you'll never have to worry about missing a message or risk getting caught off-guard.

In particular, there are two key ways mobile CRM can help you maximize your existing CRM's value:

  • Providing convenient CRM access for busy business owners and their teams
  • Reducing response times when customers ask questions or write online reviews

Let's take a closer look.

mobile CRM

Mobile CRMs Offer Much-Needed Flexibility

Smartphones transformed communications by keeping users connected, no matter where life takes them. Mobile CRMs offer the same convenience, keeping traveling or remote workers in sync.

To understand how, let's consider a common example. In many industries, nothing beats in-person events for building new relationships. Conferences and trade shows can introduce you to dozens of new leads in hours or days. Some leads might even represent significant opportunities to drive new revenue.

But the biggest challenge always comes after an in-person event. In the days that follow, you'll need to organize new contacts—or risk letting them all go to waste.

In the past, this meant that you'd empty your pockets to create a mile-high heap of business cards. But this old-school, paper-based method came with real limitations. After all, if sales only required phone numbers, in-person events wouldn't be necessary at all.

Real value always lurked in a second layer: the context gathered during conversations. In outdated systems, these insights were ephemeral, limited to scribbled notes and memories.

Mobile CRM transforms this haphazard process, improving and enhancing your lead tracking system. Instead of waiting until an event is over, you can capture accurate details about new leads in real time. Goodbye inaccurate, cumbersome paper systems—hello time-saving, results-driving mobile technology.

Best of all, your mobile CRM syncs with your existing CRM software. The result? Teammates in your home office can receive updated customer profiles instantly.

Mobile CRM's benefits extend far beyond conferences and trade shows, too. As teams are increasingly distributed and remote, mobile CRM is a convenient solution for keeping everyone on the same page. Mobile CRM reduces strain on you and your employees, while keeping customers at the heart of your business. That's a win-win, no matter how you look at it.

mobile customer relationship management software

Customers Get a Quicker Response When You Use Mobile CRM 

Customers appreciate personalized communication that builds on past conversations. But when customers need support or answers, they also value timely responses. Successful businesses strike a good balance between speed and attention to detail.

Fortunately, mobile CRM makes this process easier than ever. For example, GoSite's mobile CRM pulls customer inquiries into a central dashboard, making it easy to reply as soon as possible. Instead of monitoring dozens of platforms, you can get a bird's eye view of your total inbox.

Mobile CRM is especially helpful when dealing with online reviews. Reviews are essential for building your online reputation. And whether they're good or bad, all reviews deserve a timely response. Receive push notifications via your mobile CRM when a new review rolls in, then reply right from your smartphone.

With mobile CRM, you'll never have to choose between a fast response or a thoughtful one.

Your Mobile CRM Keeps Your Business Running Smoothly

As you invest in new technology, customers' needs should stay at the heart of your business. Mobile CRM delivers the convenience of a smartphone app with the power of your full CRM.

Want to see how powerful a CRM can be? Check out this case study to see how one company revolutionized their marketing and sales!

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