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Text-to-Pay Is Better Than Your Current Payment Method—Here's Why

It's a safe, instant way to get paid from anywhere.

Bailey Keppel
Bailey Keppel
5 min read

If you’re a small business owner, you’re familiar with all sorts of payment methods—cards, cash, checks, mobile payment services...and let’s not even start with the hassle of paper billing.

Having a lot of options is beneficial but how do you ultimately decide which payment method is best for both your customers and your business?

While most small business owners have caught on to the digital payment trend, it’s nearly impossible to choose between—let alone consolidate—multiple payment platforms.

We thought we’d help by introducing you to your new best friend: Text-to-Pay—one of the most underutilized, yet highest performing payment method options. Currently, only 4% of businesses offer text-to-pay as an option, even though 35% of consumers say this is their preferred payment method.

Let’s take a closer look at why consumers love text-to-pay and why you’ll love it too.

Get Paid Instantly from Anywhere

dog walking on two feet with sunglasses, surrounded by money

There are two words that small business owners use to describe text-to-pay technology: fast and easy. Because it is!

Compared to other payment methods, such as credit cards, debit cards, and checks, text-to-pay technology is instantaneous. At the click of a button, you can send your client a payment request or an invoice—and they can pay you within a minute.

No more long billing periods, declined checks, or exuberant fees. Now you may be thinking, “But I take credit cards! Everyone pays with a card, what’s the problem there?”

While standard point-of-sale systems or physical credit card swipers may process payments just as quickly, can they do it from anywhere? Nope.

That’s what makes Text-to-Pay so great.

Imagine you own a pool cleaning service and just finished an on site job. On your way out the door, you can easily send them a secure payment link or invoice for your services. You can even get paid before even leaving the premises.

While you revel in your company’s decrease in “payments past due,” your customers will be smiling about how neat, simple, and user-friendly it was to pay by text.

customer quote about GoSite Payments

Offer a Safe Way for Customers to Pay

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Security issues are usually a big concern for people when it comes to purchases. You don’t want to deal with the headache of financial security hiccups any more than your customers do.

So why not offer the safest and most secure method available?

Text-to-pay technology eliminates the need for you to see a customer’s credit card at all. With mobile payments, you cut out the extra steps and your customers can enter their card information themselves through a secure payment gateway.

No more swiping your customer’s card, typing in their information, or—worse—taking their credit card number over the phone.

Mobile payment methods are here to stay and quickly growing in popularity. In fact, the number of mobile contactless payment users jumped from 440 million in 2018 to 760 million in 2020.

This just goes to show that as consumers grow more comfortable with online payments, it’s imperative your business makes them an option for transactions.

Enjoy Having All of Your Payments in One Place

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For those of you who have already been introduced  the wondrous world of digital payments, you may assume you’ve got it all set.

But we like to cover our bases, so take a moment to ask yourself a few questions. Is your current system consolidated? Do you have a clean, clear platform to send invoices and view your transaction history?

Or are you struggling to stay organized because you’re catering to each customer’s payment preferences individually?

One of the main benefits of Text-to-Pay technology is that it’s convenient for both the consumer and the business owner. There’s no need to stretch yourself thin trying to accept 35 different digital platforms when your customers can just as easily pay through one secure portal.

Using a single platform to receive and track your income—such as GoSite’s Text-to-Pay—has some great benefits. It allows you to gauge your:

  • Average transaction amount.
  • Top performing services.
  • Payment sources.
  • Volume trends.
  • Month-to-date and year-to-date summaries.
  • And lots more!

quote about sending customers payment requests

Personalize Your Customers’ Experience

tiny dog pushing a grocery card across the floor

Little things go a long way, and that’s especially true when it comes to customers. Personalization should be a priority for your business.

Make someone’s day and help your company stand out by using Text-to-Pay to send personalized, even funny messages along with your payment requests and invoices.

This small gesture—along with the speed and convenience of the payment system—will leave your customers with a smile. (It may even leave them wanting to submit another payment just to see what your next message will say!)

You’ll have return customers and endless five-star reviews in no time when you choose Text-to-Pay as your preferred payment method, incorporate a personal touch, and offer a sense of appreciation to those who choose your business.

Try Text-to-Pay

dog wearing a hoodie and sunglasses waving a wad of money

We’re certain you’ll love Text-to-Pay as soon as you try it. Learn more about this easy payment method from the GoSite team.

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Bailey Keppel
Bailey Keppel
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