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Why the Best Credit Card Processing Depends on Your Customers

The best credit card processing matches your business' specific model, customers and needs.

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Whether they sell in person, online or both, there's one question millions of businesses ask: What's the best credit card processor?

A cursory Google search will inevitably turn up dozens of possible answers. But the truth is, the best credit card processing depends on your business. 

Your customers, products and business model all determine your ideal credit card processor. Read on to learn more about four common scenarios—and which features to look for. 

Best Credit Card Processing for Recurring Payments

Do you subscribe for recurring purchases? Today, millions of customers enjoy subscription services—and it's easy to understand why. 

Subscription services are a convenient solution for people who regularly purchase the same items. For example, coffee aficionados love receiving a fresh bag of their favorite brew every two weeks. Bookworms can save money on new releases through Book of the Month Club. Even pets can get treats and toys through customized subscription boxes.

Subscriptions are good for business, too. Subscription services automate recurring payments to ensure uninterrupted deliveries. When you know you can count on a chunk of revenue each month, it's easier to plan for the future. 

Because subscription-based models are usually billed monthly, you should beware of monthly limits. This contract term puts a cap on how many transactions you can process per month. If you exceed the limit, you'll be hit with fees that can quickly cannibalize your profits. 

The best credit card processing for subscriptions should never limit your monthly transactions. Your credit card processor should support business growth—not punish it with fees. 

best credit card processing

Best Credit Card Processing for Big Ticket Purchases

Some businesses only need to make a few sales each month to turn a profit. These big ticket items can be expensive: a new entertainment system, high-end furniture or appliances all fit the bill. 

These purchases can create stress for customers. After all, it's tough to spend a lot of money, all at once. That sense of risk is amplified when customers don't trust that their personal data is secure.

That's why the best credit card processing for big ticket items needs to feature excellent security. Must-have security features include:

  • Identity authentication
  • Fraud alerts
  • Encryption
  • Payment card industry (PCI) compliant practices

Above all, be sure that your payment processor doesn't store credit card details where thieves can find them. For example, contactless payment doesn't need to store credit card information at all. 

These features can provide much-needed peace of mind before big purchases.

Best Credit Card Processing for Gift Businesses

Some businesses are experts in the art of gift-giving. The wedding industry has generated countless companies that specialize in gift registries. Businesses also regularly suggest gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, baby showers and special occasions.

The trouble with gifts is that they often trigger returns. A sweater might not fit just right. Or a gift could end up being too perfect for someone—and the recipient could receive more than one. 

But when customers return a product, your company can be hit with a chargeback fee. These fees occur with each new return, and they can add up fast. If your business model attracts frequent returns, look for a processor that has no (or very low) chargeback fees.

The best credit card processing for gifts makes returns hassle-free for you and your customers. 

credit card processing

Best Credit Card Processing for Pop Up Shops

Who doesn't love a pop up shop? These mobile markets are full of unique, often handmade items. Pop up shops are a great way to discover new vendors and products. 

Best of all, they're frequented by buyers from bigger stores. Pop up shops bring together fresh talent. That unforgettable item—a stylish hat, soothing candle or luxurious hand cream—you saw at a boutique may have gotten its start at a pop up market.

The last thing a pop up shop owner wants is a tricky checkout process. Because these vendors often set up at festivals or in parking lots, wifi can be iffy. But restricting sales to cash will only cause customers to walk away. Pop up shops need flexible, mobile payment solutions that can adapt to changing environments.

That's why the best credit card processing for pop up shops can take payments anywhere. Today, you don't need a traditional cash register at all. Instead, you can use an app-based payment processor with lightweight hardware. 

Pop up vendors should look for a payment processor that will offer as many options as possible. You should be able to accept all major credit and debit cards, as well as mobile wallets. Of course, some customers will still want to pay cash—just make sure you can record the income! 

There's no single credit card processor that will work "best" for all businesses. Instead, focus on finding the credit card processor that's right for you and your customers. 

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