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Meek’s Lumber & Hardware Scales With GoSite Messenger: Here’s How

Meek's Lumber and Hardware is a building material supply company with several locations. See how GoSite Messenger simplifies and expands business for them.

Bailey Keppel
Bailey Keppel
3 min read

Meek’s Lumber & Hardware is a multi-location building material supply company founded in 1919.

Exactly 100 years later, the Meek’s team found itself in need of an all-in-one digital platform that included an easy-to-use messaging program. So in October 2019, they turned to GoSite.

“If you really want to build those one-on-one customer relationships with your team members, GoSite lets you start that process.”

-Ashley Wagner, Marketing Manager

Marketing Manager, Ashley Wagner, explains that since incorporating GoSite into their company, they’ve seen a stark improvement in customer satisfaction and relationships. Hear more about their success in the video below.

The Situation

Before GoSite, it was hard to determine whether Meek’s Lumber & Hardware clients were being responded to and nurtured promptly. Their company’s communication funnel was too long, and unsatisfied customers dropped off in the middle of it.

Ultimately, Meek’s was looking for a way to be in close, fast communication with its clients. It was important for them that each customer request was taken care of and followed up with.

Ashley details that one of their main issues was a delay with messaging. If a client reached out to them after-hours, the message was likely not seen until morning or responded to for several hours later. Since they manage multiple locations, it was also difficult to juggle customer communications across different time zones.

On top of this, Meek’s Lumber & Hardware had no solidified way to gather and project their positive reviews online.

The Solution

GoSite provided Meek’s Lumber & Hardware a way to put their customers in direct contact with an in-store employee in their area.

“The reason we started looking for GoSite was twofold. Number one, having all of your reviews in one place. Two, being able to put [a customer] in relatively immediate communication with someone.”

With this solution, Meek’s eliminated the middleman and now provides faster responses to their customers. Having a place to pool their positive online reviews was certainly a bonus too.

The Results

As a company, Meek’s has gained the most benefits from GoSite’s Messenger website integration. Their previous website’s chat feature was limited and didn’t allow for immediate responses, which GoSite now provides.

“In using the GoSite product, things have gotten a lot smoother. I’ve seen that customers like that they can message right away and get an answer right away.”

Other results have also shone through their customer satisfaction levels. For example, their clients are elated that they now get a response in real-time when inquiring about quotes, product availability, store hours, and more.

As a multi-location company, the consolidation of the GoSite platform has proven extremely helpful to the Meek’s team when it comes to managing varying graphical information, such as:

  • Store hours.
  • Website changes.
  • Product availability.
  • Addresses.

Ashley says the GoSite platform is “a tool to make your customers feel like you care about them and to help you get back to them a lot quicker.”

Juggling a business is difficult enough. Throw several locations in there and things can get jumbled quickly. We’re happy to help a long-standing company such as Meek’s transition into the world of digital consolidation.

We’d love to help you manage your multi-location business as well. Just give us a go today.

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Bailey Keppel
Bailey Keppel
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