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What the Easiest Website Builders Have in Common

Wondering what features the easiest website builders offer? Read our guide to learn more.

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Before there was Facebook, we had Myspace. The proto-social network hit peak popularity between 2005 and 2008. Unlike current social media, though, Myspace allowed users to edit and customize their profiles. 

In the process, Myspace introduced an entire generation of users to the wonders of writing code. By copy and pasting HTML and CSS, teens could cobble together pages that reflected their personalities. 

Though Myspace has faded, the demand for custom websites has only grown. Your business website is as important as a storefront. It's what lets you stake out digital real estate, the home base where your work is on display. 

But unless you're a developer, those halcyon days when you had time to tinker with code are as long-gone as Myspace itself. That's why businesses are searching for the easiest website builders. With a website builder, a custom website can be yours—this time, no coding required.

Read on to learn why your business needs a user-friendly website builder, plus the best features to look for. 

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Why You Should Look for the Easiest Website Builder

Looking for the easiest website builder comes down to common sense. After all, who's thought about building a website and wanted it to be harder? 

But the value of a good website builder goes beyond that simple take. Your website is a key channel for growing your business. It's where customers shop, seek information and connect with your company. 

When customers land on a website with an outdated design or missing information, they're instantly turned off. A bad website makes your business look out of touch with best practices. Or, even worse, it can give the impression that you just don't care. Over time, this can drive customers right into your competitors' arms. 

Of course, those early 2000s-style websites were modern once. It's actually website maintenance that's a major pitfall for businesses. This makes sense: If companies have to hire a developer every time they want to update a page, no wonder so many sites seem like time capsules.

If you're using the easiest website builder you can find, you can almost always handle website updates in-house. In the long run, this saves time and money—protecting your company's web presence in the process.

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What Do the Easiest Website Builders Offer?

If you're investing in a website, it should come with modern features. The best website builders provide user-friendly tools for optimizing your website. 

Here are some must-have features to watch out for when choosing your website builder:

  • Drag and Drop: "Can you move that picture to the left?" It's this kind of tedious question that often pops up in web design. For people who don't know how to code, simple changes like this feel maddening. Sound familiar? If so, you need a drag and drop website editor. It's perfect for people who know how they want their website to look. You can adjust the sizing, spacing and style of web elements, without learning to code.
  • Customer Support: Even the easiest website builders aren't perfect. As you build your site, questions might pop up. That's why it's crucial to look for great customer support. You'll want flexible options, such as live chat or email. It's also comforting to know you can give them a ring when you run into trouble.
  • Customizable Branding: If everyone is using the same website builder, won't websites start to look the same? Not necessarily. A good website builder offers plenty of options for customization. Changing the colors, fonts and page layouts will help you add a personal touch. Adding original images and content will set your website even further apart. Look for gorgeous pre-built themes that are easy to tweak.
  • Mobility: If your website doesn't work on mobile, you may as well not have one at all. Every day, customers rely on their smartphones and tablets to surf the web. Your website needs to work on all devices, all the time. The best website builders offer responsive designs that adapt for mobile visitors.
  • Built-In SEO: Your content has a major impact on SEO. But did you know that your web design impacts SEO, too? Look for a website builder that won't make you do the work. SEO optimization should be built into the front- and backend of your site.

These are just a few features to look out for when considering a website builder. Depending your business, you might need specialized functionalities. (Say, a website builder optimized for e-commerce.)

The important thing to remember is that easiest website builders will give you the power to easily update and maintain your own site over time. 

Use the Easiest Web Builder to Boost Your Business

Is your website ready for a makeover? If so, finding the easiest website builder will put you on the path to success.

GoSite's website builder comes loaded with features including:

  • Beautiful, modern themes
  • A drag and drop page editor
  • Mobile-ready web design
  • SEO-optimization
  • Customer support

...and more! 

Check out best website builder for small business today!

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