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Top 8 Platforms for Building a Chatbot for Website in 2020

If you're looking to improve efficiency without breaking the bank, consider investing in a chatbot for your website to provide automated help to customers.

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How do you communicate with your customers? Do you have a team of customer support specialists? Or are you a smaller operation? Regardless of your size, your business would benefit from adding a chatbot to your website.

As the digital age fully dawns, more and more businesses turn to chatbots for customer service. In fact, 85 percent of customer interaction will be handled without human agents by 2021. 

Chatbots are able to answer 80 percent of standard questions and provide your consumers with more than adequate information. 

But just because it’s automated, that doesn’t mean it is subpar customer service. Ninety percent of businesses reported faster complaint resolution with bots -- and solving problems fast isn’t something your customers will complain about.

Chatbots can respond to queries instantly and provide 24/7 support -- a feature customers love. Customers like chatbots -- a lot. More than half of internet users are satisfied with them and around 60 percent of millennials already use them regularly to make online purchases.

Your customers aren't the only ones who love chatbots. Fifty-seven percent of businesses agree chatbots deliver large ROI with minimal effort. 

In other words, a chatbot won’t only improve customer experience and save you time answering simple questions, it can also cut operational costs by up to 30 percent.

Best Chatbots for Website

Let’s be clear about one thing, there is no one-size-fits-all solution to finding the perfect chatbot for your business. Depending on what you need, different chatbots might work better for your business. But in general, here are some great options to consider.

Mobile Monkey

Free plan: Yes

Paid plan: From $14.25 per month

Mobile Monkey is designed specifically for lead generation and offers features such as drip campaigns, list building, and chat blasts. It also collects leads and exports them into an Excel file from a stored list. 

It’s important to note that this chatbot builder is built for Facebook Messenger. It helps marketing professionals build bots that convert more leads into customers. 

business chatbot

Flow XO

Free plan: Yes

Standard paid plan: $19 per month

Flow XO is a complete chatbot building solution. It builds, hosts, and deploys bots across multiple platforms, which means you’re not only limited to Facebook Messenger. You can also build chatbot widgets for your website or integrate them with suitable third-party platforms. Flow XO allows you to create a chatbot with basically zero coding skills required.


Free plan: Yes

Paid plan: From $50 per month

Botsify provides a feature called Human Handover and Takeover which transfers the customer over to a real customer service representative when the chatbot is unable to help the customer. Botsify’s virtual assistants (chatbots) can be added to your website, Facebook page, and messaging apps.


Free plan: Yes

Paid plan: $0.0010 per message after 15,000 messages

ChatterOn is the simplest and fastest chatbot creator out there. It requires no coding knowledge and you can build a chatbot up and have it up and running in under five minutes. 

It achieves this speed by providing over 20 pre-built chatbots with intent, entities, and conversation flow. Along with its impressive speed, ChatterOn offers equally impressive features. All of its features are free as long as users don’t exceed 15,000 messages per month. 


Free plan: Yes

Paid plan: From $15 per month

Chatfuel is another simple, intuitive, and quick chatbot builder. It has a straightforward setup process that’s specifically designed for Facebook Messenger. You can have your chatbot online and begin answering questions in only 30 minutes. It’s a popular choice among businesses. Forty-six of all Messenger bots run on Chatfuel.

Chatfuel has a comprehensive library filled with pre-made templates for customers to use. There are general templates as well as industry-specific templates depending on what you’re looking for. Chatfuel also requires no coding or previous experience with bots.

website bot


Free plan: Yes

Paid plan: From $19 per month

PandoraBots is open-source, uses AIML (Artificial Intelligence Markup Language), and allows users to customize their bots and build anything they want.

With PandoraBots, you can build, deploy, and manage your chatbot on most popular messaging applications, mobile apps, and your business website. A neat feature about PandoraBots is that it uses a Priced to Scale model, which means you can start with the free plan and scale as your needs grow.


Free plan: Yes

Paid plan: Complex pricing scheme

Dialogflow is owned by Google, meaning it’s built off of Google’s advanced technology. It is hosted on Google’s Cloud Platform and, as a result, provides one of the most flexible platforms for scalability. This means that Dialogflow can be used with essentially any sized business and can be scaled as your company grows.

Dialogflow uses machine learning to understand customer’s questions and respond accordingly. It works on all platforms, all devices, and can be accessed anywhere in the world while also offering over 20 different languages.


Free plan: Yes

Paid plan: $8 per month (annually)

Botkit is an open-source developer tool for building chatbots, apps, and custom integrations for major messaging platforms. Botkit is a part of the Microsoft Bot Framework and uses integrated NLP from Botkit is a bit more complicated than others because it requires some coding knowledge, however, it offers top-notch support and resources to help you every step of the way.

With a chatbot for a website, you can reap all of the benefits without having to sacrifice a thing. A bot automates simple communications and allows customers to easily navigate your website with ease. 

In addition to helping and improving customer experience, chatbots will free up time in your day and save your business a ton of money in the process. Bots, along with other messenger features that facilitate open communication with customers are key in running a successful business in the digital age.

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