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How Sparkle Buggy Detail Gained 600 "A+" Reviews With GoSite

Racking up positive online reviews has helped Sparkle Buggy Detail grow and maintain its desired business model. Read on to see how!

Bailey Keppel
Bailey Keppel
2 min read

James Clark is the owner and operator of Sparkle Buggy Detail—an auto detailing company that prides itself on low prices and great reviews.

James has been a GoSite customer since October of 2019 and just can’t get enough of the Reviews tool.

“GoSite has really earned a solid spot within our organization and how we do things. The review process is so easy and I like that.”
-James Clark

He recognizes that “reviews are so powerful,” and appreciates that GoSite offers a simple way to receive and promote them. Hear more about how in the video below.

The Situation

Before using GoSite, James struggled to get a solid amount of reviews out there for his Carmel, Indiana company.

He understood the importance of a positive online reputation, but found he had a less-than-desired amount of customer reviews on Google. That is until he gave GoSite a shot.

“Our reputation is foundational now. When we started, it was about an inch thick. We had to teeter and totter to take care of it.”
-James Clark

Ultimately, James is determined to never raise his prices—especially during COVID. To fulfill this goal, he instead requires a high volume of customers, meaning he needs a lot of love via positive business reviews and recommendations.

The Solution

Back in 2019, James decided it was time to switch to a more consistent and user-friendly review platform.

“GoSite gets you to the next level—in the way of reviews, in the way of feedback, in the way of customer service and contact.”
-James Clark

James explains how he is eager to steer people towards GoSite as a review platform over other services that don’t allow him to have control of his online presence.

He appreciates the ease of method that Reviews provides by allowing him to look at his review count, overall activity, and customer feedback “in about 12 seconds.” It’s easy for him to send review requests and display his great rating across popular platforms like Google, Yelp, and Facebook.

The Results

James immediately noticed an influx of reviews once he switched to GoSite.

“GoSite has really legitimized us. We’ve got almost 600 “A” reviews and my nearest competitor has about 30. So that has been good for our reputation.”
-James Clark

Having an abundance of positive online reviews allows Sparkle Buggy Detail to stand out from competitors and ultimately drive more business.

All in all, James gives GoSite two thumbs up and a big “wow” (see video). While he joked about wanting to name his child “GoSite” out of appreciation, he was genuine in saying that he checks his dashboard multiple times a day and would now ultimately struggle to run his business without GoSite as a tool.

Our number one goal here at GoSite is to help small businesses, like Sparkle Buggy Detail, operate and scale. You’ll never know what positive reviews can do for your business until you try. Give us a go today—it’s free!

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Bailey Keppel
Bailey Keppel
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