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How to Boost Customer Loyalty using Seamless Communication

Learn how to implement digital messaging into your communication strategy to boost customer satisfaction, drive more sales, and generate new revenue for your small business. 

GoSite Team
4 min read

Let’s face it, missed calls in the busy world of a small business owner are inevitable. Studies say that small business owners miss 4-5 calls a day, adding up to 20% of all revenue. 20%! Plus, 85% of these missed calls won’t call you back. This can cause a lack of trust in your business, negative word-of-mouth, and hinder growth.

So, how do you avoid the inevitable missed calls that come your way? Easy: SMS. Read on to learn how to… 

  • Prevent missed calls from becoming missed business opportunities.
  • Free ready-to-use text templates for every business scenario
  • Manage the various communication platforms your customers are on.
  • Keep your customers happy with the most convenient customer communications experience.

Numbers Don’t Lie: The Benefits of Providing Digital Messaging

89% of customers prefer texting over calling. Customers are more inclined to reach out and book you, meaning more $$ for your business.

98% of text messages are opened within 5 minutes. This means your customers will see your messages and answers in a timely manner, then go on to book you.

Customers typically respond to a text message in 90 seconds, vs. an email which takes an average of 90 minutes for a response. Take advantage of timing, while you’re on their mind, and the device your customer is already glued to! 

Provide your customers with seamless communication today for any business scenario with these ready-to-use text templates. These will help you save time, provide your customers with the most convenient communication method, and boost customer satisfaction. 

You know now that texting is an important channel for your customers to reach you. But, your customers aren’t just trying to reach you over text! Here are the top four platforms to provide avenues of communication:

The Platforms to Setup Your Digital Communication On 

GMB: As a small local business, your GMB is the most important tool to ensure your customers can find you, review your business information, and send you messages. 

Website Chat: With website chat, customers can connect with you on your site to easily get their questions answered. This provides real-time convenience, builds trust, and converts prospects into customers. 

Text Messaging: Texting is a great tool for appointment reminders, sending invoices, and providing quick updates to customers. And, as mentioned in our previous lesson, with texting your messages are more likely to be read and responded to! 

Facebook: Facebook is another powerful platform that can provide an easy avenue for customers to reach out to you and learn more about your business. Not only can you talk to existing customers and provide customer support, but you can also build credibility through sharing photos and videos of your business while raising your brand awareness!

Ensure your small business is set up across these platforms so your prospective and current customers can connect with you quickly and easily, then go on to book you!

Understand the Key to Your Customers

Knowing how to connect with your customers is just as important as where to connect with them. And today, the key to customers is convenience. So, start meeting your customers where they are! Here are the top 4 ways to make your business more convenient for your customers: 

Easy-to-access customer service: 90% of customers rate an ‘immediate’ response as very important when they have a question. So, it is important to be accessible not only via phone, but through online chat, directory platforms, social media, and all other relevant channels your prospects may be on. 

Online appointments: This not only saves you time but can provide your customers with an easy and efficient way to get on your books. No back and forth phone calls needed! 

Simple online purchasing: By providing a quick text to pay option, you can easily send invoices, and get paid quickly. 

A mobile-friendly website: Ensure your website is user-friendly on both mobile and desktop to allow customers to navigate your services and offerings with ease.

Implement these messaging strategies to ensure your customers can connect with you in the most convenient way! 

Be where your customers are, 24/7

Did you know, the GoSite messenger tools allow your customers to conveniently connect with you, 24/7? All online communication is funneled into one place, streamlining communication and generating after-hours leads. Just watch your customer satisfaction (and sales) increase! Plus, the booking tool makes it easy for your customers to secure their appointments online, with no work from your end. And, once the job is done, get paid instantly with GoSite text payments. 

Plus, want to ensure this all happens on an easy-to-use, mobile-friendly platform? We will even build you a new website in 24 hours for free so you can see this come to life for your business. 

Now that you’ve learned the A B C’s of seamless communication, it is time to try it out for yourself! or Sign up for our no-obligation free trial and watch your customer satisfaction boom. 

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