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The Importance of Customer Communication Management

Are you looking to improve your customer interactions? Refining your customer communication management efforts may be the solution you need.

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How do you communicate with your employees? Is there a method to your madness or is it free for all? As your company grows and your headcount increases, it’s important for you to establish solid customer communication management.

Communication is a critical component of customer experience, so you need to give it adequate attention. With customer experience being more important than ever, it is your responsibility to deliver the best experience possible and leave a positive lasting impression. The key to the better customer experience is through effective customer communication management.

What is Customer Communication Management?

Customer communication management is a kind of business strategy that focuses on taking control of and managing customer communications across a variety of channels. This strategy is used to improve the creation, delivery, storage and retrieval of outbound customer communications.

Many companies choose to invest in customer communication software as well, which is used to support business in achieving these goals by providing communication solutions.

Like customer experience, communication can make or break a customer relationship. In other words, what you say, how you say it, and where you say it matters a lot more than you may think. It’s time to fine-tune your communication practices to deliver a cohesive brand voice and higher messaging standards, and the first step is customer communication management.

Why You Need Customer Communication Management

With proper customer communication management, you can establish a standardized approach to how you and your employees interact with customers and a cohesive brand voice. This creates a unified brand experience that employees can consistently reference and use -- everyone in your company can be on the same page -- all of the time. It also provides new employees with guidelines on how to communicate and maintain the same quality of messaging.

This is important for businesses because, regardless of which employee a customer works with, they're always experiencing consistent , positive interactions throughout their customer journey with your brand. 


The goal of a customer communication management is to be able to interact with your customers with messaging that offers the content, tone, voice, design, brand image and customization your customers expect via the channels and device they choose. Your business should be able to communicate with customers across all popular channels and devices and have some way to oversee and regulate these interactions.

When you are considering how you want to communicate with customers, you should focus on more than just what you say. You also have to be vigilant about their digital experience -- how customers perceive your digital content is equally as important. In an increasingly digital world, much of the communication you have with customers happens online as well.

These digital interactions can happen through a wide range of media and output, including social media, live chat (chatbots), email, SMS text messages, websites, and more.

This approach requires you to adjust your customer communication platform to keep up with and support an increasingly digital customer and provide a true omni-channel customer journey.

Customer communication management provides companies with one of the most essential links between your business and your customers. As such, there are many benefits to going digital and implementing a customer communication management platform to support your business.

Perks of Customer Communication Management

Taking control of your customer communications offers a myriad of benefits to a business. Regardless of what kind of business you operate, customer communication management should provide the following:

Easy Integration

Customer communication technology can be integrated with campaign management, content management, web content management, and other IT systems. When you integrate your customer communication management tools with other business systems you can provide higher quality messages as well as the ability to centralize communications into one place to deliver a true omni-channel experience.


What many people don’t know is that a lot of the communication you have with customers can actually be done automatically. Whether it’s a frequently asked question, confirmation messages, booking requests, or a chatbot, a live customer service representative is not always needed. In fact, sometimes it works better with no human involvement at all. Automation has the ability to also save you money and time by cutting back hours spent engaging with customers who can receive the answers they are looking for through an automated reply or a self-service tool.

Managing customer communication

Better Communication

By managing your customer interactions, you will be able to deliver consistent results, ensure compliance with your messaging standards, reduce the chance for human errors to occur, and, as a result, build rapport and strengthen your overall relationship with your customers. You also can control when you communicate with customers and make sure that the timing and the channel being used is the most effective option. Each interaction should be strategically planned and serve a purpose for your business.

Effective, Personalized, and Targeted Messaging

When you consider your customer communication management effort, your primary goal and focus should be to improve the customer experience. Whether that be through customer communication management software or messenger tool, you should adopt a customer-centric mindset. You and your employees should prioritize putting the customer at the center of everything. Each interaction should be personalized and provide the customer value. 

Is Your Business Ready for Customer Communication Management?

Eighty-eight percent of businesses are not satisfied with their ability to manage customer-facing communications across the entire customer journey. And that can be attributed to either poor, ineffectual, or even no customer communication management at all.

If you fall into that 88 percent of businesses and want to improve your communication methods, refining your customer communication management practices may be the answer you are looking for.

For starters, what kind of messenger platform does your business use? You should look for a system that enables you to engage customers across a variety of platforms and effectively reach customers. A great example is GoSite’s Messenger tool.

You can use Messenger to manage all of your communications from one single dashboard and instantly improve the way you communicate with customers.

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