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Why Taking a Mobile-First Approach is Vital in 2021

Are you taking a mobile-first approach for your marketing strategy? If not, your local business will quickly fall behind competition in 2021.

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Would you consider yourself a "smart" business owner? No -- not in the sense of your intelligence, but the technologies your business uses.

If you're managing your business using a smartphone or tablet, then you can consider yourself a "smart" business.

You may use your mobile device to check your emails, text your workers, and keep track of scheduled appointments.

It's easy to see how much you use your device daily for your business tasks. So imagine how your customers are using them to find businesses like yours. If you're not using a mobile-first approach for your marketing and customer service, then you're seriously falling behind.

Here's what you can do to catch up in 2021.

The Rise of the Mobile-First Approach

It wasn't that long ago when businesses could market their products and services without worrying about the devices the users on. You just created a website and promoted it the best way you knew how.

But now that people are shopping, purchasing, and researching on their mobile devices, this changes everything. Everything you create on the web has to be optimized for mobile users. This means adopting responsive web designs that adapt to various screen sizes.

Then local keywords is an absolute must, since most mobile users are searching for local services and products.

Even Google is taking heed to this shift by ranking websites higher when they implement a mobile-first approach. So if you're still ignoring the mobile shift, you can count on it being more difficult to rank.

mobile first approach

What's the Role of Local SEO in the Mobile-First Approach?

We mentioned that mobile users are conducting local searches. Google is catering to this trend by automatically displaying local search results based on the location of the user.

So as long as their location is turned on, Google can display results that are within their locale. This is great news for local businesses that are taking a mobile first approach using local SEO.

This includes adding localized keywords to your website and content. For example, "St. Louis hair salon" or "Austin, TX landscaping service."

The Role of Business Directories in Local SEO

Aside from optimization, you can use business directories to get to the top of search results quicker. For instance, Google My Business pages show up at the very top of search listings, including the #1 spot.

But it only shows the top three ranking businesses. To make it here, you'll need to do three things:

  • Ensure your listing is completely filled out with accurate information (as it shows on your website)
  • Garner lots of positive reviews and ratings
  • Add photos, videos, and links to your social profiles, blog, etc.

The better your rating compared to others in your industry, the higher your odds of ranking above them.

Then to improve the odds of mobile businesses finding you, you can have your listing added to the dozens of directories people use. It's quick and easy to do when you're using GoSite Placement, which allows you to create and update your listings in 70+ directories right from your dashboard.

mobile first approach

How to Take a Mobile-First Approach

It's not difficult to adopt a mobile first approach for your marketing strategy. In fact, software is readily accessible and can make it a seamless transition.

Here's a quick look at what you can do and the tools you can use to put your mobile customers first.

Update your web design for mobile-friendliness

Some small business owners make the mistake of having only a desktop version of their website. Then their second mistake is creating a separate mobile website.

The problem here is you have to optimize and attract traffic to two separate sites. This is more work on your part since you'll have to upload and update content twice.

Instead, you can have a single website with a responsive design so it adapts to the screen size and device type (i.e., touch screen) of the user.

But what if you don't have a website yet? Or need a new one? Then you can use GoSite Sites to build one -- no coding knowledge needed!

Allow customers to book appointments online

Now, it's time to think of ways you can make a mobile user's experience better with your brand. Let's say they find your listing in Google My Business, checked out your website, and are ready to schedule an appointment.

By including a link in your GMB listing, it allows them to book one easily from their smartphone.

You can do this using GoSite's Booking tool.

Make communication with your brand simple

When consumers are ready to reach out to a brand, what do they do? Some will call you by phone, while others prefer to use a messenger.

So why not accommodate both mobile users with the click-to-call feature and an online chat system? This is a real-time feature that allows customers to reach out during regular business hours.

Then you can also get permission to send your customers text messages with promotions, order updates, and appointment reminders.

What can you use to manage your communications? GoSite's Messenger tool.

Implement a Mobile-First Approach into Your 2021 Strategy

The mobile search trend isn't ending any time soon. So what are you going to do to prepare for 2021 and beyond?

With a mobile first approach strategy, you can ensure mobile users can find and access your site on any device. And at the same time, give your local business a competitive edge.

By making it convenient for consumers to engage with your brand, you'll improve the odds of them doing business with you. So if you're ready to get started, we invite you to sign up for a free GoSite account today.

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