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How Ranch & Coast Management Company Gained 10 New Clients With GoSite

Ranch & Coast Management Company—a domestic referral agency for home services—gained 10 new clients by switching to GoSite. Check out the audiogram to see how.

Bailey Keppel
Bailey Keppel
2 min read

Gladys Acevedo is the proud owner and operator of Ranch & Coast Management Company—a domestic referral agency for home care and home health services.

She’s been a GoSite customer since September 2020 and says that her favorite part of her job is helping people.

“I love helping families find the best care possible for them or their loved ones.”
-Gladys Acevedo
Owner, Ranch & Coast Management Company

Like many small business owners, Gladys is making her way into the digital landscape and appreciates the help she’s received from GoSite along the way. Tune in to hear how a new website and Payments tools have begun to scale her company.

The Situation

“A year ago, people didn’t know who I was. I’m getting more recognition now with the GoSite Platform. It’s so user-friendly.”

Nowadays, it’s imperative that a small business has a website, and Gladys discovered that quickly. Over a year ago—before using GoSite—Ranch & Coast Management Company didn’t have a proper website to advertise their home care services.

Without a digital storefront to direct potential clients, it was hard to build up the business. In a recent interview, Gladys disclosed that she’s gotten more client phone calls after receiving her one-of-a-kind Site from GoSite’s designers.

Additionally, Gladys struggled to facilitate transactions before using GoSite Payments. Like many others, she relied on a multitude of cash apps and even paper billing to get paid.

Needless to say, she was very fond of the tool suite GoSite had to offer.

The Solution

Upon switching to GoSite, Gladys noticed a spike in interested clients.

She explained that she was “blown away” right off the bat with the initial website created for Ranch & Coast Management Company. Her praise was high, and her number of clients has been too. She boasted her satisfaction with the content, speed, and final product of her website.

“My favorite part about my website is that I can interact with my clients. They can send me messages, I can bill them, the interaction is just great.”

Being able to respond quickly to prospective clients changed the name of the game for Gladys and her growing home care business. Additionally, she is relieved she can now send and receive payments easily with the GoSite Payments tool.

The Results

“I've gained about ten more clients with GoSite in the past couple of weeks, which is really ramping up my sales.”

With a clean new website and a user-friendly Payments tool, Gladys seamlessly received 10 new clients in no time. She explained that the ability to correspond with new and existing customers through her website has significantly improved her business’s overall communication and efficiency.

“We get a response in real-time. Everything is faster. You save a lot of time and effort; everything is done in one platform.”

All in all, Gladys strongly believes that “GoSite is a great platform to integrate into your business.” We’re proud to partner with small businesses like hers in hopes of simplifying the online transition and experience for entrepreneurs nationwide.

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Bailey Keppel
Bailey Keppel
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