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Why You Should Invest in a Chat Application for Business

Customers want fast, friendly service. Learn how a chat application for business can help.

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Smooth jazz, subtle electronica, country-twanged acoustics, grand classical suites. What do all these musical genres have in common? It probably sounds like the start of a bad joke. But the answer is equal parts simple and ubiquitous. Businesses use all these genres—and many more—as phone call hold music. 

But thanks to new technology, long wait times and endless hold music are becoming a relic of the past. Today, customers have more options than ever for contacting businesses. 

The only question is: Can your business keep up? Businesses that don't offer modern communication options might already be falling behind. 

Read on to learn how investing in a chat application for business can help you keep up.

Text Application for Business

How Chat Applications for Business Support Big-Picture Strategy

Before diving into the specifics of chat applications for business, let's focus on the big picture. Your communication strategy directly shapes customers' experiences. 

This can have a significant impact on your business' reputation. When it's easy for customers to get help, they'll feel valued and appreciated. But if customers struggle to extract answers from your business, your reputation can quickly crumble. 

An effective communication strategy is comprehensive and thoughtful. But for now, let's focus on two core elements: Customers and technology. 

First, who are your customers? And what do they want? You can use a customer persona exercise, or even a survey, to define these answers. 

For example, do busy customers contact you when they're on the go? Or do most of your customers crave in-depth, personalized conversations? The answers to these questions will help you assess what's right for your business.

Second, explore the technology that's available to you. Today, there are plenty of communication options including:

  • Texting (also called SMS)
  • Website-based live chat (via chatbots or human operators)
  • Google messaging
  • Social media direct messages
  • Phone calls
  • Direct email and newsletters
  • Video conferencing

Depending on your needs, you might end up using all of these options in different situations. Most companies end up using a mix of platforms and technologies. Chat applications can help you manage ongoing conversations that span different platforms.

A chat application for business can also help you offer new communication options. For example, you can craft texts to customers right from your desktop. Or, chatbots can answer simple queries by directing your customers to the right resources. 

There are many kinds of chat applications for business, so be sure to pick what works best for your audience. 

What Happens When Businesses Don't Have a Chat Application

The only certainty in customer service is that you'll encounter variety. Customers contact your company for different reasons, and in different ways. Altogether, these forms of engagement are known as customer touchpoints. 

Great businesses anticipate customers' needs and preferences. That's why forgoing a chat application can end up being a major misstep. 

For example, let's say that your business offers phone-based customer service. Your lines are open—but only during business hours. For a while, this seems to work well.

However, you soon learn that some customers feel increasingly frustrated and alienated. Their work schedules conflict with your customer service hours. They need help, but your company is unable to provide it.

That's where chat application for business can save the day. No time or no quiet space for a phone call? No problem. A chat application can support on-demand instant messaging on your website. Or, an SMS help line can provide assistance to customers who aren't able to call.

If you don't have a chat application for business, you risk ignoring or excluding customers. 

Chat Application for Business

Options for Investing in a Chat Application for Business

If you're ready for faster, smarter communication, a chat application for business can help. 

Fortunately, there's no need to build an expensive custom app from scratch. There are plenty of digital tools designed to help you manage customer support and communications. 

But with so many tools on the market, what should you look for? A good chat application for business should offer features such as:

  • Support for popular messaging channels, such as Facebook, SMS, Google and more
  • A central hub for managing conversations
  • Support for outbound marketing messages
  • A mobile app for messaging with customers on the go

The end result: A digital customer experience that delivers fast, convenient service. Customers can message your business when and how they want to, and you'll never miss a message again. 

Once you start using a chat application for business, you might even discover more benefits than you bargained for. Chat applications deliver faster, smoother service by easing the burden on your staff. When employees can rely on user-friendly software to manage conversations, everyone wins. 

It's Time to Invest in a Chat Application

If you're ready to take the chat application plunge, GoSite can help. Our Messenger tool helps you manage communication, no matter where conversations play out.

Take the next step by learning more about Messenger today!

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