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No-Nonsense Invoice Templates for Any Business [Google Docs]

Don't have time to create fancy invoices? Get started with these simple and free editable templates we put together on Google Docs for easy invoicing.

Claire Grady
4 min read

When it’s time to send an invoice to customers, small business owners should waste no time. Invoicing accurately and on time encourages clients to pay quickly, ensuring your email won’t fall into the black hole of your customers’ inboxes. 

Fortunately, invoices don’t need to be fancy to be effective. A straightforward and clear invoice containing all relevant information needed to complete a payment is more than enough. If you’re looking for the simplest of solutions, Google Docs is a no-nonsense, easy way to help you securely send invoices and keep track of your records.

To help, we created two Google Doc invoice templates for you to use and edit as you see fit. If you’re ready for a more automated solution where you can generate invoices from your phone and offer your customers digital payment options, start your 14-day free trial with GoSite below.

Try gosite for 14 days


Here are two templates we created for you to customize for your business. When you open the template, be sure to click “File” and “Make a copy” to get started. Add your company logo, colors, and fonts to create a branded document in no time. 

Why Some Businesses Use Google Docs


Using Google Docs for your invoices is not the most sophisticated way to generate and send invoices. However, it does offer a few benefits for starting or busy business owners. Here are a few: 


Google Docs is known for its ease of use. That simplicity makes for a pretty foolproof invoice tool as well. All email users—even non-Gmail accounts—can view Google Docs, so you won’t run into any issues with customers accessing their invoices.  


With Google’s world-class data center, Google Docs is safe for small business owners and their clients to use. Plus, your invoices are saved to the Cloud so you have an all-in-one location come tax time.

Free and Customizable

For small business owners who have to issue a different invoice for every customer, it’s important to know this solution is both free and customizable. If you need to add a line item or fix an error on an invoice, having it in an editable Google Doc can help you avoid creating an entirely new invoice. 

It’ll also come in handy when you manage a tea—as you can give your employees access to these templates. 

Who Should Use These Templates


These Google templates are great if you often have change orders or need to include supplies, travel, and several other fees.

Consider using Google Docs or editable invoice templates if you're just getting started or if your business has no two invoices alike. Industries that may find these templates useful include: 

  • Plumbing
  • General contracting
  • Landscaping
  • Home cleaning
  • Auto repair and detailing
  • Freelancing

Best Invoicing Practices


While Google Docs are easy to use, there are some things you will want to check before you press “send.” So whether you’re putting together your own invoice or using a template, make sure you include the following:

  • Your logo and/or business name
  • Invoice number
  • Client name
  • Your address, email, and phone number
  • Client’s address (if applicable), email, and phone number
  • List of services and related costs
  • Payment terms and due date
Despite clients’ best intentions, almost 40 percent of invoices aren’t paid on time in the U.S. In addition to your invoice, be sure to schedule payment reminders so clients don’t fall in the red.

Remember to send your invoice in “view” mode only, so clients and customers can’t make changes to your version. 

No energy for manual invoicing? We don’t blame you. GoSite helps you automate your invoicing, lets you schedule payment reminders, and allows you to offer digital payment and text-to-pay capabilities. Start your free trial with GoSite and get back to what you do best. 

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